By Dillon Thomas

DENVER (CBS4) – Several car owners in Denver have called the police to report car vandalism after they found their windows shot out Sunday morning.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

An unknown number of residents that live near Yosemite Court and East 23rd Avenue in the Stapleton neighborhood had their car windows shot out Saturday night. Some of the vandalism victims were at a holiday block party when the incidents took place.

“Unbeknownst to us, while we were celebrating the holidays, someone was going around shooting out our car windows,” said Travis Luther, the owner of two cars which were damaged. “It is a huge inconvenience to me, because they took both my cars. So, I don’t have one to drive tomorrow.”

(credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Dillon Thomas interviews Travis Luther. (credit: CBS)

Samuel Thompson’s Jeep was hit so hard the bullets or bbs went all the way through his car.

“With my car, it went all the way through both windows,” Thompson said. “I’m probably going to have to pay $500, it will cost more than that to get both windows fixed.”

Neighbors said Denver police were called, and evidence was collected.

“I found little marble-sized chrome bbs,” Luther said.

Although the vandalized vehicles will cost residents time and money to fix, many said that is the least of their concerns.

“Someone could have been standing by the vehicle, there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood,” Thompson said. “It is disappointing that someone could get hurt with something like this.”

Samuel Thompson shows CBS4 the damage to his car. (credit: CBS)

Samuel Thompson shows the damage to his car. (credit: CBS)

Leaving some to wonder why someone would do something so foolish.

“It is not funny, because that is some pretty serious property damage,” said Andrew Winter, a resident.

Community members said they were using social media to try and figure out how many cars were hit. Some said they expected it to be more than 12.

Those who had their cars vandalized asked anyone with information to contact Denver police.

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