DRESDEN, Germany (CBS4) – A hairdresser is offering a special massage at his salon.

Frank Doehlen is offering snake massage service, courtesy his pet python Monty.

Get it? Monty…Python.

“It is quite heavy and warn,” customer Hanna Haubold said. “I thought it would feel cold.”

Doehlen says the massage is done by the snake contracting its muscles, which makes up the majority of its body.

In exchange for the massage, Doehlen asks for a small donation to help with Monty’s food.

snake massage Hairdresser Offers Snake Massages With A Cut

(credit: CBS)

While regular customers often find animals in the salon, not everyone is particularly delighted at being confronted with a real python.

“Being given a massage at the hairdresser is wonderful and relaxing – but never from a living snake!” another woman said.



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