DENVER (CBS4) – Investigators say a man who hit and killed a woman on Colorado Boulevard was going 134 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone.

The crash involving four vehicles happened last month.

Tyler White (credit: Denver Police)

Tyler White (credit: Denver Police)

The suspect, Tyler White, ran from the scene and was found at City Park where two fishermen reported he was naked and dancing on a statue in the middle of the lake.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

One person was killed in a deadly hit-and-run crash at Colorado Blvd. & I-70 on Monday night (credit: CBS)

One person was killed in a deadly hit-and-run crash at Colorado Blvd. & I-70 on Monday night (credit: CBS)

CBS4 talked to White in jail. He admitted to the crime saying he was just “being stupid.” He said he just moved here from Tennessee to get a fresh start and has been staying with friends. He says he was driving downtown to check out the city when the crash happened.

“I killed somebody and I ask for forgiveness,” he told CBS4.

White admits he was speeding when the cars crashed on Colorado Boulevard. A woman driving a Prius was killed.

He told CBS4 last month, however, he wasn’t driving as fast as police now claim.

“I was going 90 miles an hour,” White said.


White says he smoked pot a few hours earlier, but did not feel high.

“I wasn’t high at the time when I was driving,” said White. “It was already out of my system; it wasn’t like I was stoned driving.”

Detectives are trying to figure out how White got to the lake in City Park where he was found. Denver police spokesman Lt. Rob Rock said they believe he walked away from the crash scene on foot, but it’s also possible he was picked up by another driver.

White says he remembers the crash, even waking up, but says he thought he was dead. Brice asks, “Do you remember how you got there (City Park) or why you didn’t have your clothes on?”

“I really don’t know,” says White. “Something just took over me, told me to go there.”

White says he never mean to kill anybody. “I just hope that the family forgives me and I’m sorry about this,” says White.

He’s scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.


Comments (104)
  1. Kruel Hunter says:

    What’s really scary is that mind altering drugs are not even necessary for people to behave with dangerous stupidity. We might prefer to blame whatever we want but the fact is that some people are just crazy.

    1. I would be willing to concede to the ‘they’re just crazy’ hypothesis,,, only I want them locked away or put down just like someone that is just plain hateful and committing these crimes. It doesn’t matter if the perp is crazy, hateful, or just simply evil,,,, they’re still a danger to society.

      1. Back in the olden days someone like this individual would have been kept off the streets because as you correctly note, they are a menace to society. He would either have been committed or in prison serving a long sentence. In today’s world, some liberal lawyer will make excuses for him, some liberal judge will give him a slap on the hand and he will be released to commit further mayhem.

  2. You Reap what you Sow…….Approve Drugs in your State and get this kind of Activity, Tyler will walk because he was under the Influence of some kind of Boomer Drug and there fore not responsible for his actions and there was No INTENT to do Harm……..Next Case!!!!!

    1. Don’t do drugs, mmm kay, drugs are bad, mmmkay.

  3. Joel Goodman says:


  4. Fred Doe says:

    No doubt a hillary voter on his way to vote.

    1. Vee Kay says:

      Likely both were Hillary voters. Few Republican Prius drivers. Some, but few!

  5. Just keep legalizing pot. Stupid is as stupid does and there are now a lot of states that fall under the category of STUPID!!!!!!!!! Colorado is in one of the lead positions!!!!!

    1. So you want alcohol to be illegal? He is going to get a DUI for admitting he smoked weed which will make the punishment worse not less.

  6. Don Rhudy says:

    David Brockett above has it right. I left Colorado in 1973 and after a visit or two never came back. Democrats have destroyed a once wonderful state. Do Democrats ever do anything else? Nope.

  7. Robert James says:

    “I really don’t know,” says White. “Something just took over me,………….”
    Wow…….. I’m glad he wasn’t high or anything. He might have been driving even faster. His natural DNA kept him from doing something really silly and he was able to keep his speed down to a reasonable 134mph, or 90mph to hear him tell it. I guess he was too busy dancing to fight with the Police. Good judgement is apparently not the long suit of those blessed with Negro DNA.

