DENVER (CBS4)– The Denver Police Department is defending officers who were caught on video taking blankets and tents from homeless people when temperatures dropped to below freezing overnight.

The American Civil Liberties Union posted video on Facebook that shows Denver police officers confiscating blankets from people who were camped out in 20 degree weather.

(credit: Facebook)

(credit: Facebook)

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock talked about what happened, “This is not a widespread practice by the police department. The video clip that you just ran was actually three individuals who were protesting and setting up camp in front of city hall. And after the police asked them to move, they did not, they were cited and their equipment was taken as evidence. But this is not a widespread practice throughout the city and we wanted to make sure that it didn’t go any further and that people understand this is not how we want to operate during these frigid temperatures.”

On Thursday, the Denver Police Department released a statement about what happened.

(credit: Denver Police Department)

(credit: Denver Police Department)

This comes after a backlash and lawsuit filed against the City of Denver when officers conducted homeless “sweeps” in Denver’s Ballpark neighborhood earlier this year.

The City of Denver would like the homeless to move into shelters. Hancock said thousands of people seek shelter indoors overnight but there are still beds available to those who want help.

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  1. So, the reply from the mayor was that the cops weren’t trying to murder homeless people by forcing them to freeze to death … they were trying to deny protesters their 1st amendment right to redress the government. So … still a vulgar and immoral move on the part of the government. Okay, thanks for that.

  2. “”their equipment was taken as evidence””

    Not even the most fantastic idiot would buy such a lame argument.

  3. I used to be a cop. When you cite someone, the only evidence you need is your own knowledge of the law. You do not need evidence as your testimony at a hearing would be enough. They did this, because they are evil, period.

  4. So on a freezing night, where these guys were outside, the police took their blankets and gave them a citation. It’s a little bit harder to stay warm using a citation than a blanket. It’s just a dumb move by the police, they should have arrested these idiots and thrown them into a jail cell for the night. A citation isn’t going to stop them from protesting, but a night or two in a warm jail cell might.

  5. Self-starting vid with audio is one reason people don’t come to the big network sites.

  6. 1. que the homeless stories..demand Trump resign in the face of his unwillingness to fix the problem.. 2. homeless people are encouraged to relieve themselves anywhere but city hall.

  7. Greg Miller says:

    Very misleading headline, these idiots weren’t homeless, just a bunch of trouble making protesters when need to go home and let the country heal.

  8. Now that a Republican is going to be in the White House, the media will rediscover the issue of homelessness, so expect a LOT more stories …

  9. David Kachel says:

    “Their equipment was taken as evidence”??!!!
    Geeeez!!! Even the Obamas and the Clintons wouldn’t expect us to swallow that big a lie!!!

  10. break the law you pay the price, they were told what to do, sorry

  11. Bunch of bullies. Fire them. Doing so endangered lives.

  12. Stu Pedasso says:

    You Denver cops are giving the rest of us a bad name. Knock it off.

  13. Bob Suyak says:

    So why is there all this homelessness with the rip roaring Obama economy or is that just illusion, like Russia hacking our election?

  14. Pictures don’t suffice as evidence. You guys wonder why you have such a bad rep.

  15. Jeff Hargis says:

    Nothing to see here folks. Just another loving, tolerant, liberal city at work. Move along. Move along.

  16. Keith Panco says:

    More fake news by the fake media. Why not actually investigate a story before reporting next time?

  17. Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  18. “Cop” is a mental disorder. Order following is a mental disorder…..

  19. What I don’t see reported is that these actions are for the purpose of getting these homeless in a shelter where they won’t freeze to death in the death freeze that is on the way. It is not uncommon for these people to resist for their own good. Many are addicts and mentally ill who fear not being in their comfort zone. Best care for them this way than by picking up a frozen corpse the next morning. Police are getting a bad rap here!

  20. I believe photographs would have worked fine as “evidence”.

  21. Leo Rodolfo says:

    They’re not homeless. They’re in line for the 2020 presidential election to vote for Hillary.

  22. Just use a flame thrower and kill 2 birds with one stone.

  23. Paul Roberts says:

    If the “homeless people” were part of a “Black Lives Matter” protest nothing would have happened and the police would have been delivering donuts to them. So what’s the difference?

  24. Put a police presence in those homeless shelters. That’s why they don’t want to go! There are thefts, assaults and rapes in those shelters!

  25. Lulua Mahalo says:

    ACLU is NOT about making a better America…if you haven’t guessed by now. They should just come clean and remove ‘America’ from their name.

  26. I don’t like panhandlers or crime of any kind on the streets. This is Obama’s America though. While many if not most are drug addicts or mentally ill you fight the crime and you don’t take blankets from people in 20 degree weather. This is liberalism in the shadows when they think no one is watching. There but for the grace of God this could be you or a loved one with the economy the Dems have given us. How many paychecks before you are homeless?

