BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4) – A former elementary school teacher, found guilty of sexually assaulting two students, refused to come to court for his sentencing on Wednesday.

Gilbert Trujillo assaulted the young girls between 2004 and 2011 when he taught third, fourth and fifth graders at Dupont Elementary School. The victims were 9 and 10-year-olds who attended the school in Commerce City.

Trujillo, 65, was convicted of four felony charges of sexual assault in February.

Despite his refusal to show up to court, the judge sentenced Trujillo to 25 years to life in prison. Before his original sentencing date on Tuesday, Trujillo banged his head against the wall and cut himself so badly he needed medical attention.

Gilbert Trujillo (credit Adams County DA)

Gilbert Trujillo (credit Adams County DA)

The victims testified that Trujillo started by giving the girls gifts and writing them love letters, and then eventually started molesting them.

Chantel Randal, the mother of one of the victims- a special needs student- made a statement in court that her daughter will have to have counseling for the rest of her life.

Dupont Elementary School in Commerce City (credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Jamie Leary spoke to her after the hearing and she said she was happy with the sentence and happy he will never be able to hurt another child.

While the defense declined to comment, the prosecution spoke after the sentencing.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Yvette Guthrie was surprised by Trujillo’s behavior and said she has never had someone not show up for their own sentencing.

“I think that it’s unfortunate and I think that it’s a cry out for some kind of attention or non-attention if you will. I think it’s an excuse for him not to be held accountable for the crimes that he committed against these children,” said Guthrie.

The judge said that it was unfortunate that Trujillo couldn’t appear in court to apologize to his victims and show some degree of humanity. The judge also called him a child molester and that he used his position of trust to molest children.

  1. Dean Teagan says:

    Is this a surprise from Dupont? Look at the Dupont Elementary School Library – it leads children DIRECTLY to the Anythink library and straight to Cosmopolitan Magazine (SEX OMG, right on the cover), Esquire, Men’s Health and more… for those parents who aren’t familiar with these magazines – they have obscene material that is highly unsuitable for elementary children. In fact, the school online database, EBSCO, was recently named to the 2017 Dirty Dozen list, in part for streaming articles from these magazines into school databases. The full story is at This is a MUST READ for every parent in Colorado – Dupont Elementary School leads children directly to EBSCO databases (Academic Search and more ) through the Anythink Library link – try searching on sex education (sort on newest / magazines) to see what the children will get in the search results: How to be a Better Bottom, Making that Kitty Purr… This is very serious – Parents wake up: children across the state are being exposed to obscene material, highly sexually charged environments … this is institutionalized grooming… in this kind of environment it’s truly no small wonder that Dupont spawned Trujillo, and then covered it up. All parents should look at their own schools, call your district, call the CDE, demand answers and removal of EBSCO and all obscene databases.

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