By Brian Maass

LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – An ongoing CBS4 Investigation into dead voters in Colorado has turned up another dead voter — this time in Larimer County.

“I don’t think it was an accident,” said Larimer County Clerk and Recorder Angela Myers, who acknowledged she found the most recent dead voter after the initial CBS4 Investigation entitled “Dying To Vote,” which aired last month. That initial investigation found a handful of votes cast in the names of dead Coloradans months, and sometimes years, after they died.

(credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Brian Maass interviews Angela Myers (credit: CBS)

Myers said following that report, the Secretary of State sent her a list of deceased voters to double check.

“We did find a single deceased voter,” she said, “and unfortunately it was counted.”

That apparently fraudulent vote was cast in the name of Irvin Mniszewski, 88, of Loveland, who died Sept. 6, 2011. But six weeks later, on Oct. 16, 2011, a vote was cast in Mniszewski’s name in a Larimer County election and it was counted on Oct. 19, 2011.

(credit: CBS)

Irvin Mniszewski (credit: CBS)

“You think someone tried to forge his signature and get an extra vote?” Myers was asked. “Potentially, absolutely someone voted for him and he was gone,” responded Myers, who is a Republican. CBS4 examined Mniszewski’s signature as well as the signature on the apparently forged ballot. Both signatures appeared similar.

(credit: CBS)

Irvin Mniszewski (credit: CBS)

“I’m very surprised,” said Myers, “very unhappy about it.”

She said the case has been forwarded on to the local district attorney for potential criminal prosecution.

She said the dead man’s vote slipped past both Democrat and Republican election judges who examined the signatures and felt they matched. Although Myers said she was unhappy about it, she emphasized that such cases are rare. She said with about 230,000 voters registered in Larimer County, it’s inevitable there will be some fraudulent votes.

“I would be naïve not to think there is a ne’er-do-well in that number,” said the clerk and recorder.

To the south, in Douglas and Arapahoe Counties, CBS4 found seven cases of voter fraud that were prosecuted between 2009 and 2015 that led to either guilty pleas or findings of guilt at trial. All were misdemeanor cases.

Merlin Klotz (credit: CBS)

Merlin Klotz (credit: CBS)

“We’ve had cases — we catch ’em and send them to the DA,” said Douglas County Clerk and Recorder Merlin Klotz. But Klotz emphasized that the number of dead voters and fraud cases is small compared to the number of votes cast.

“To me that’s a success story and reinforces my faith in Colorado’s system,” said Klotz.

With nearly 4 million voters in Colorado, and a relatively small number of votes cast in the name of the deceased, Klotz said “I was amazed it wasn’t in the hundreds. I was just amazed the number wasn’t larger. I think our system is tight.”

However, to the north in Boulder County, Mike Simmons wonders how tight the system really is. His mother, Daisy Simmons, died in 2010.

(credit: CBS)

Daisy Simmons (credit: CBS)

Simmons said her death is on file with the State of Colorado and federal authorities. However, he said every year since his mother’s death, ballots have continued to arrive at her Boulder County home.

“If it shows up in the mailbox theres a temptation to open it, fill it out and see what happens. I believe I could have scrawled her signature and it would not have been challenged.”

(credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Brian Maass interviews Mike Simmons (credit: CBS)

Simmons said he never did, but says his mother’s case “really shows me we have a vulnerability in this mail only ballot system we have in the state.”

He said he disposed of most of the ballots but kept one unopened ballot from 2015 which he opened in the presence of CBS4.

“So this was mailed out October 2015, five years and seven months after she passed away,” said Simmons, as he opened the ballot in his kitchen. “I’m not convinced my mom’s case is a singular event. I think it happens quite a bit.”

Lynn Bartels, spokeswoman for Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams, said in 2014, 153,518 ballots, or roughly 5 percent of all ballots mailed out, were returned as undeliverable.

Merlin Klotz acknowledged such cases are a problem, but he said, “I believe there is an ethical responsibility, if you receive someone else’s ballot that you return it and mark it deceased.”

CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass has been with the station more than 30 years uncovering waste, fraud and corruption. Follow him on Twitter @Briancbs4.

