DENVER (CBS4) – A town hall meeting with Colorado Senator Cory Gardner was held without him.

Eight organizers set up the symbolic meeting in Denver’s Byers Middle School, and a people filled the gymnasium Friday night.


They complain that Gardner won’t hold a face-to-face town hall to hear their concerns about healthcare, the environment, and other issues.

While they say Gardner’s staff was polite, he denied their requests to hear from him.

Gardner says, in a statement, that he has “had the opportunity to meet with and speak to hundreds of Coloradans and discuss issues ranging from the challenges facing the agriculture community to reforming our health care system. I sincerely value the thoughtful and productive discussions I had this week, and I’m grateful when my constituents contact me to express their thoughts and concerns because their feedback allows me to do my job best and develop legislative solutions that benefit Coloradans.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

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  1. Why would asking questions of your Senator be considered “hostile”? I was there, everyone had very good questions. We are concerned citizens and want straight answers.

  2. Ben Thomas says:

    It will be a long time before I trust this news station again after using such biased rhetoric.

  3. Ben Thomas says:

    In the last comment news anchorman Stan Bush referred to the people attending this town hall meeting as a “Hostile crowd.” This comment is proof that CBS News, Denver, is not providing objective, fact-based news. We need to seek truth in our news and this channel is NOT providing unbiased news.

    1. Karen Zelie says:

      I agree that this was not a hostile crowd. The people attending were his constituents. Many are scared and we all need Senator Gardner’s help!

  4. Gardner claims he recently held several tele-town hall meetings and fielded thousands of calls. I was on one of those calls. While he may have “fielded” many calls, he only answered 8 of them during the allotted hour, and I’m confident they were screened. He dodged a heavily-attended event tonight. Who better to connect with than highly engaged, articulate, concerned constituents?

  5. FYI: You have an incorrectly spelled tag. It should be “Indivisible Front Range Resistance,” not “invisible.”

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