SILVERTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Three people were run over by a horse that was apparently spooked by a low-flying drone during the annual skijoring race in Silverton on Saturday.

The skijoring race features horses pulling skiers through the street.

(credit: Shane Benjamin/Durango Herald)

(credit: Shane Benjamin/Durango Herald)

The Durango Herald shared a picture with CBS4. They report two women were taken away in an ambulance and another man had a minor injury.

The horse rider was trying to wave the drone away when his horse became agitated and then charged into a crowd of spectators.

The competition was shut down for about 30 minutes.

The drone pilot was given a ticket for illegally flying over the crowd and drones are no longer allowed at the event.

(credit: John Simmons)

(credit: John Simmons)

Last year a horse had to be euthanized after a crash at a Skijoring race in Leadville.

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  1. I saw this happen at the horse drive in Maybell a few years ago. Horse spooked and plowed into the crowd. Took a guy out. Drones do not mix well with horses.

  2. It is spelled skjoring. The “j” is pronounced like a “y.”

    1. It is spelled “Skijoring” (pronounced /ˈskiːʃɜːrɪŋ/). It is derived from the Norwegian word skikjøring meaning ski driving.

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