DENVER (CBS4) – Survivors of sexual assault, stalking and domestic abuse pleaded with lawmakers to pass a bill they say could save lives on Tuesday.

The bill allows survivors to break apartment leases if they have a note from a medical professional or professional with the state confidentiality program.

Currently, domestic violence victims can break a lease only if they file a police report.

“There are a lot people who are telling me, ‘Look, I feel re-victimized, like sleeping next to the window. I have to sleep next to the same window every single night. I can’t afford to move. I have to pay first month’s rent, last month’s rent, a damage deposit,'” said Rep. Dominique Jackson, D-Aurora. “We all know that this market is absolutely crazy when it comes to housing. So these people were feeling that we were re-traumatized and suffering emotionally.”

The legislation is being pushed by the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault. It passed its first committee on Tuesday.