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  1. Vote Fraud Watch says:

    These Vote Thieves should be imprisoned for Voter Fraud, but should be put in stockades to be shunned for disgracing the dead.

    1. voter fraud is celebrated by the Deemoncommies there is a woman that was convicted in Ohio of fraud sentenced to i think 5 years she got off early release by crooked judge they celebrated her at the convention of Deemonctaps thats what the party is SOP lie cheat steal whatever it takes

  2. Wharfplank says:

    Paper ballots. Also, I’d be interested to know nationally how many fraudulent votes went Republican, and how many went Dem. Hmmmm

    1. Make Cali great again says:

      I saw a CNN poll the other day. If I recall correctly it said Hillary was up amongst dead voters 90% to 10% for Trump.

      1. s says:

        Perhaps Brian Simmons should have notified the election board. And, was the piece form CNN dated, by any chance, in 2008?

      2. rickz77 says:

        Graveyard residents vote ?

        Zombies for Hillary ! ! !

    2. carol boehm says:

      The majority are democrats…this is why we need ID at the polls and why democrats are so against it. It’s how they win elections.

  3. Paul Everitt says:

    I wonder why Democrats always oppose voter I.D. laws?

    1. RS says:

      Yeah, gee, I wonder.

    2. s says:

      Maybe because of the Constitution.

      1. Joel Barr says:

        Where in the Constitution does it prohibit Voter ID? Please point to the provision…

      2. LibTrollDestroyer says:

        There’s nothing in the Constitution that prohibits voter ID you democrat regressive idiot. You people are such lying FRAUDS. Every. Last. One of you left wingnut mouth breathers.

  4. Jack Ryan says:

    I’ll be willing to bet a large amount that all of these dead votes were for Democrats.

    1. PatrickJT says:

      Everyone votes for their own kind.

    2. s says:

      Yep, voter fraud when a Democrat wins to the tune of hundreds of thousands. lol

  5. ronald says:

    But, “voter fraud has never been proven!!” This is still a dim clarion call….

    1. Hawaii Jeff says:

      Just like HRC never emailing classified info or Bubba sexually assaulting women.

    2. Jack Ryan says:

      Bull $h!T… Been proven time and again. This article proves it once more. If you are against voter I.D. then you are for voter fraud. Voter fraud is actually a plank in the DNC platform.

  6. Joe E in the IE says:

    Not to mention cartoon characters and pets.

  7. Ross says:

    Given the proliferation of early voting, there is no reason for absentee ballots outside of the military. Voter fraud, particularly through absentee voting, is a bigger deal than they’d like us to know.

  8. PatrickJT says:

    He actually wasn’t dead, he was just stoned. Give him another day.

  9. David Payne says:

    The national news media is only concerned with propping (literally) Clinton.

  10. But liberals have told us repeatedly that there has never been a single case of voter fraud anywhere ……thats why they should not have to show ID

  11. We should have to dip our hands in blue ink that doesnt wash off for 5 days, and no voting early. ONLY ON ELECTION DAY

  12. Well, we were told there was absolutely no voter fraud, then we are told well it happens but the numbers are insignificant.

    Certainly if you only count actual observances it is a small number. But like bank fraud, all voter fraud is not detected. Estimates of actuals for bank fraud range from 3 to 7 times observed.

    Even if it is a small number, many races in this country are settled by extremely thin margins.

    Why don’t we protect this right like others? Every fraudulent vote is a theft of the power and rights of all others. And why would any faction not support sound fraud prevention? Why is the bias toward being sure everyone who has a right to vote gets to vote, instead of insuring that only those who have a right to vote get to do so?

  13. cleo48 says:

    They are going to pull out all the stops this election. House-pets, illegal Mexican children with grease-painted moustaches, cadavers on gurneys; anything they can get past that blue-haired polling judge.

  14. The good news is that they are all voting Democrat so it’s not really a problem.

  15. DL555555 says:

    Find out who signed them up and throw them off a very high building.

  16. It certainly answers the question “why are there so many stupid voters in this country”.
    They are dead Progressives.

