DENVER (CBS4) – Police in Denver revealed more details about an incident where an officer was shot in an exchange with a man who was reportedly suicidal.

The Denver police officer is recovering after he was shot by the man.

Family members said that the suspect, Brendan Gerwing, 22, who lives at the home in 2800 block of South Quitman Street in Denver’s Harvey Park South neighborhood, had been on the phone with his girlfriend who was worried and called police.

Officers arrived around 4:30 a.m. to find the Gerwing armed.

“The garage door was open and there was a male standing just inside that garage. The officer took a position of cover and started talking to the male. He was agitated; he was making angry statements. Other officers arrived and together they continued efforts to de-escalate this male through verbal negotiations and telling him they were there to help him and they didn’t want to hurt him,” Denver police Cmdr. Barb Archer said.

quitman ois 1mcclure Police On Officer Shooting: Suddenly He Pulled Out A Handgun

(credit: CBS)

Archer said officers had less-lethal equipment to take Gerwing into custody but he wasn’t receptive to the efforts to help him. Negotiations went on for approximately 25 minutes, according to Archer.

“Suddenly he pulled out a handgun and he rapidly moved towards officers who had positions of cover and he fired his gun at them,” Archer said. “The officers immediately responded to that threat. One officer fired his Taser and a second officer fired his handgun, striking him several times.”

20170520 075855 Police On Officer Shooting: Suddenly He Pulled Out A Handgun

(credit: CBS)

A family member said that Gerwing had been suffering from minor depression for the last couple years, but that the shooting was completely out-of-character.

Officer John Allred was listed in serious but stable condition. He reportedly suffered a fractured femur. He had been with the department for just under one year and had been on the street for approximately three weeks after finishing his training.

“His recovery outlook is good,” Archer said.

The other officer who fired his weapon is on administrative leave.

Gerwing was listed in critical but stable condition with wounds to his torso.

Police spent hours Saturday searching Gerwing’s home.

Gerwing is being held for investigation of first-degree murder and first-degree assault on a peace officer.

Police recovered the gun they believe was fired at the officers.

Comments (2)
  1. Steven Smith says:

    More “fake news”….Girwing is being held for investigation of first-degree murder and first-degree assault on a peace officer…Whom did Girwing murder? Nothing in the article alludes to a murder… Typical CBS4…a bunch of BS…

    1. I suggest you do a search for this POS Gerwing before you accuse the news of putting out incorrect info. Search his name on here:

      He is absolutely being tried for Attempted First-degree Murder AND First-degree Assault according to the Denver Sheriff Department.

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