HAMILTON, Canada (CBS4) – A  mother posted a warning about sunscreen sprays after her daughter suffered third-degree burns.

It’s a product many people use when outside, but Rebecca Cannon said the spray burned her daughter. She is now warning other parents to be careful.

“Since coming home, I have found a disturbing amount of cases like ours,” she posted to Facebook.

With the post, she included several photos of her daughter Kyla, who has visible burns to her face as well as a swollen eye.

Kyla, Cannon said, has had several trips now to the doctor as a result of the burns, but is “doing OK and is in good spirits.”

According to what she posts, Cannon has contacted the company – Banana Boat – but “at this point besides a reimbursement for the product, not sounding like they are going to do anything.”

Since she posted about Kyla’s burns, Cannons post has been shared nearly 700 times, and received hundreds of comments.

While spray cans may not have warnings on them, Consumer Reports recommends the sprays not be used on kids.


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