DENVER (CBS4) – A security guard at Denver Health Medical Center has been placed on leave after being accused of using a Taser on a man and beating him with a flashlight.

(credit: Michelle Martinez/Facebook)

(credit: Michelle Martinez/Facebook)

Michelle Martinez is the victim’s mother. She says her son, Nick Montez, was visiting his brother in the hospital. He was told by a security guard to wait next to the information desk.

Martinez arrived shortly after her son. She says when her son got up to greet her, guards tackled, used a Taser on him and beat him.

(credit: Michelle Martinez/Facebook)

(credit: Michelle Martinez/Facebook)

The guard who is on leave works for a private security firm.

The hospital says that company is planning to issue a statement.

Denver police are also investigating.

Statement From Denver Health And Hospital Authority

We take this matter vey seriously and are currently investigating the events that occurred at our hospital early Saturday morning. We are told by HSS, the company we contract with to provide security, that the security guard in question has been placed on leave pending further investigation.

  1. Luis F Lopez says:

    Even a mere security guard thinks he is all almighty with a badge, I hope he gets sued. oe at least I would sue the entire security company, NO EXCUSE FOR THIS !!

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