By Andrea Flores

DENVER (CBS4) – Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver’s Baker neighborhood is just one of many business waiting to apply for a cannabis consumption permit under Ordinance 300.

Mutiny (credit: CBS)

Mutiny (credit: CBS)

“It’s a really big deal. This is something that has never happened before,” said Mutiny Information Cafe co-owner Jim Norris. “We want a once-a-month license; 21 and over. We’d have security and all that. We’d just have a little comedy night and a dance party.”

Jim Norris (credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Andrea Lopez interviews Jim Norris. (credit: CBS)

While applications for cannabis consumption permits will be available by Saturday, city of Denver spokesman Dan Rowland says they won’t serve any purpose.

“The city has to issue those permits. In order to do that, the city has to create rules and regulations for how those permits are issued, and what the application looks like,” said Rowland, who is Denver’s Excise and Licenses communication specialist. “We won’t be accepting applications until all the rules and regulations are put in place.”

While still in the early stages of public input, Denver officials say it could take months before the ordinance goes into effect.

So far, it is known that public cannabis consumption won’t be allowed in any place that serves alcohol, including bars and restaurants.

Social pot consumption will also not be allowed in any business that sells marijuana.

Establishments that allow public consumption must require that patrons are at least 21 years of age.

Pot consumption may not be visible from the public right of way, and must comply with the Clean Air Act.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Yes on 300 Campaign Director Emmett Reistroffer says business are eager to get involved.

“They can regulate it, they can designate it, they can have their staff empowered to supervise it, where right now it’s kind of just a wide open scenario where there aren’t a lot of rules,” Reistroffer said. “We’re not giving people anywhere to go to use cannabis.”

Emmett Reistroffer (credit: CBS)

Lopez interviews Emmett Reistroffer. (credit: CBS)

While business who offer social consumption will have to get neighborhood approval first, Norris says it’s worth fighting for.

“To make sure that everything is happening exactly right, that there are no issues, we just have to be patient,” Norris said. “I’ve waited almost 50 years for something like this, so I can wait six more months.”

The city hopes to have rules and regulation in place by August. Until then, the city encourages to the public to weigh in with opinions at a series of five committee meetings at the city’s Wellington Webb Municipal Building.

“What we’ll do is take all the input and feedback that we get from the public, from this advisory committee, and we’ll create a draft set of rules and regulations,” said Rowland.

Dan Rowland (credit: CBS)

Dan Rowland (credit: CBS)

Additional Resources

The following are the city’s two upcoming meeting dates in February:

Wellington Webb Building
201 W Colfax Ave, Dept 101, Denver, Colorado 80202

Wednesday, February 8th
9:00-11:30, Room 4.G.2

Wednesday, February 22nd
9:00-11:30, Room 4.G.2

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