  17. William Nill says:

    Tip: check the overseas voters rolls. Those voters *never* get dis-enrolled. How many ballots are being cast in their names? And all Democrat votes, of course…

  18. ipso_facto says:

    “I believe there is an ethical responsibility, if you receive someone else’s ballot that you return it and mark it deceased.”

    That’s swell but does the law require it?

  19. HeywoodJablowme says:

    The dems will steal this election for Hillary. We are no better than a banana republic. When did this happen? While we were sleeping.

  20. Democrathater says:

    Isnt it odd that every single “mistake” always adds more Democrats to the voter rolls.

  21. William Gill says:

    The penalty for voter fraud should be DEATH.

  22. parvinsha says:

    In Georgia a few years ago, I found my dad was still registered to vote years after he had passed. I was furious and sent sever letters before getting him off the rolls. WTH? Insurance companies, Credit Card Companies, Banks and other know when you die. The government actually is the one issuing death certificates, and they can’t freaking get dead people off the voter rolls!!!!!

    Why in the he&& don’t they link the office that does death certificates to the voter rolls office and stop this potential fraud?

    I hate the “discounting” of our vote. Each fraudulent vote makes all of us less of a citizen and person. That is not right.

  23. The older Democrats get, the more times they vote per election.

    By the time they’re dead, Democrats are voting several times per minute.

  24. tomw says:

    Those convicted of voter fraud should lose their privilege of voting, permanently.
    Each and every fraudulent vote cancels the vote of some real, live, and qualified voter. Both D & R votes are essentially worthless when fraud occurs.

  25. john Pepin says:

    Until they figure out how to poll the dead polls will have no validity.

  26. John says:

    According to Hillary it’s the Russians. If so, they must be Russian Democrats.

  27. Chris Yeager says:

    And this has been happening for years.. Cinderalla and Pinchio can vote too whilst the administration supports the process with allowances.

  28. Rich says:

    We live in a state run by a Democrat/socialist governor, what do you expect. it has been going on for a much longer time that anyone realizes. We need to wake up to the corruption.

  29. Ron Turner says:

    This will happen in almost every state. That is why an ID should be required for anyone to cast a vote. Also isn’t this a crime??? So the democrats are again using criminal activity to rig an election.

  30. Jimmy Chonga says:

    Abuse of Freedom leads to restriction. If you have to LIE, CHEAT and STEAL you’re way into an election win . . . you’re a democrat.

  31. Phantom II says:

    The glaring omission in the story is for which party these fraudulent votes were cast. But then, I think we all know the answer, don’t we?

  32. wheezygeezer says:

    Here is a thought to ponder, any precinct that finds one case of voter fraud, more votes than voters, or voter intimidation all votes in that precinct are void. simply saying it you lie, cheat or try to steal an election. the election is voided, or at least your efforts are. For the criminals doing this, life imprisonment would be suitable, you try to steal my freedom, I will take yours forever.

  33. scott says:

    5% undeliverable? Would not such a huge number be reason enough to examine the voter rolls? It’s as if the politicians want votes available if there is a need to change election results.

  34. The person who submitted the vote for the dead person should be made dead so that they can vote too. If you can’t find and sentence them to prison, you need to remove them from the gene pool because the constitution is being violated by vermin.

  35. RTUT says:

    If democrats are so well loved and their ideology is so superior, why are they cheating across the nation? Dead voting, importing illegals and the motor-voter to help fill the welfare roles and democrats most ardent supporters, why do they need that?

  36. RS says:

    100% of vote fraud is committed by and for Democrats.
    Maybe they should change their party name to ‘Election Thieves’ or ‘Fraudsters’.

  37. Athenae Hall says:

    All voting ballots should have a thump print on it. No ID required. What a compromise. Good luck with that since the demorats want all the votes.

  38. Why don’t they stop announcing the names and wait at the door for the person casting the dead man’s vote… sounds like a no brainer to me.

  39. 1. Stop Motor-Voter registration.
    2. Stop mail-in registration
    3. Require government issued iD for registration and voting.
    4. Minimum 5 yr prison term for voting fraud per count, sefved consecutively.
    5. Immediate deportation with no re admittance for any illegal activity involving voting
    6. Baning from al political activity or public office/employment for any illegal voting or registration.

