NEW YORK (CBS4) – When Ashley the pit bull was found by rescuers, she was living inside an abandoned “crack house” in Staten Island, New York.

She was malnourished, not having any food or water for days, and had several cigarette burns on her body.

“We didn’t ask any questions when the person called us and told us the dog was alone,” No More Pain Rescue‘s Erica Mahnken told CBS News. “It was freezing out. There was nothing in the house. No, we didn’t think about it – we just ran and got her and said we’ll figure out what we were going to do after we got her out of there.”

Mahnken reached out to a firefighter friend, who agreed to temporarily watch Ashley.

The “Fort Pitt” firefighters took to their new pooch, nicknamed “Ash,” who now lives with them permanently, eating meals with them, and even going on ride-alongs in the fire trucks.

Ashley even has her own Instagram account.

“Reporting for doodie…ready to ride…I got the woof! (Roof),” one post joked.

When Manhken found Ashley in January, veterinarians said she was 25 pounds underweight. The FDNY firefighters say she’s now about 50 pounds, and well on her way to becoming perfectly healthy.


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