SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS4) – A Sacramento police officer is on administrative after throwing a pedestrian to the ground and hitting him multiple times.

The man’s aunt, Naomi Montaie, caught the incident on video and posted it to her Facebook page. So far it’s been viewed nearly 700,000 times.

According to CBS San Francisco, the incident happened Monday evening in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood.

In the video, the man and the officers are seen talking, the man takes off his jacket, and then the woman yells from her car, saying “nephew just listen” seconds before the officer grabs the man, pushing him, and throwing him to the ground before hitting him.

Other officers respond and subdue the man, taking him into custody, as Montaie asks over and over again “why’d you take him down like that, sir? He just got off work.”

According to police, the officer attempted to stop the man “who was observed crossing the street unlawfully.”

When the officer got out of his vehicle, according to police, “the pedestrian began removing his jacket, challenging the officer to fight. The officer charged at the pedestrian to take him into custody. For an unknown reason, the officer threw the pedestrian to the ground and began striking him int he face with his hand multiple times. Withing a few moments, additional officers arrived to assist in handcuffing the suspect.”

The man was released from jail Tuesday due to “insufficient grounds to file a complaint.”

The name of the officer has not been released, but according to the department he is a two-year veteran who is now on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.


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