By Sarah Ford

Cupcakes, cookies and cake may be the most celebrated bakery confections, but be careful not to overlook the brownie. Smothered in chocolate or caramel, filled with peanut butter and chocolate chunks, or accented by another sweet treat such as an Oreo — there are many ways a simple brownie is transformed into a savory delicacy. And between the bakeries in Denver serving up these treats, you can find all of the above options and more. So bypass the typical bakery sweets and head to one of these Denver bakeries for the sweetest brownies in the city.

Beet Box Bakery & Café
1032 E. 22nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 861-0017

As the name implies, Beet Box serves all-vegan food. But that doesn’t mean just vegans frequent this little bakery! If you’re skeptical, just stop by and see how quickly your mouth will start watering looking at their offerings of cakes, pastries, tarts and more. If you’re looking for a gluten free option as well, try their beet brownies, which are so good they earned being named after the bakery itself! They also have turtle brownies for the nut fans.

Ale House At Amato’s
2501 16th St.
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 433-9734

This may seem like a surprising entry, but there will be no wonder why once you try a brownie at the Ale House. It’s not just about the beer here, Ale House at Amato’s serves up mean dining options that make it a great choice for a business meeting, night out with friends, date, or any other time. Be sure to include their brunch in your plans, if only for their beer-battered brownies. The fried brownies are Nitro stout battered and served with Little Man ice cream, some of the best ice cream in Denver. It may sound a little too indulgent for breakfast…but we won’t tell.

Tony’s Market

Once you walk into Tony’s, good luck walking out without a full bag. Their deli meats, pastas, fruit and treats are so fresh it’s nearly impossible to resist. Their sweets display is full with freshly baked sugar cookies, pies, mini cakes and more every day, and we won’t blame you if you walk out with more than just a brownie. But be sure not to omit it. Their brownies are layered, with a layer of peanut butter and nut-filled chocolate with an oozing caramel and cookie-covered top. Sound too good to resist? Yeah, we thought so.

The Market At Larimer Square
1445 Larimer St.
Denver CO 80202

The brownies here are so intricate their irresistible, but so sweet they may take you a while to finish. Fortunately, you have time. The Market at Larimer Square is a hot spot for Denver locals who stop by for a lunch break, to toss one back after work, or to kick up their feet with a book and their craft coffee. So relax while you munch on your delicious treat and watch the hubbub of downtown Denver around you. The warm brownie will melt in your mouth, covered with a lemon topping and chocolate glaze with chocolate chips. You’ll be full, but so satisfied.

Mermaid’s Bakery
1543 Champa St.
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 534-0956

Mermaid’s Bakery has been recognized by 5280 for their gluten-free cupcakes and was recently given the title of “best cookie in all 50 states,” so you really can’t go wrong with whatever you order. But flying just under the radar are their brownies, featuring sea salt brownies topped with sea salt and mini chocolate chips. With the gorgeous and elaborate cakes they feature, some may look at you funny for going ahead with a “simple brownie.” But you know better.


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