By Melissa Garcia

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – A rally for Donald Trump in Golden drew thousands of Colorado supporters.

Trump spoke for close to an hour at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

The Republican presidential candidate promised to make health care affordable, to create jobs, and to restore honesty to the government.

“When we win on Nov. 8, we will drain the swamp,” said Trump to a cheering crowd.

Donald Trump (credit: CBS)

Donald Trump (credit: CBS)

Supporters packed the rodeo arena and expressed optimism for a win in the upcoming presidential election.

Trump was quick to jump on the Affordable Care Act, saying that his opponent, if elected, would double down on a plan that didn’t work.

“Obamacare is a total catastrophe for Colorado,” Trump said. “Doctors are quitting, companies are fleeing, and deductibles are going so high … we will have a plan that is so much better and that is so much less expensive.”

Trump vowed to put a stop to government corruption, to lower taxes for businesses, and to end illegal immigration.

“I am going to keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country,” he said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

A small group of protesters chanted outside of the arena as supporters left once the rally was over.

“This is my neighborhood. (Trump) came into it, and so I felt I needed to stand up,” said one Jefferson County resident, Whitney Mitchell, who held a sign that read, “No Grabbing.”

Ten days before the election, Trump was making a strong push for rally attendees to either vote in person or to mail in their ballots.

After speaking in Golden Saturday, Trump flew to Arizona.

On Sunday, he was scheduled to make three stops along the campaign trail in Las Vegas, Nevada; Greeley, Colorado; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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  1. Mel Camacho says:

    Sorry but Crooked Hillary does not seem to care that crime increased over 50% in New Mexico last year. She has not even bothered to stop in New Mexico while Trump has now come 2 times! Everyone here in New Mexico is so tired of locking (no bolting!) down everything in sight and putting bars over windows due to all the theft. I know I am. No more illegals crossing our border and NO to illegal drugs (that are ruining our youth) too!!

    Also, this movement is much bigger than Trump! Watch the Trump Anthem – “Deplorables Unite” – (Do you hear the people sing)

    All over the world – the spread of the Trump revolution continues for a free people and sovereign nations free from the clutches of globalism and Islamic terrorism. If being nationalistic, patriotic, and free people who enjoy the riches of modern civilization is considered “deplorable” then count us in and consider us UNITED!

  2. Joe Damico says:

    Odd, Trump IS The Swamp.

  3. Zoe Emiko says:

    My dad used to use the phrase “draining the swamp” to mean he was heading to use the restroom.

  4. I’m so surprised he wants to get rei of all Republicans.

  5. So, anybody remember Breitbart? Bannon’s Internet news service, who’s reporter received a lifetime ban from Twitter for his smarmy review of Ghostbusters II, which elicited such outrage from Breitbart on First Amendment grounds.

    They banned me for such an anti-Trump post:

    Trump believes you’re ridiculous, and you don’t deserve to be taken seriously. He wants your votes, of course, and he panders to you, and your whims, as necessary, to get them. But, he really thinks you are complete idiots. Just as Putin sees him as a “useful idiot,” so he sees you.
    Of course, you don’t want to believe it. You certainly don’t want to believe me, some lefty, liberal, Democrat, but it’s true. Remember, belief isn’t truth, no matter how so very much you wish it so. But, by the same token, truth is not always believed, even by those that see it right under their noses.

    And, you might ask, how do I know this? Well, I listen to his words. And hear them.
    In his recent speech, where he, not so subtly, called for you to assassinate Hillary, what did he call you?

    He called you “those second amendment people.”

    Think about it. You’re them. When he says something like “…get a load of those Bernie or Bust people,” is he being complimentary? Of course not, and you know it. He’s calling them a bunch of idiots. Useful idiots, as they pull votes from Clinton, but idiots all the same. Them.
    Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. It isn’t just people who are passionate about their Second Amendment rights that he despises and disrespects. It’s all the voters that can be fooled into voting for him. Even if they oppose everything you hold dear, he wants their votes, no matter what it takes. Trump couldn’t care less about constitutional amendments, or constitutional law, or laws in general. He cares about Trump. And Trump’s above the law. He can ask a foreign intelligence service to hack his opponent’s emails, or even ask his supporters to murder her, and he gets away with it. So, why should he care?

    But remember, when he says that all he has to do is mention “the wall,” when you’re getting bored during a speech, or that he could murder someone and “not lose a single vote,” he’s talking about you, his “useful idiots.”

    Of course, I was banned by too. But, that is a different, if similar story.

    And, speaking of immigration and “the wall,” what did he say?

    “I’ll build a great wall…” And make Mexico pay for it?

    Do you believe him? Does he think you are an idiot? Of course he does. I, on the other hand, don’t believe all Trump supporters are stupid. Some are merely ignorant of the facts.

    Ignorance and stupidity are dreadful maladies.

    One is treatable, the other is terminal.

    Now, let’s see those tax returns.

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