GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – Felony charges have been filed against a Golden-based certified public accountant for twice voting for her father, who passed away in 2012.

Toni Lee Newbill (credit: CBS)

Toni Lee Newbill (credit: CBS)

In October prosecutors filed two felony forgery charges against Toni Lee Newbill, charging her with first voting for her father in a 2013 general election and then again casting a ballot for her father in a 2016 Republican primary election.

Her father, Ralph Nanninga, died in 2012 in El Paso County at the age of 86.

Ralph Nanninga (credit: CBS)

Ralph Nanninga (credit: CBS)

“It certainly wasn’t the best decision on her part but it was an act of outright frustration,” said her attorney Chris Samuelson. He explained that after her father’s death, Newbill kept receiving ballots intended for her father — a registered Republican — and that she attempted to have him removed from active voter rolls.

“She received numerous ballots. She shredded some, she threw some away, she wrote on envelopes and mailed them back,” Samuelson said.

But Samuelson said when she could not get her father’s name off the voter rolls, she became exasperated and voted for him.

“She did not intend to commit a crime, she did not intend to cast a ballot, she was just trying to get their attention.”

In January 2015, the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder sent Newbill a form to have her deceased father removed from voting rolls. It’s unclear if Newbill completed and returned the form.

Toni Lee Newbill (credit: CBS)

Toni Lee Newbill (credit: CBS)

Newbill’s father joins a list of half a dozen dead Colorado voters identified in an ongoing CBS4 Investigation as having cast ballots, and another dozen Colorado voters who have been found to have voted twice in the same election.

Gov. John Hickenlooper suggested why some Coloradans are attempting to circumvent the system.

“Both candidates have anger directed toward them and that anger makes people take the law into their own hands. These are individuals who are so inflamed they break the law. They feel so passionately that the ends justify the means even if they break the law. They’re justified because they can’t stand the alternative.”

John Hickenlooper (credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Brian Maass interviews Gov. John Hickenlooper. (credit: CBS)

Hickenlooper went on to point out that the number of people trying to “game” the system is small when compared to the millions who vote. Still, he says, “Every county clerk should be looking — we should be taking this seriously. They can find no indication anyone is organizing this criminal behavior.”

Denver elections director Amber McReynolds told CBS4 her agency has multiple safeguards and processes in place to make sure the election is accurate, secure, transparent and accountable.

Amber McReynolds (credit: CBS)

Amber McReynolds (credit: CBS)

She says it would be very hard to cheat on a mass scale.

“In terms of the number of votes being cast over all these years, it is a small number comparatively, but to us it’s significant because we strive for perfection.”

Other election officials have also said while any fraudulent ballots being cast are problematic, the number is small compared the number of votes counted.

Toni Newbill — who most recently was registered as a Republican, had previously been registered as a Democrat. She is scheduled to appear in court in El Paso County later this month.

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  1. Tou Parish says:

    I hope they hang her high!!

    1. Kevin Riley says:

      yeah but what would you do to a women who lied about classified information on an illegal server then deleted and bleached her drive?

  2. Rich Bolles says:

    “It certainly wasn’t the best decision on her part but it was an act of outright frustration,” said her attorney Chris Samuelson

    It wasn’t frustration Chris – IT WAS A FELONY.

    1. Common Tater says:

      I’m sure that if the Childrens’ Cancer Fund continued to solicit her dead father, she would have made a contribution out of frustration.

      1. Perfect observation. I love the flag by the way. Too bad people don’t know the true meaning behind it. Sadly they are trying to do the same to the Red, White, and Blue.

    2. The fact that it as a felony does not preclude it from being a frustration.

      1. If she didn’t have Comey, Hillary Milhaus Felon could certainly use you on her lame-excuse team.

    3. Not in Chicago. There it is considered “participating in the Democratic process” and is not considered wrong or illegal–so long as the dead voter is a Democrat.

  3. Dead people do not normally vote Republican. No wonder someone noticed.

    1. Fred Doe says:

      It said he WAS a republican. If he voted while dead it was almost certainly as a democrat.