  8. Another pot related catastrophie. Yeah let’s legalize it and put more drugs into the country. Pothead logic.

    1. What is your policy on alcohol? Prohibition?

      1. What is your policy on crack cocaine? Heroin? Meth? Should they all be legalized? If not, why not? Isn’t alcohol “deadlier”?

    2. What makes you think “catastrophie” is a word? You have never once, in your entire adult lifetime, seen such a word in any publication.

      Do you not realize the astronomical odds against you having a word in your vocabulary that you have never seen in print…or are your math skills as poor as your English?

  9. This criminal isn’t sorry enough yet. 2nd degree murder + 30 years to life will send the correct message.

  10. 134 km is 83 mph. I wonder if he was also confused and looking at the wrong numbers. This is all so miserable. Liberal policies encourage an attitude of “I care about myself and no one else” more than anything else.

    1. Frank Mann says:

      Read the story closely. Is it possible the moving violation is based on miles per hour, not kilometres? Not that it really matters fast and dead at any speed.

  11. I hope the family forgives him, and I hope the judge gives him about 40 years in prison. With NO parole. That way he’ll never have to ask any other family’s forgiveness.

  12. Another sorry Son Of Obama……Anyone surprised!

  13. Tom Zahay says:

    Pot heads and drinkers always think they are sober, that is what pot does to you .

  14. Rick Karg says:

    Keep that pot growing in denver so we be kids can keep getting high legally and kill more people–shame on you colo. denver!!!!!!!

  15. lysolmotorola says:

    This jerk left Tennessee to get “a fresh start”? How’s that working out for him. Feel bad about the lady that got killed, but…a Prius? The jerk from Tennessee could have been on a bicycle and gotten the same results

  16. Mario Leli says:

    if he was a cop he would get away with it

      1. Mario Leli says:

        go on google and look it up cops ran over little kids killed them got away with it you are the brainwashed copsucker

    1. Only an imbecile would think that thug may have ever been a cop. Or did you mean “If he were a cop?”

      It’s not my business…but why on Earth would you use your Sex Offenders Registry photo for your avatar? It’s not very flattering.

  17. Dave Gardner says:

    Fresh start,eh I wonder what he was running from and where he tossed that stolen piece on the way to the lake.

  18. NIGERS—-

  19. Ken Valley says:

    Let me guess, this clown got free pot on the street and went crazy! It goes to show how liberals destroyed another once-great State!

  20. Says he was not high…..ha ha ha . I bet most drunks say they did not feel drunk!!

  21. I said before Colorado legalized pot that they would regret it. They are the canary in the coal mine. What we are seeing is exactly what I predicted, increases in fatality car crashes due to pot use, kids getting hold of their parents, or in one case grandparents stash/candy and od’ing on it. This is NOT your grandfathers pot. Over the last 40 years the growers have worked to increase the THC production of pot. The weed that is grown is mostly female plants, mostly bud and VERY strong. I’m sorry to say that my predictions have come true. Congratulations Colorado, you get exactly what you deserve.

    1. Marijuana legalization is on the ballot in 9 more states tomorrow and expected to pass in all. Regrettably the horse is out of the barn and not likely to go back in!!!

    2. THC % has nothing to do with it, educate your self.

  22. Roger Smith says:

    A Prius driver is not exactly a loss that society cannot get over.

    1. Hey Roger,

      You are a piece of $hit.

  23. Andy Howe says:

    Do not blame this on his use of pot and do not make the assumption that the fresh start he was looking for in moving from Tennessee to Colorado has anything to do with pot being legal in Colorado.

    Remember pot is the drug of peace. /s

  24. A little weed never hurt anybo… oh…..

  25. TCA says:

    Well, at least he said he didn’t mean it and he’s sorry.

