DENVER (CBS4) – A new study says that Colorado drivers aren’t as bad as people may think.

According to EverQuote’s study, Colorado ranks right in the middle, with “the 25th best drivers in the country.”

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The study was broken down further into categories of phone use, speeding, acceleration, braking, and turning.

(credit: CBS)

“When it came to phone use behind the wheel, Colorado ranked 18th, with 35% of drives containing at least one distracted driving event.”

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Colorado ranked similarly for speeding, with 33 percent of trips going above the speed limit, which puts us at 19th nationally for this behavior.

Overall, the study found that Midwesterners are the safest drivers, men and women share similar bad driving habits, and younger drivers are fairly similar in safety to those over the age of 21.


The top five best states for drivers are, from one to five, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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The worst states, from 46th to 50th, are New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.