CLIFTON, Colo. (CBS4) – People across the country are making sure a woman in Colorado knows she is loved this Valentine’s Day.

Shirley O’Keefe lives in Clifton, between Grand Junction and Palisade. She suffers from a failing heart and kidneys.

Shirley O'Keefe with her niece (credit: CBS)

Shirley O’Keefe with her niece (credit: CBS)

O’Keefe keeps proving doctors wrong and living longer than expected. Her latest goal is to make it past Mother’s Day… and beyond.

“New york, California, haven’t gotten Nebraska yet but its coming- and I know people in Georgia and Alabama and Kansas,” said O’Keefe. “I’m going to make it to Easter. After Easter, I’m going to make it to Mother’s Day. I’m going to live everyday.”

Her niece posted her aunt’s goal on Facebook and now cards are pouring in from around the country.

“Happy Valentine’s Day. You are an inspiration. You are in our thoughts and prayers,” said O’Keefe’s niece as she read a card.

Anyone is welcome to send O’Keefe a card to 3235 Downey Court, East Apt. B, Clifton, CO 81520.


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