  27. How dare those homeless people litter city hall with their meager possessions. Are there no workhouses?

  28. Ja Busse says:

    Ship them to Acapulco where it is warm.

  29. jpattitude says:

    So basically the ACLU was lying. Again. These were protestors attempting to camp out in front of City Hall, not homeless people taking shelter from the cold.

  30. makes you wonder what happened during the great depression
    did they fire hose the poor because the banksters on wall street crashed the country?

    1. Mary George says:

      For all of you jerks on this site that are disparaging people who are down and out, shame on you! Not all homeless people are drug and alcohol addicts.Most people that do have homes are technically broke, and they are addicts of gambling,porn,alcohol,lying,drugs,stealing,sex and a lot of other things.Some of them are homeless because they are broke for a myriad of reasons.If you are a homeless person your worst enemy is not the streets.Your worst enemy are the police and other Americans who hate you because they know that this could happen to them.No one is above being penniless.For the ass that said bring back vagrancy laws, now that is a hoot.That means that a lot of people would be going to jail.Try a little kindness humans.Stop killing the innocents in the womb, and stop hating people who don’t have a place to live. When you people in Amerika observe human beings or animals that are having a hard time in life,don’t make it worse for them.All of Amerika goes out and buys presents and claims to love this time of the year.Talk is cheap.Try proving your own words.Merry Christmas Amerika.

  31. The Denver police had better be careful to take blankets only from white bums. No doubt taking blankets from nonwhite bums would be a violation of their “civil rights”, which white Americans don’t have.

    In our liberal utopia, while all animals are created equal, some are created more equal than others, with liberal animals being the most equal of all.

  32. James Bailey says:

    Certainly, the pictures reveal a thousand lies by the police.

  33. Growing weary of the crass manipulations by the left. Their message is clear…

    “Cops are bad. Thugs & Losers are good. We should all embrace the ‘nobility’ of being useless and criminal and hate anything that even remotely smacks of sanity and stability.”

  34. Greg Purdy says:

    The police should not be put in this position. The policy makers should change that policy. Ask your kids what they would do if they became police officers – help people and get the bad guys. This activity falls under neither.

  35. Ra Williams says:

    Bring back vagrancy laws.

    1. Thomas Arney says:

      True – this is a “workaround” approach as liberals have gotten rid of vagrancy laws and coddled the so-called “homeless” for decades. The police is put in an awkward spot trying to make liberal dreams square with reality. No wonder cops don’t typically vote Democrat.

  36. Scot Tucker says:

    Looks like the ACLU is up to some Fake News.

  37. A group of snowflake Democrats that do not want to work.

  38. lysolmotorola says:

    Way to go media. Take an isolated, reasonable incident and blow it out of proportion to make the cops look like bad guys. I wonder if these three clowns were actaully homeles or if they were “activists”

    1. What sucks is you will never know for sure because the media lies so damn much.

    2. domain7722 says:

      yeah, but why take their blankets? incredible.

      1. Don Beck says:

        What part of, it was confiscated for evidence do you not understand? These were protestors squatting at city hall. Not bums sleeping rough in a park.
        Maybe you can start eating the story before asking dumb questions?

      2. Bene Teau says:

        Do you read English? The article explained why the officers took the blankets! Go back to school!

      3. Don and Bene, copsucker cowards always agree with excuses for police thuggery. What exactly is the purpose of taking blankets as evidence? What crime was committed with the blankets wrapped around their bodies? Pictures/video of blankets is evidence enough, or are pictures/video not admissible in court as evidence? You bootlicker sycophants of thugs are beyond comprehension. But that’s how beta males deal with reality, just believe lies.

  39. It’s going to be fun watching drug haven sanctuary cities sink into the slime.

    1. Mike Giles says:

      Yes, you are Correct!! This ex-CA democrat has noticed that wherever American Inner-Cities suffer mass-homelessness, massive homicide, & rape rates, huge drug crimes/drug usage/drug gangs, rotten schools, corrupt governance, massive crime rates/street-thuggery, huge unemployment rates, giant community ignorance, And Huge Fatherless Family Levels, are All Run by My Former Party: the democrats!!!!!!!

      1. Right on! Did you see in Manhattan that DeBlasio is putting the derelicts into hotels, which has caused the derelict population to soar, as word spreads: take your heroin addiction to manhattan and they’ll “give” you a hotel room!

      2. domain7722 says:

        yeah, but why take their blankets? incredible.

      3. Thomas Arney says:

        ex-Democrat too, one would hope?

    2. zorki1c says:

      The reason there is always room in the shelters (and that’s the case in every city) is that if these folks can’t do drugs or get drunk or smoke they won’t go to the shelters. (poor babies are being discriminated against).

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