DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver city council is expected to approve the settlement with the family of a teenager, shot and killed as she was trying to run down officers in a stolen vehicle, on Monday evening. That settlement totals a monetary value of roughly $1 million.

There are also significant non-monetary commitments in the settlement. One of those will include a member of the Hernandez family serving on the committee that will advise the Denver Police Department as it reviews community comments on the department’s revised use of force policy.

Denver police officers shot and killed Jessica Hernandez, 17, in 2015 as she refused orders to stop.

Jessie Hernandez (credit: Facebook/CBS)

The deadly shooting triggered a major policy change for the Denver Police Department concerning officers firing their weapons. Officers are no longer allowed to shoot at moving cars if the vehicle itself is the only thing considered a weapon.

Denver Police Department officers Gabriel Jordan and Daniel Greene were cleared of criminal wrongdoing in the case. They said Hernandez was accelerating the vehicle toward Officer Jordan when the officers opened fire.

(credit: CBS)

As part of the settlement, all officers with the Denver Police Department will be trained on the revised shooting into moving vehicles policy.

The Hernandez family had previously said they planned to sue the city over the deadly shooting.

The settlement, described as “roughly $1 million,” will apparently sideline any additional legal action from the Hernandez family.

As part of the settlement, if the Hernandez family decides to start a nonprofit in remembrance of Jessica, the city will provide family members with training and help the family partner with a local nonprofit organization that can help them start up and manage the nonprofit.