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New 'Hawk Signals' Being Installed For Better Pedestrian Safety

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Public Works is using a new type of traffic light to keep pedestrians safe in crosswalks.

The t-shaped lights called Hawk Signals are now installed at a busy crosswalk in Stapleton. They’re less expensive than installing a traditional traffic signal.

(credit: CBS)

More of the Hawk Signals are coming to other areas of Denver over the next few months.

“Other cities are using Hawk Signals and now we’re adopting it as well,” Nancy Kuhn with Denver Public Works said. “We’re adding it to our toolbox of devices that we can use to enhance pedestrian safety in areas where we need to do that.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

When someone hits the button to cross the street a yellow light will alert drivers to slow down. A double red light means to stop and wait for the person to cross. Flashing red lights means it’s okay to drive as long as the crosswalk is clear.