ATLANTA (CBS4) – Doctors are warning those who spend a lot of time outside to be extra mindful of ticks.

gettyimages 51093185 CDC: Expect A Worse Than Normal Tick Season

A Close Up Of An Adult Female, An Adult Male, Nymph And Larva Tick (credit: Getty Images)

Researchers say they could pose more of a threat this year due to overly warm weather around the country.

The big issue with ticks comes from the bacteria, viruses, and parasites the insects can carry and pass along, including Lyme Disease.

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Hikers can’t always feel tick bites. Instead a mild itching sensation can be felt a few days later.

Symptoms of most tick-borne illnesses are similar to the flu: Fever, chills, body aches, and loss of appetite.

If you’re bitten, remove the tick first.

The CDC says to use fine-tipped tweezers, then clean the area with rubbing alcohol, then soap and water. Save the tick, if possible.

Health experts say it’s not necessary to see a doctor right away. Go only if symptoms last days or weeks.


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