HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (CBS4) – Sheriff’s deputies in Douglas County say teen who escaped from the Division of Youth Corrections on Tuesday afternoon is back in custody.

Jacob Beckstead (credit: CBS)

Jacob Maxwell Beckstead, 18, got away somehow while he was being transported from one youth corrections facility to another.

Jacob Beckstead (credit: Douglas County)

He escaped near C-470 and Quebec Street in the Highlands Ranch area.

Beckstead is being held on non-violent charges.

  1. Randy Stein says:

    I’ve seen the above video from the original story and had to shake my head at the waste of taxpayer money. The voice mentions the police searching for the missing juvie and show what appears to be two fat cops standing by their cars on the side of the road, doing nothing but probably discussing their preference in types of donuts. Were these the two incompetents who couldn’t even transport one kid without phucking it up????? They had one job to do – – – move a kid from Point A to Point B. NO disrespect for police officers who take their jobs and responsibilities seriously. The “cops?” involved in this matter probably couldn’t make it as school crossing guards..

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