HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. (CBS4) – Seems like thousands of people are having giraffe withdrawal after April’s camera went dark Friday.

Babies “R” Us, the latest sponsor of the Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe cam, checked in with April, Baby G, and park owner Jordan Patch behind the scenes, posting photos and videos.

“Just about every day we come in here, we can’t help but take photos and sit back and enjoy the interactions of the calf with his mom and his dad,” Patch said in one of the videos. “Some of the best moments we get to capture is when mom and baby will go nose-to-nose and share a kiss, or when baby is nursing and mom leans over just to reassure him with a little giraffe hug.”

Oliver and Baby G also have their own special connection, which Patch talks about, with some of their own nose-to-nose kisses.

While giraffe cam withdrawal is real, the good news is that the cam will return.

In a CBS Denver Facebook live interview Monday, Patch said that they’ll “absolutely” stream more of April and Baby G. “We will announce some of those plans in the next couple of days. We will have the giraffe cam on certain days at certain times.”

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