By Karen Morfitt

DENVER (CBS4) – Two sisters rushed to the side of an injured RTD security officer after he was shot last week.

Scott Von Lanken was shot at point blank range while on duty outside Union Station on Jan. 31.

Scott Von Lanken (credit:

Scott Von Lanken (credit:

Desiree Evans has only been in Colorado for a matter of weeks. Her sister Vanna has in in Colorado for just a matter of days. In that short amount of time their lives have changed forever.

“He did speak when I first got there and his eyes did move and I didn’t know what he was saying at first,” Desiree Evans said. “Then I realized he was saying his daughter’s name and I told him it was going to be okay.”

Desiree was picking her sister up from downtown Denver when she got lost and stopped to ask for directions.

Desiree and Vanna Evans (credit: CBS)

Desiree and Vanna Evans (credit: CBS)

Von Lanken told her to drive around the block. When she returned she heard a single gunshot.

“In matter of three or four seconds I watched a yellow jacket go to the ground and people were scattering,” she said.

Vanna would immediately call 911 while Desiree ran to Von Lanken’s side.

“I put the pressure where I could and wrapped everything and wrapped his head up and I sat there and I was just trying to keep him focused,” Desiree said.

Scott Von Lanken (credit CBS)

Scott Von Lanken (credit CBS)

Despite Desiree’s efforts to save the officer’s life he would not survive.

“I continued to just hold his hand and sit there,” Desiree said.

In the days following that shooting, the two sisters would meet with Von Lanken’s family, not only learning more about who he was, but also giving his family some closure about his death.

“I could see it in his wife and his daughter’s eyes when they found out he wasn’t alone, that he had somebody praying over him and trying to comfort him,” Desiree said. “She even told me it was a relief.”

Additional Resources

RTD has set up a memorial fund to help Scott Von Lanken’s family. Contact the Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Credit Union if you’d like to contribute by visiting or calling (303) 458-6660.

A GoFundMe page was also set up by Von Lanken’s fellow RTD officers to help.

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