DENVER (CBS) – Hangovers are absolutely miserable, and when they really get you, you’re stuck bedridden for the majority of a day, acting the exact opposite of what productivity is.

It’s said that drinking the night away borrows happiness from the next day, and man, do some nights take all the joy of the next day.

But how many times in our lives will we waste days to being hungover?

In a study of 2,000 people conducted by Healthspan Ruby Effervescent Vitamin C, it was found that the average person will lose 724 days to hangovers in their lives. That’s more than two years.

Other interesting tidbits from the study includes that one in 20 people are hungover six or more times a month.

As for the cures: water, fresh air and painkillers, such as Advil. And many crave salty foods the next day, the study finds.


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