NEDERLAND, Colo. (CBS4) – A shopping center in Nederland has been declared safe after emergency crews worked throughout the night to figure out what a suspicious device was that was left outside the town police station.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Robots were brought in late Tuesday afternoon to take apart the device that was found by a detective earlier in the day at the Caribou Ridge Shopping Center. The stores and parking lot were all evacuated after the discovery.

The Boulder County bomb squad detonated what was left of the device early Wednesday morning following an investigation that they were assisted on by federal officials.

Hazmat specialists also spent several hours making sure the shopping center, which the police station is located in, didn’t contain any hazardous materials following the detonation.

Investigators say the danger lied in them not knowing whether the item would explode.

The amount of damage it could have caused is unclear.

Police said they are hoping to find a possible suspect and a motive as the investigation continues.

  1. Michael Aller says:

    Well communist broadcasting service CBS, your radical Left war on Police Officers rages on. On CBS this morning they trotted out Mrs. Scott, the abused wife of the black spouse abusing , criminal guy who got out of his car holding a stolen gun and was shot by a Black Officer. Right from the start the lies began. First she denied screaming at her husband which she obviously was. Then she denied that Scott had a gun which it has been proven that he did. And then. Most despicably. She threw down the race card and actually tried to deny that the Black Officer shot her husband ! The race baiting Left Media has sunk to all time lows.

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