DENVER (CBS4) – Police have released the identity of a suspect accused of throwing a rock through the window of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s field office in Denver on Friday night.

According to police, Michael Ferrara, 33, is currently in custody in connection with the crime.

Michael Ferrara (credit: Denver Police Department)

Michael Ferrara (credit: Denver Police Department)

Police rushed to 18th and Clarkson just before 9 p.m. Friday where they found a rock thrown through the Trump campaign field office. The campaign office serves as the headquarters for Trump’s Denver team.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

A security officer with Trump’s campaign detained Ferrara until police arrived.

A rock was thrown into the window at the Trump field office at 18th and Clarkson on Friday night (credit: CBS)

A rock was thrown into the window at the Trump field office at 18th and Clarkson on Friday night (credit: CBS)

About two dozens Trump volunteers and staff were inside making calls at the time. No one was hurt.

This is the second time the campaign office has been vandalized. There was paint on the front windows of the building and offensive words about the Republican presidential candidate were painted on the side, including the word “pervert” overnight Thursday into Friday.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Denver police are searching for the person or people who are responsible for the overnight graffiti.

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  1. Bill Smith says:

    How many Governors will have to call out the Guard when Mr Trump wins ?

  2. Rick Smith says:

    Those zany inclusive tolerate totalitarian lefties – always playing around and showing people what absolute morons they are.

  3. Liberals are nothing more than Domestic Terrorists. Hillary, Obama, Reid and their ilk stir up liberals with THEIR hateful rhetoric, accuse the other party of that very thing, then blame the conservatives when their own people do stuff like this.

    Brownshirts indeed.

  4. pageoturner says:

    That, folks, is what being a “progressive” is all about – hate, envy and disregard for the rights of others. In earlier times we called them thugs.

  5. This guy looks like he moves around a lot. Studied political science at Rutgers. That explains it, politics after all, involves how government force is used against people. I guess Michael decided to take the use of force into his own hands, because he apparently isn’t happy that Trump is exercising his freedom to run for president, and believes he needed to harm others (if only the cost of replacing the glass but he might have seriously harmed someone) for their support of Trump.

    Liberals really show their lack of tolerance for other ideas with people like this.

  6. Dave Thrush says:

    So “Tolerant” So “Coexistent”

  7. Ah, the tolerant left is at it again. Just like the brown shirted thugs of the 30’sThey claim to be pro free speech but only if you agree with them. If you don’t agree with them they will bully you, shout you down and fi that doesn’t work thy will beat you, stab you or even shoot you. All of these things have been reported in the last week.

  8. Amazing how America has stood by and watched the actions of today’s self-radicalized leftist Democrats. And we wonder how the people of the Middle East did nothing to stop the rise of terrorists over these while we stand here and do nothing.

  9. Joe Padilla says:

    This is exactly what our laws have brought to Denver. Rich, entitled, snot nosed punks from the coasts who come here to experience our Libertarian State. They don’t get Colorado and they definitively don’t get why our voters were the first to pass the laws. Mike Ferraras parents should be hanged, They failed.

  10. Pete Dosado says:

    The law abiding are very patient and forgiving but when they finally confront a threat that did harm to somebody who was just minding their own business, the justifiable rage will not be stoppable! So far these cowards keep on doing these acts because they think they can get away with it! Their time to pay the price is coming!

  11. Uh, you guys, I think you mean “threw” a rock. not “through” a rock. O.o

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