DENVER (AP) — Authorities are raiding over a dozen locations in Colorado linked with an organization accused of shipping marijuana out-of-state.

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The Drug Enforcement Administration says it’s helping local police and prosecutors serve search warrants at 20 locations between the Denver and Colorado Springs areas on Thursday.

(credit: CBS)

A DEA spokesman says the investigation into the organization has been in the works for months and isn’t the result of any new directive from the Trump administration. There were several rounds of pot raids in the state under the previous administration.

(credit: CBS)

New Attorney General Jeff Sessions has indicated he wants stronger enforcement of federal law on marijuana.

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  1. Robert Chase says:

    “Colorado Organization Accused Of Exporting Pot” — which? Name it.

  2. Yeah, I’m sure Sessions and the DEA have NOTHING to do with this, even though the DEA were involved.

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