GEORGETOWN, Colo. (CBS4) – Following allegations of wrongdoing, CBS4 has learned the 5th Judicial District Attorney has cleared the chief of the Clear Creek Fire Authority of any crime.

Last month, the Georgetown Marshal’s Office asked the DA to investigate, claiming Clear Creek Fire Authority Chief Kelly Babeon disciplined a fellow firefighter for assisting law enforcement earlier this year and that his actions were “appalling.”

On Monday, the DA determined there was no crime committed and closed the investigation.

District Attorney Bruce Brown summarized the conclusion of the investigation, as follows, “Neither the conduct of witness tampering nor the identification of any person acting criminally occurred. It appears that the subject involved a personnel matter, including the interpretation of Fire Authority policy on issues regarding chain of command and proper channels of communication between the fire authority and local law enforcement. There probably is room for improvement between agencies and better communication for all involved, but this is not as a subject for criminal courts. We are glad to have served in an independent capacity to bring this matter to a conclusion.”