WASHINGTON (CBS4) – The answer would appear to be yes.

But it also appears to have been changed days after a hacker revealed the president’s official @POTUS Twitter account was registered with a personal email address instead of an official government account.

“Of course I had to look at his Twitter account to see if his partial email was exposed,” the hacker told CBS News. “The first time I looked most of the presidential accounts were using Gmail and had partial phone numbers exposed.”

Others took notice, too.

Another safe guard, which would have blocked the partial numbers and addresses from view, also appears not to have been taken.

“If they would have two-factor enabled on their Twitter accounts, the partial numbers would have been hidden,” @WauchulaGhost said. “So the question is, were their Gmail accounts secure?”

(credit: Twitter)

(credit: Twitter)

They may not have been, but it looks like they are now, as CBS News points out that at 4:30 p.m. ET Thursday the addresses appeared to be different and the partials were no longer visible.


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