By Ed Greene

DENVER (CBS4) – As only CBS4 told you last night, Denver would see a beautiful start to Friday – and we were greeted to a cloudless blue sky as temperatures warmed to a high of 54 degrees. Then the weather began to change as a storm system tracking across the Four Corners region and then over New Mexico began producing a strong upslope flow along the Front Range changing rain over to snow. As a result, the Denver and Boulder areas are under a Winter Storm Warning from 6 p.m. Friday until 6 p.m. Saturday for 4-12 inches of slushy snow. The higher amounts will be over the southern suburbs in Arapahoe County and northern Douglas County.



Locations farther south and west are also under a Winter Storm Warning from 4 p.m. Friday until 6 p.m. Saturday for 8-15 inches of snow. This includes the foothills of Jefferson, Boulder, and Larimer Counties as well as the Palmer Divide in Douglas and Elbert Counties. The biggest impact in these areas may be damaged tress and power lines due to the weight of the heavy, very wet snow.

Heavy snow will also impact southern Colorado. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for the I-25 corridor south of Pueblo including Walsenburg, Trinidad, and Raton Pass in northern New Mexico. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains will likely see 1-2 feet of snow.

Snow slowly decrease on Saturday with our high only reaching into the upper 30s. Skies clear overnight into Sunday with sunshine and a high in the low to mid 50s to end your weekend. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with continue to see highs in the mid to upper 50s with a chance for showers each day.

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  1. Come on, Snow in late May isn’t even unusual. It just depends on your altitude. I have even been snowed on on the Fourth of July … on Pike’s Peak.
    Down in Littleton, I believe my latest was the fourth week of May. (although it may have been the third week)

  2. Lou Anthony says:

    It is blatantly obvious that somebody effed up the calendar. It is not the end of April, it is the beginning of March. The culprit has to be found and punished.

  3. Ron Brown says:

    NEWS FLASH -Sometimes it snows in June! But when that happens it’s all gone by 10 AM.

  4. Snow in September and April is not uncommon in Denver. Nor is 60 or 70 degrees in January.
    A lot of snow in all but a lot of melting throughout the season unless you go higher into the mountains.

  5. Jim Williams says:

    God d@mn this man-made global warming. If it gets any warmer we are all going to freeze to death.

  6. Stick this up your algore a**.

  7. paperpushermj says:

    Europe Crop Losses, Record Snow and Cold with More in May (353)

  8. paperpushermj says:

    FYI…It’s Snowing in England and other parts of Europe…not just in Denver

  9. Mike Herman says:

    ANYTHING out of the usual patterns proves global warming because global warming can’t be falsified.

  10. Yeah, it’s April in Colorado. So the point is…..?

  11. Dan Auton says:

    Great day for the “People’s Climate March” against global warming!!

  12. Mike Arvand says:

    Al Gore must be on the way to another global warming speech.

  13. Lucky dogs. I would love some snow here in Texas.

    1. Dan Auton says:

      Go to Amarillo, 1-3 inches.

      1. Ken Kambuel says:

        Donner/Tahoe, Squaw Valley, Glacier forming. Looks like the climate is doing it’ thing, thumbing it’s nose at the climate fools.

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