WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4)– A veterans’ organization is trying to find out how to move forward after a majority of its materials were in the back of a stolen truck.

“It was here in the parking lot,” said Bernadette Borrego. “It happened in the middle of the night.”

Borrego’s 1994 Chevy truck was stolen from her Wheat Ridge condo complex. About two weeks later the marshal in saw it being towed by another truck.

Brandon McIntosh (credit: Adams County)

Brandon McIntosh (credit: Adams County)

A high-speed pursuit on Oct. 25 ensued with two men, Brandon N. McIntosh and Luke K. Batts, arrested for attempted murder.

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It’s still unknown what was inside the truck because it’s being held as evidence.

Luke Batts (credit: Adams County)

Luke Batts (credit: Adams County)

“(The sheriff) said there was some stuff in there but what I was trying to find out if there was part of the Boots 66 stuff that was in there,” Borrego said.

Borrego had been letting the volunteer organization Boots 66 borrow the truck to take items to event. The truck had hundreds of American flags, posters depicting soldiers in every American war, and at least eight pairs of boots.

(credit: Boots 66)

(credit: Boots 66)

“We had boots in the truck that came from the actual military personnel that were killed in Iraq or Afghanistan that the family donated to us that were actually theirs and those are priceless,” said Wes Love, a leader of Boots 66.

The organization was started to honor the Colorado native’s killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(credit: Boots 66)

(credit: Boots 66)

Borrego has been told by her insurance company it could be a year or more before she gets her truck back. Investigators have told her they’ll try and inventory the truck to see what’s in it by early next week. It’s possible the boots and other items had been discarded before the high-speed chase.

CBS4's Jeff Todd interviews Bernadette Borrego (credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Jeff Todd interviews Bernadette Borrego (credit: CBS)

“I’m hoping we can get some stuff back from Boots 66. The truck it’s an old truck it’s sentimental to us, but Boots 66 is important,” said Borrego.

Boots 66 can be found on Facebook. Wes Love says there was about $9,000 worth of memorabilia inside the truck, not including the boots.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“What would be priceless to us is probably worthless to whoever stole the truck,” said Love.


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