  26. voodoodaddy1 says:

    This guy needs to be shot.

  27. Heh, “… just moved here from Tennessee to get a fresh start”. Right. And I’m sure weed had nothing to do with it…well, other than his having smoked a ton before taking his clothes off and deciding to crank the old family truckster up for a Sunday drive down the boulevard.

    Speaking as a non-Coloradoan, I’m so happy you folks gave all the potheads a reason to move there. Enjoy our wretched refuse.

  28. This is what 85 IQ looks like.

  29. timefortrump says:

    No loss – he killed a woman driving a Prius – ONE LESS VOTE FOR HILLARY WOO HOO

    1. John Xonk says:

      Good point, atleast some good came of this.

  30. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Kills someone and immediately asks for forgiveness; he must be a Pope Francis kind of Catholic.

  31. that new marijuana law looks like it’s working out well,…doesn’t it…?

  32. Jimmy Chonga says:


  33. Jimmy Chonga says:

    No Pot in his system? Take a look at those glassy, red eyes and tell me POT didn’t KILL that poor woman. Colorado, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!?!?!

  34. Bob Sacamano says:


  35. Another good boy just trying to turn his life around?

  36. Samuel Green says:

    I can only imagine what prompted this reckless moron to make a fresh start in Denver. I hope he enjoys prison, we can only hope his attempt at insanity by being naked fails him and he is jailed for a long time.

    My thoughts and prayers to the affected families that lost a loved one at the hands of this fool.

  37. Its funny, you got all these anti pot people here blaming it on pot. I live in Denver, plenty of non stoned idiots on the road daily, speeding, running red lights, no turn signals. Blaming this on pot is ignorant, blaming it on a fool that was breaking the law would be correct. I never see Denver PD going after speeders on non highway roads. I also live a block from where this happened. Every day you see people flying up and down Colorado Blvd. Its not a new problem.

  38. But he didn’t “intend” to kill anybody, so it’s all good….move along.

  39. Dear Attorney General Lynch,

    Based on the overwhelming evidence in this case (his name is “White”), we respectfully request that you pursue Federal Hate Crime charges against this suspect.


    Mr. Goose for the Gander

  40. bot1 says:

    So, Denver, how’s that recreational pot working out for you?

  41. I believe I saw a “Stronger Together” tattoo.

  42. Aleric says:

    If Obama had a son…..

  43. John Xonk says:

    Hillary voter. This is America’s future if you elect Hillary.

  44. John Xonk says:

    This is the “Progressive” future for America. Smoke pot. Speed, act stupid, do whatever you want, no laws any more, Obama says illegals should vote, Obama says cross our borders, do what you want, no consequences, Hillary agrees, it’s an Obama Nation, do what you want, kill people, smoke more dope, be free…………… Trump 2016!

  45. Black person named White kills a white person. Black people don’t like white people. White people don’t like black people named white, but white people are not killing black people. Black people kill black, white, Hispanic and any others they don’t like.. That’s just what they do. Their ancestors captured and sold them into slavery; made them slaves of the democrat party. They’ve been grumpy and nasty ever since. I pray for them.

  46. Joe Mellon says:

    Just goes to show pot doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

  47. So only doing 90 mph instead of 135 mph in 35 mph zone somehow makes it okay? A*****e!
    He should not be allowed to breed.

  48. The good news is that he already voted for Hillary by absentee ballot.

  49. It wasnt 134 only like 90 or something…. OH OK in that case its ok

  50. He’ll do it again. And, again.

  51. Ed Carroll says:

    He should request Comey’s FBI investigate him, after all there was no intent so why prosecute.

  52. Doug Day says:

    I know! Let’s legalize weed…oh, wait…

  53. what an absolute PIECE OF TRASH

  54. With a name like “Tyler” I expected a white dude.

  55. Peg Conroy says:

    TSTL. LOCK HIM UP. Heck, I’d flip the switch.

