“DISENCHANTED!” is a musical comedy satire that turns fairy tales upside down. It’s playing at the BDT Stage from March 3 – May 6. For tickets and information go to the “DISENCHANTED!” page on bdtstage.com.

BOULDER, Colo (CBS4) – BDT Stage is staging the musical comedy satire “DISENCHANTED!” CBS4 Critic At Large Greg Moody recently saw the show and offers this review:

“My favorite time in a theater comes when my assumption of what I’m going to see gets turned on it’s head by something so outrageously different. And “DISENCHANTED!” is that something … outrageously different.


Yes, it is populated by Disney princesses, but it’s certainly not a kids show or anything you might be expecting.


Done by an exceptional cast that plays the satire with bite and hilarity. It up ends roles and expectations with sly humor and delightful music. It’s the reality after the happily ever after. And it is funny.


Jessica Hinsley, Tracey Warren, Anna High, Allie Meyers, and Mary Joon Scott are wonderful. While it is marvelous to see the magnificent Annie Dwyer once again tearing apart the scenery with a comic timing that is simply amazing.


“DISENCHANTED!” is a show that you haven’t heard of and you really must see. Seriously, leave the kids at home for this one and prepare for a ribold, raucus ride at the BDT Stage.”


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