  4. Ha, the “no intent” Hillary Clinton defense.

  5. Daniel Stock says:

    This is why we need to get rid of absentee voting and have voter ID and thumb print laws. Hopefully, President Trump will enact such legislation.

  6. Jack Riley says:

    Need ID for most everything except to vote.

  7. Aleric says:

    They wont do anything to her and notice how they didnt say who she was voting for. We know it was Democrats, they are the ones so corrupt they will do anything to win. I also love how they keep saying this doesnt happen or affect the election yet it continues to go on.

  8. “Hickenlooper went on to point out that the number of people trying to “game” the system is small when compared to the millions who vote.”

    There is precisely zero statistical data to justify holding that opinion.

  9. Project Veritas sent a woman in who told them she was Huma Abedin, and she voted no problem and you never heard about it.. But if they find a republican its national news. Yeah, we know how it works.

  10. Vote for the person with the fewest number of associates who have pleaded the 5th Amendment to protect their leader.

  11. Someone better arrest Soros, he has smugly said he has paid to steal the vote on a grand scale

  12. Jim Olson says:

    But…but…but Obama said elections aren’t rigged. There’s no voter fraud. It’s all a conspiracy theory.

    So this story can’t be true. Obama wouldn’t lie, would he???

  13. she got arrested because her dead dad voted for a republican.

  14. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joesph Stalin

    President Obama says; “we’ve got Democrats in charge of the machines supplied by George Soros company:”.

  15. Doug Day says:

    No it is not hard to cheat. Early voting and provisional ballots were invented to CHEAT with. And voting by mail is just insane.

  16. Common Tater says:

    “She did not intend to commit a crime…”
    So intent is the new standard now? By that logic, we should release everyone who has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

    1. Now there is a gold mine for the lawyers, just waiting to see involuntary manslaughter felons released for no intent, and the lawyers salivating at the potential profit.

      1. Whirly Bird says:

        Recently, a few folks charged with mishandling classified information in extremely similar ways have tried the “Hillary” defence but judges have disallowed the tactic. Apparently the law only applies to us little people not to elites such as Hillary.

  17. For those who have any doubt about who to vote for, you need to read what was found in the Wikileaks Podesta emails. Search YouTube for Podesta Pizza or Spirit Cooking. Clinton and everyone around her are pure evil. This is not just about saving our country but it is literally a war against the principalities of darkness.

  18. The poor woman has been a democrat all her life, and just because she decided to vote Republican this time does not mean she is able to shed those bad democrat habits overnight.
    But unfortunately for her, she did the crime and must do the time.

  19. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray today that American’s would go out and vote to keep you as their Lord and Savior. I pray that every heart in this nation repents and asks forgiveness for the evil we’ve sat back and allowed to infiltrate our once great nation that was indeed blessed solely by you. I pray that your will be done this election and that we would get a leader into the highest office of this land that will support the American worker, remove the sin filled sickness of this one world new order globalist movement bent on destroying all that is good and all that is American in the way of our laws and constitution. I pray Jesus that you are put first in the hearts of all that go out and vote today. I pray that you would be glorified by this election by We the People taking a stand finally against the hypocrisy, the vile filth, the sinfulness of our corrupt current leaders, and show the world that we are your light on the hill and we are indeed not all fallen into the mire of this nations sin. I pray that we as a nation repent and see the errors of not putting you first but relegating you to just a few moments on any given Sunday if even that. I pray that we stop the watershed of iniquity that has run over board in this nation. I pray your will be done. Though I want to see this nation come back to you fully it is your will God that will be done. You will put in power whom you will and take down whom you will. Please God hear the cry of your people and I will respect and take the choice you make today for this nation. Please God hear our prayers and forgive me and those that know it is all about you. Amen.

  20. But, but liberals said their is no such thing as voter fraud.

  21. Yes, a Republican. Do you Democrats still want to say that it doesn’t happen and that and should not be required?

  22. What the article should say is, ‘Those caught p0ales in comparison to the number of votes cast.’

    They have no idea how much election fraud takes place. How can they. You don’t even have to have a picture ID to vote. You have multiple days (chances) to vote. Why are all of the dead people on the roles still? Seems ID would take care of most of this. Electronic voting is a big issue too. If you are striving for perfection, then you would be striving to perfect the system. We have people out here making a career out of rigging elections.