  56. Libs hooked on weed…what did you expect?

  57. They need to fry him instead of letting him live out his life on our taxpayer money.

  58. Walt Horning says:

    Colorado voters killed this woman, by letting pot be legal.

  59. Pete Dosado says:

    He said he was sorry! Let us legalize pot and actually all narcotics so that he wont be charged with a crime! And going 90 mph in a 35 mph zone will be forgiven by a fellow Liberal judge who also likes weed!

  60. You know if he didn’t intend to cause any harm then he should be fine….Right Hillary?

  61. “I killed somebody and ask for forgiveness.”
    The depth and the scope of the culture rot that produces this is hard to capture with mere words and difficult to overstate.

  62. and…no one notices a pattern…..

  63. MF Luder says:

    oh now hes sorry. death penalty

  64. Tony Smith says:

    My moral superiority tells me to forgive him, set him free, and allow him to repeat this innumerable more times. Hell, I’m so superior to all of you that I suggest we use Affirmative Action to give him a high position of power in our government–he sure fits the bill as a preferred class under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  65. He was just starting to turn his life around, and pursuing his Olympic aspirations.

  66. Blacks are only 13% of the US population, but commit 65% of the VIOLENT CRIMES in America:

    When is the mainstream-media going to expose this NATIONAL EMERGENCY … ???

  67. They can’t jail him that’s Obama’s son, he was just turning his life around, was a good boy, his rap game was gaining potential, he had a 3.0 common core state penitentiary GED.. and
    ” He Din Doooo Nuffins!”

  68. Fred Garvin says:

    Dancing naked with a statue in the middle of a lake. How is that drug culture coming along for you Denver ? Party on.

  69. Sig Ma says:

    He din do nuffin. Dem poe-lees be raysis!

  70. Don Pape says:

    How much do you want to bet he is crazy like a fox? You messed up? Act crazy and get a lighter sentence. Stripping naked and jumping in a lake seems just a bit off doesn’t it? I don’t buy this for one second.

  71. If you see a wild animal like this, best kill it before it kills you.

  72. Rich Bolles says:

    I am going to be a Lib Demo-Commie Zombie for just a few seconds – Legalize Pot.

  73. he took the h-ill-ary defense… “i didn’t intend to do to wrong….”

  74. Lol @ all these idiots whining about pot when alcohol kills 10000000x more. But keep sucking up to big daddy govt to tell you what you can and cant put in your body. This is a cultural (racial) problem not a drug problem. Obviously there are laws against driving under the influence, rec pot didnt change that.

  75. Pothead! Didn’t know whether he was coming or going… and how fast he was going there.

  76. Draw & Quarter the s.o.b. “in public as a deterrent”!!

  77. He wasn’t driving 134 mph, he was driving 90 mph in a 35 mph zone? Oh that’s better! NOT! Then you flee the scene of the accident, and are caught dancing naked with a statue in a lake. Oh sure the marijuana was not affecting you! The next time some IDIOT tells you Marijuana is a victimless crime, remember this moron and the innocent woman he killed.

  78. Ah, the poster boy for marijuana.

  79. He’ll never want for another meal, will never have to worry about rent. Probably will continue to have drugs available. Might have to adjust his sexual preferences. At the mercy of justice on the inside.

  80. Wally Lind says:

    Just give him to the family.

  81. Free room and board for a few years…A bullet to the dome would be justice…Unfortunately the system is called “The Criminal Justice System”…Lawyers are very exact in their use of words and language…If it said “The Victim Justice System” perhaps real justice would be served..

    What have we become? What have we chosen to be?

  82. For those who have any doubt about who to vote for tomorrow, you need to read what was found in the Wikileaks Podesta emails. Search YouTube for Podesta Pizza or Spirit Cooking. Clinton and everyone around her are pure evil. This is not just about saving our country but it is literally a war against the principalities of darkness.

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