By Andrea Flores

DENVER (CBS4) – Laradon, a not-for-profit service provider for children and adults with developmental disabilities, was shut down for a second day Wednesday after Monday’s severe storm caused at least $2 million in damages.

storm damages nonprofit building 7 Storm Damage In The Millions For Denver Nonprofit

(credit: CBS)

“I have never seen anything like it,” described Laradon President and CEO Doug McNeill of the storms. “We have 17 buildings, 21 roofs; all roofs are going to have to be replaced.”

storm damages nonprofit building 1 Storm Damage In The Millions For Denver Nonprofit

(credit: CBS)

Safety concerns and repairs forced them to shut down the center until next week, leaving adults in their employment program without a way to get to Walker Component Group.

The vans Laradon uses for transportation to and from Walker Component Group were destroyed by hail.

storm damages nonprofit building 6 Storm Damage In The Millions For Denver Nonprofit

(credit: CBS)

The electronic component distributor says the adults help bag and tag materials for distribution.

“It’s simple labor, but it does take a long time,” said Greg Kresgi.

Without a way to work, Kresgi says the workers are left without a source of income or path to independence.

storm damages nonprofit building 8 Storm Damage In The Millions For Denver Nonprofit

(credit: CBS)

“They’re given a task, whether it’s menial or not to us,” Kresgi said. “It basically gives them a purpose.”

storm damages nonprofit building 3 Storm Damage In The Millions For Denver Nonprofit

(credit: CBS)

Kresgi says their work also helps the company in return.

“By them not being able to get in here, it’s causing us to fall behind on our production,” said Kresgi.

Families of 600 Laradon students are struggling to find an alternative.

“Our being closed has really dealt some hardships to many families, especially those family members who may be working, and now can’t go to work and have to provide some kind of care or service to the family member,” said McNeil.

Laradon is also forced to deal with the financial burden.

storm damages nonprofit building 2 Storm Damage In The Millions For Denver Nonprofit

Doug McNeill (credit: CBS)

“Each day we’re closed costs us more than $80,000 a day,” McNeill said. “All of our revenue comes from a series of Medicaid waivers, and when we’re not operating and cannot provide services, we cannot get paid.”

Laradon is asking volunteers to join their cleanup efforts in hopes of reopening the center Monday, May 15.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Angela Rotello at or (720) 974-6827.

They are also asking for help with expenses not covered by insurance.

Andrea Flores is a reporter for CBS4. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter @AndreaFloresTV.


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