  23. Apparently you don’t need an ID to die.

  24. Frustrated that she could not get her father off of the voting rolls. What a total line of bovine scatalogy. So you get absentee ballots in the mail, what do you do simple you don’t use them. It’s not like you are getting piles of ballots in the mail everyday like junk mail. Stamp them with deceased and return them to the sender. They need to make an example out of the person.

  25. Meanwhile in 2012 many polling stations in Philadelphia recorded more than a 100% voting for Democrats and no Republicans got a single vote and huh guess what wasn’t news. Gee I wonder if this whole thing is rigged, we will find out tonight.

  26. Dave Hilling says:

    Ah yes the Hillary defense… I did not intend to commit a crime. Sorry, honey it only works if you’re a Clinton.. The rule of law is this country is becoming an outright joke. I did not intend to speed, I did not intend to rob the bank, I did not intend to send classified emails through an unclassified private server…. America for the most part it was good while it lasted.

  27. Tom Ronson says:

    There is a law; maybe a federal law, that when someone dies, the funeral home is required to notify social security, so the benefits can be terminated.
    Why not amend this law to require a funeral home to notify state election officials, so the name can be removed from the voter database? It probably will never happen with the democrats having control of our government, but it should be done.
    This would stop most voter fraud in it’s tracks.

  28. Fred Garvin says:

    Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Nothing more un-American than abusing voting rights. Low-life POS.

  29. James Wong says:

    Forget the R vs. D illegal voting by US citizens. What stops mass voting by illegal aliens???
    Obama encourages it. The Washington Post confirms that illegal alien voting has made a difference in past elections. Democrats are constantly challenging voter ID and US citizenship proof as racist and discriminatory. Sanctuary cities like Huntington Park, CA, allow illegal aliens to hold public office.

  30. Did anyone notice the stupidity of government mailing out forms to living people to have the dead removed from the rolls? Why don’t they get a list of people who died every day, and remove them when it happens? Why don’t they remove them when the ballots are returned to them? That’s happened to me, from a former resident of the home in which I live. I sent back their ballot, marked “Not at this address” and sure enough, I’ve gotten more ballots for them.

    Looks like people in government don’t want to do their jobs of maintaining a valid list of voters who’ve registered and who’ve not moved or died. Or maybe they are keeping a bunch of invalid voters, so they can cast their ballots.

  31. Garth Bowen says:

    It will be hard to burglarize a home or a bank on a large scale too. Cheating in elections has become a big problem especially in this divided nation. Authorities need to stamp it out by jailing them all for 6 months. We find only the tip of the iceberg. These felons need to pay a serious price, Not allowed to vote for the rest of their lives and 6 months in jail, and entered in their record so they never get a good job again. What they are doing has the potential to change the course of this country forever. eg. millions of illegals who bring their culture here to contaminate ours.

  32. “She says it would be very hard to cheat on a mass scale.”
    After reading that, the line Justin Long had in one of the “Die Hard” movies came to mind.
    After the FBI agent declared that the “Fire sale” was impossible, he said, “Please tell me she’s not in charge of anything.”

  33. Brent Taylor says:

    Maybe she was following the lead of Hillary and her legions of minions that believe the law is what we all intend it to be.

  34. David Gouge says:

    Has ABC’s Brian Ross linked this gal to the Tea Party yet?

  35. “very hard to cheat on a mass scale” Really? All these fraud cases reported are ‘one time deals’? Yeah right!

  36. Steve Grant says:

    It’s every filthy hippy commie’s duty, to cast as many votes as they can, for the collective.

  37. I want Obama to look us in our eyes and tell us we don’t need voter ID

  38. Ra Williams says:

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  39. John Nelson says:

    The (D) after Democrats names stands for “devoid of ethics, and devoid of morals”. Hillary supporters will say and do anything to install their corrupt, lying liberal hag in the White House.

  40. As a retired criminal trial lawyer, i doubt that would hold up in front of a jury. She’ll likely cop a plea and lose her license. 8:5 odds her dead old man voted Democrat.

