DENVER (AP) — Democratic members of the electoral college trying to stop Donald Trump from becoming president are raising money off their efforts.

A quartet of electors from Colorado and Washington have dubbed themselves the “Hamilton Electors” and are trying to convince electors from both parties to unite behind another Republican because Donald Trump is unfit to be president.

Micheal Baca (credit: CBS)

Micheal Baca (credit: CBS)

The electors incorporated as a nonprofit in Colorado this week, led by Micheal Baca, one of their members from that state.

The move allows them to raise money and the electors on their website are soliciting donations. Baca declined to comment.

Trump won 306 electoral votes on in the Nov. 8 presidential election, easily enough to make him president when the electors meet on Dec. 19.

Electors are pledged to candidates but allowed to change their votes, though they almost never do.

Some states levy penalties against electors who go against the will of their voters, including Washington which penalizes the act with a $1000 fine.

Baca and another member of the group, Brett Chiafolo, had suggested before the election that they might not have vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton even if she had won the election.

Clinton won the popular vote but lost the electoral college.

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