DENVER (CBS4) – Women have a much better chance at finding tech jobs in Denver than many other places.

That’s according to a new study by SmartAsset.

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They found that Denver was the ninth-best city overall for women in tech.

Women fill 24 percent of technology jobs.


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While the numbers still may be extremely lopsided in favor of men, the company says that “in a number of U.S. cities the tech workforce is not nearly so imbalanced.”

To compile their rankings, SmartAsset looked at the percentage of women in the workforce, the gender pay gap, and the income after housing costs, as well as four-year tech employment growth, a statistic that includes both men and women.

They ranked a total of 58 cities.

“While the Mile High City lags behind the rest of the U.S. in the makeup of its workforce (women hold 24.2% of computer and mathematical occupations in Denver) it rates among the top U.S. cities for pay equity,” SmartAsset said. “Women in Denver earn a medium income of $72,012 while men earn $73,908. That is sixth smallest percentage gap of the 58 cities in SmartAsset’s analysis.”

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In first place was Washington, D.C., followed by Kansas City and Detroit.