BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4) – Police and K-9 officers searched an open space in Broomfield for hours on Monday, looking for Marine veteran Cory Hixson who was last seen on Saturday evening. The search was called off when the Weld County Sheriff’s Office confirmed he was in their custody.

Hixson’s wife, Shala Hixson, said he jumped from their two-story balcony on Saturday night and vanished.

Cory Hixson (credit: Broomfield Police)

She says Hixson, 33, suffers from a traumatic brain injury and memory loss from a mortar attack in Fallujah, Iraq 13 years ago. He also lost an eye.

Cory Hixson (credit: Shala Hixson)

“He’s been switched medication several times and it always messes with him,” said Shala. “He started acting different and shaved his head, didn’t know who we were or who he was… just disoriented.”

Cory Hixson (credit: Shala Hixson)

For two days Hixson’s family worried. Then they received word from the Weld County Sheriff’s Office that he was in custody, accused of breaking into someone’s home.

“We recently moved here from our hometown so he could get better care at the VA and it’s not better care,” said Shala. “He served our country, he lost his eye for you and me, everybody. He lost his memory, he’s losing his day-to-day life trying to fix himself.”

Cory and Shala Hixson (credit: Shala Hixson)

Shala says now that her husband has been found, she hopes he gets the help he needs because the memory loss, depression and what the family has gone through is no way to live.

“From the time he was young he wanted to serve his country for you and me. He never had any other goals than that,” said Shala. “Cory is the best person you will ever meet and it’s unfortunate that we come here to get help from the VA and we were just ignored.”

Cory Hixson (credit: Shala Hixson)

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office didn’t know that Hixson was a missing, disabled veteran when he was arrested. The Weld County District Attorney’s Office will determine whether any formal charges will be filed.

Cory Hixson (credit: Shala Hixson)

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  1. I can relate to what it is like living with someone you love who doesn’t even know who you or his grandkids are. You know they are in there, but you just can’t reach them. You try to think of anything you can to set off a spark. My husband fell off a ladder in 1986 receiving a massive concussion. The company refused to acknowledge the head injury, not giving him any cognitive therapy. We kept him at home, feeding and diapering him, watching him fade away thru the years until he passed away in 2003 after 53 yrs of marriage.
    Society does not understand Mental illness and so many souls are lost to this terrible plague..

  2. If you would like to help Cory and his family, please consider donating or sharing the donation website:

  3. This story breaks my heart. I pray this man CAN get the help he so desperately needs but with the problems so many are having with the VA, I wonder if he will just be another vet who gets lost in the system. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS THIS FAMILY.

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