By Libby Smith

DENVER (CBS4) – In November, voters in Arapahoe, Adams, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties approved an extension to the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District for another 12-years. The SCFD has been around for 30-years, and supporters say that more than 14 million people, 4.2 million of them kids, attend SCFD funded programs each year.

Dance class with cast of "Cabaret" (credit: CBS)

Dance class with cast of “Cabaret” (credit: CBS)

Recently, the Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of “Cabaret” provided performers to an education program. They teach, enhance, and encourage young performers to stay involved in the arts.

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“It is pretty special. I mean the Denver arts community seems like it’s really wonderful, and the facility is really beautiful. So it’s wonderful to bring this piece of theatre to the community,” said Sarah Bishop, who plays “Helga” in the touring production of “Cabaret”.

It does take dollars to make arts training like this possible. That’s why supporters of SCFD say it’s so important.

(credit: SCFD)

(credit: SCFD)

“It means the world because it makes these programs possible. We do a lot of work in schools through our play writing program, through Shakespeare in the parking lot, through dramatic learning. It makes it possible to give schools scholarships, so it makes it possible for us to have the breadth of programming that we have,” said Allison Watrous, with the Education Department at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

One-tenth of one cent on every dollar in the seven county Metro Area goes to the SCFD. It supports the DCPA and 300 other organizations, both big and small, that focus on music, arts, and culture. There is no other program like this in the country.

(credit: SCFD)

(credit: SCFD)

“Not to my knowledge. It’s amazing the impact it has on the community-at-large. All the organizations that it supports. It makes arts in Colorado possible,” Watrous told CBS4.

CBS4’s Critic at Large Greg Moody supported the measure and said, “One-tenth of one center out of each dollar is not a bad price to pay to make your dreams, and the dreams of others come true.”

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