FIRESTONE, Colo. (CBS4) – The Colorado National Guard has deployed SUSVs across the state in preparation for possible emergency snow rescues.

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An SUSV is a vehicle that has similarities to a tank. It is made of fiberglass and wood, making it light enough to travel atop feet of snow, where typical emergency vehicles cannot.

susv 1 Snowstorm Brings Out The Big Guns: National Guard SUSVs At The Ready

(credit: CBS)

Two of the Guard’s SUSVs were brought to Firestone in Weld County on Thursday. If drivers become stranded and conditions at the scene of the emergency are too difficult to navigate with normal emergency vehicles, the Guard’s snow response teams will be called in to help out.

The SUSV teams were also dispatched to Larimer County and Douglas County along Colorado’s Front Range. It’s unusual that would be needed at this time of year, but members of the Guard say they’re ready regardless of the calendar date.

susv 2 Snowstorm Brings Out The Big Guns: National Guard SUSVs At The Ready

(credit: CBS)

“Our motto is ‘Always ready,’ so we always try and stand forward and be ready to help. The sooner you get there, the sooner you can render that aid,” said Colorado National Guard Chief Warrant Officer Jeffrey Ortz.

The SUSVs can fit 11 passengers inside the cabs and they are ready with blankets, water and heat if a crew is called out to work overnight.


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