LOUISVILLE, Colo. (CBS4) – Just before he left on a volunteer mission with the Peace Corps, Cody Oser built an impressive treehouse in a backyard of his nieces and nephew’s home in Louisville.

(credit: CBS)

The gift for his young family members will soon become a memorial adorned with a plaque, following Oser’s death in Panama.

“He worked tirelessly (because) we had a deadline — he had to leave for the Peace Corps in July — and he worked every night and every weekend in the month of June to make sure that this was completed before he left,” said Jamie Gilroy, Oser’s brother-in-law.

Cody Oser (credit: CBS)

Oser, 24, lost his life helping others improve theirs. The Broomfield native was a graduate of Colorado State University in civil engineering who had worked in Africa and Central America.

“(He was) the most selfless individual I ever met and had a mission from the moment I met him when he was 9 years old to help people in the world,” Gilroy said.

Cody Oser (credit: CBS)

That’s just how Oser’s life came to an end. He was apparently crossing a stream gathering items for the village he was helping in Panama when he slipped and hit his head, falling unconscious.

“He always talked about working with Third World countries and bringing resources that we find trivial to their villages,” Gilroy said.

Since the tragedy, some of Oser’s family members have traveled to Panama, where they are being received by dignitaries who are grateful for his work and that of others in the Peace Corps.


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