PEORIA, Ariz. (CBS4) – The Rockies and the Padres were rudely interrupted when a swarm of bees attacked the infield during the ninth inning.

Infielder Daniel Castro was at the plate when play was briefly stopped, and Padres pitcher Trey Wingenter joined plate umpire Alex Tosi and everyone else in the infield in hitting the deck during the onslaught.

(credit: CBS)

The broadcast caught someone yelling “Bees! Bees!” on the field.

“I saw something happen over here as all the players got on the ground,” Rockies manager Bud Black said. “It was reminiscent of Petco Park a few years ago when a beekeeper had to come down from the left-field corner. That was about a 20-30 minute delay.”

The players stayed on the ground for about 10 seconds. Fans gave them all a round of applause when they stood back up.

Everyone on the field quickly dropped to the ground, which is a recommended tactic when a swarm of bees appears.