  41. She can’t get away with that, who does she think she is, Hillary Clinton?

  42. Shrillary Clintax violates the Espionage Act, which carries the punishment of death, gets NO charges, but this dumb broad gets a felony charge. While I agree with the charges levied, this illuminates the difference between the ‘Rats and the rest of us. The ‘Rats, especially the ‘Rat women get by with literal murder.

    Did anyone else notice how the author of this story is trying to make this a case of Republican voter fraud? PFFT! It’s always ‘Rats who do this schit, and I guarantee you that this broad is a ‘Rat voter.

  43. Proof of intent is not required. Proof of committing the act is the only requirement. However, if you’re Hillary Clinton running for the Office of the President, proof of intent is required. Mistakes are overlooked. How do I know? Just ask Comey of the FBI.

  44. Stella Folse says:

    A polling official in Ohio voted six times in the 2012 election for Obama (she is a democrat) admitted she did it and stated she did it in 2008 also. She is still a poll official in Cincinnati and will probably do the same in this election (for Hillary) and was never indicted and never will be and will continue to be an official at the voting location to ensure at least 5 extra votes for the democrat running. But their is no bias in voter fraud. By the way the woman in Colorado should be indicted because she committed fraud but so should the woman in Ohio.

  45. Fred Doe says:

    20 years at hard labor would INSTANTLY stop dead democrats from voting.

  46. Odd that they didn’t mention “Toni Lee Newbill” is a DEMOCRAT, not a Republican. Ah yes, no bias from CBS.

  47. Rex Rexard says:

    My roommate votes twice, once as him and again as his brother. He knows his brother isn’t going to vote. There is no way to track this stuff, there is no audit, no id required.

  48. Kevin Kline says:

    Yeah voter fraud is probably running 20:1 by democrats but they made sure to magnify this isolated incident because it was Republican voter fraud. Biased media strikes again.

  49. This is nothing compared to California, where they only require that you self certify that you have not voted more than once.

    Yeah, right…no wonder Calistinkinfornia keeps swinging the elections…

  50. Russ Voshell says:

    She broke the law and her name is not Hillary so of to jail for her. She made a poor decision and being an educated professional, she deserves to be severely punished for her VOTER FRAUD.

  51. Amazing I thought the Dead only voted Democrat!

  52. No where did it say she voted republican, just that her dad was a registered republican, I suspect she voted Democrat, because that is what those people with a immoral corrupt crooked candidate do!

    1. Sure it does. It says she voted in a Republican primary and if you vote in a Republican primary, it’s not possible to vote for a Democrat (except a rino).

  53. The penalty for this should be the loss of your right to vote in a national election forever. That’s far less than lengthy jail sentences or capital punishment that some propose, and it addresses the crime directly.

  54. Of course this woman should be charged with a felony, but why do I read about a Republican being charged and have never heard of a Democrat being charged with a felony. I have read about many Dems being caught but never what they are charged with.

  55. An act of frustration because she kept receiving ballots in the mail and her lawyer thinks that’s okay? I keep getting these irritating credit card and checking account offers in the mail, so does that mean it’s okay to rob the bank out of frustration?

  56. Moving forward every state in our republic needs to revert to ‘old school paper chad’ ballots!!!

  57. Ken Valley says:

    Interesting how the leftist media like this slimey CBS station will report on voter fraud by a Repub, but utterly silenced on rampant voter fraud by the DemoRATS! Biased? Corrupt? You bet! There are so many cases of ballot box stuffing and rigged George Soros machines out there, but this biased local lapdog will never report them. You’re part of the swamp, CBS Denver!

  58. ““She did not intend to commit a crime”
    Sorry but the intent clause only works for Hillary.

  59. People always understand the seriousness of their actions *after* they commit the crime. Did she ever think to shred the ballot?

  60. Scott Dailey says:

    Notice how it was fine when she was a Democrat. But when she became a Republican that was when they went after her.

