FIRESTONE, Colo. (CBS4) – A family has filed the first lawsuit over a gas explosion that killed two people and seriously injured another in a home in Firestone.

(credit: CBS)

The lawsuit was filed on Monday by Jeffrey and Karla Baum. The homeowners have three children and are seeking damages from builders, developers as well as the natural gas producers and controllers of the well. That includes Andarko, the company that owns the well, as well as Noble Energy which owned the well before Andarko.

(credit: CBS)

The family says those companies failed to make sure the well was safe after it was abandoned.

Since the explosion, they say they have suffered mental anguish, severe anxiety, post traumatic stress and damages to personal and real estate property.

  1. Really?? Anything to make a buck. I wish I could sue for anxiety, stress, loss of wages, PTSD and inability to work resulting from being fired from Boulder Urgent Care by a doctor who hated me from the time I entered the doors. Constant harassment, verbal and emotional abuse. I was fired for saying I think a person had ring worm from her cat. That’s it. I was fired with the reason being, “irreconcilable differences.” Oh really?? Did anyone talk to that nasty doctor regarding his treatment of me? Did anyone talk to me and see what was going on? Did anyone bring the two of us into a meeting to find out exactly why this doctor hated me so much that he destroyed my confidence and ability to work due to the overwhelming anxiety I now get when I think of going for another job?? That would be a resounding NO! I’ve been a nurse for 22yrs and I’ve never been treated like the way this jerk treated me. Think I’m done with nursing. :(

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