  61. rosietheterrorist says:

    CBS never investigated the massive voter fraud in Philadelphia where over 135% of registered Democrats have voted for decades, or the same or higher turnout (how the eff do over 100% of registered Dems do it? simple: ballot box stuffing) in Boston, St. Louis, CO, Mi, and Ohio where a black female poll worker voted for Obama 6 times and she did 5 years.
    Nor did CBS investigate the Clinton’s assertion (they were the Original birthers) that Obama was not, as the Clintons insisted, a natural born citizen. Hell’s bells, both Obama and his sister have stated on different occasions that Obama was born in 2 different hospitals in Hawaii. Obama’s own grandmother stated she was in the room in Kenya when he was born, and Obama told his own Literary Agent that he was born in Kenya and was not an American.

  62. Greg Bell says:

    Perhaps some fact checking here? We here in Colorado did not have a 2016 Republican primary. I know, I left the party over it.

  63. Fact:

    We will never have secure voting until conservatives start cheating in droves — and making sure that liberals know about it.

    Only when Democrats realize that supporters of the GOP will not “unilaterally disarm” while the left have been stealing elections for generations will we see movement on this issue. Secure voting for all, or secure voting for none.

  64. Stu Pedasso says:

    I wonder who Jimmy Hoffa voted for this year?

  65. I remind that, in a nationally televised interview with the current occupant of the White House, a particularly brazen “Dreamer” just announced her and her fellow illegals’ intention to vote in this election, because as they see it they possess a moral right to do so.

    WAKE UP.

  66. Rico Soiree says:

    > “It certainly wasn’t the best decision on her part but it was an act of outright frustration”

    Typical female: using emotions to excuse crimes.

    Treat her like a mail and jail her!

  67. “Felony charges have been filed against a Colorado resident for twice voting for her father, who passed away in 2012.”

    Great writing, in the article’s lead sentence no less. So, did the woman write her father’s name in? Because in this presidential election, only the children of Donald Trump can be said to have “voted for their father”.

    So no. The woman didn’t *vote for her father*, as the man is obviously *dead* and not running for *anything*. Correctly put, SHE ILLEGALLY CAST A BALLOT *INTENDED* FOR HER FATHER.

    A college degree doesn’t mean much these days, does it.

  68. Dang, maybe she’ll get off because the FBI says she had no intent.

  69. And the Hildabeast can break all the laws she choses. Not the least of which is tasking her “maid” that doesn’t have a security clearance access to classified material. THAT’S NOT a felony though because the “O’Commster” says so.

    Nobody going to lock her up though.

    K/H D

  70. I do this all the time. Both of my deceased parents were lifelong Democrats, but switched upon passing. And, both of my ex-wives still get ballots mailed to my address. Hey, I just pick up my mail, fill the ballots in for Republicans, and send them back. I guess the only thing I’ve noticed is that all dead and divorced people’s signatures sure look similar. You know, our country is a lost cause, anyway. All these elections are just for show. The real power is in the hands of the puppetmasters — corporations and the Fed and Zionists. Honest, it’s just like watching TV, and just as fake, so, no, I don’t feel guilty. Kind of having fun, you know? For a real laugh, I recite the Pledge of Allegiance! What a hoot!

  71. Paul Pelosi says:

    Per the Shyster, “She was just trying to get the government’s attention.” Well, she did and maybe they could give her about $20,000 in fines. And as for the Governor saying Trump’s claim that it’s rigged is nonsense – what is he deaf, dumb and blind? This is REAL. Hillary’s gang’s dirty tricks are real. Who is naive enough to think that things can’t be rigged? Why doesn’t the Gov just say, “Move along. Nothing to see here.”

  72. Whirly Bird says:

    Did she fill out numerous credit card applications in her father’s name as well? You know how those keep coming in the mail. Her defence is BS. She should do jail time.

  73. What if someone casts a vote as an illegal alien? Is that considered fraud? I’m stuck on this one. On one hand, the poserdent says illegals should vote, but I guess he means that they must be real illegal aliens? And, does that mean that the illegal alien maximum vote limit is still nore more than 10 times per election? All these rules are hard to keep up with…unless you’re a White American Male, in which case you shouldn’t be voting anyway, just bending over and lubing up with the KY. OK, there, I answered my own question.

  74. Democrats know it’s much easier, and more effective, to rig a union-made voting machine.

  75. scotttalks9511 says:

    FREE Trump T-Shirt (ends midnight) –