    THAT should at least slow down he illegal election activity.

  40. MerphisEllis says:

    Maybe if the Russians hack the election it would be more fair then when the Democrats run them

  41. says:

    Why don’t you say who these dead people are voting for? You mention he was Republican, but not who the illegal vote was for.

    1. MrReasonable says:

      Do you really have to ask? In all the cases of cheating in our history, such as JFK, Al Franken, to name two, the cheating occurred only for the Democrat.

  42. Jeffrey Gee says:

    When you have secret ballots they can’t be validated. We should all vote publicly and not be intimidated by anyone who would try to intimidate you for voting for who you want!

  43. Neil says:

    Just like Chicago, vote and vote often!

  44. RS says:

    Dems are such great candidates, dead people are clawing their way out of their caskets to vote for them.

  45. Wayne Rizor says:

    I live in Michigan and in 2007 my wife passed away from cancer. A week later after I received her death certificate I sent to our township office (a very strongly GOP township) to have her name removed from the property tax roll and the voter registry. They removed her name with no problem from the property tax roll as I stood there, but they would not remove her name from the voter registry. When I asked why, the GOP township supervisor said they didn’t have the time or resources to update the voter register. Except for me and three township officers in the office it was otherwise empty so they had th time and the resources present to remove her name. Her name remained on the voter list for several years until I moved out of that precinct. For all I know both of our name are still on the voter rolls.

  46. Alice says:

    When I am dead, I hope I won’t vote Democrat.

  47. Darren Davis says:

    I lived in a Denver apartment temporarily while my home was being built. Last fall, there were at least a dozen ballots from former tenants placed on top of the common mailbox, because the current tenants had no way to reach them. It would’ve been very easy from someone to grab those and vote on their behalf.

  48. Fred Flintstone says:

    and yet – voter ID is a bad plan? morons.

  49. Joel Barr says:

    Every single illegal vote cast cancels out the lawful vote of a citizen and should be prosecuted.

  50. MrReasonable says:

    We see story after story like this, and yet, Democrats still claim there has not been a single instance of voter fraud ever. This is why we want voter ID’s. It’s not about race, it is about preventing Democrats from voting multiple times. I have to show my ID every time I vote, so how is it fair that voters in the inner city don’t have to?

  51. Thank goodness! Now all those poor darkies who spend all day long pickin’ cotton under the hot sun on the ol’ plantation and never have time to get to the DMV for a driver’s license will be able to vote! Of course, if they couldn’t get the time to get to the DMV, I’m not sure how they’ll be able to make it to the voting station, but maybe it’ll stay open extra late so they can bundle together in a horse-drawn wagon and get there just before closing time.

  52. Buzz says:

    The state election officials claim that every signature on a ballot is checked against a data base to verify the signature. That is BS. they don’t have the staff or the time to check the millions fo ballots.

  53. I;m told facial recognition unit being sent to CO to recruit volunteers to link illegally registered voters (Hispanic and Middle Eastern) on the spot. Let’s hope they suppress those votes.

  54. When dead people “vote,” it just shows me that the election boards are too lazy to look at the list of people who died after the last election. It can’t be that much “work…” but then, for a lot of people, work is a four-letter word that is not politically correct, just like the word “lazy”. Does it mean that the legislature will have to create a law to make the election boards do their “work.” Wow, I need to start watching my potty mouth…

  55. Hey!! I lived in Colorado 20 years ago, Can I vote there too!!!?

  56. NoRightToNotBeOffended says:

    That can’t be. Dems have told us over and over there is no voting fraud. Such liars. That is why they are against voter ID. They will loose the dead class.

  57. KARL KORDECKI says:

    All these dead voters turn up to vote democrat, don’t they

  58. Ruth Meyers says:

    How can it be an accident that a dead person votes?

  59. Dan johnson says:

    Wow do you think 5 voters spread across the state changed an election? Congratulations channel 4 for aensationalism.

  60. Crooked Hitlery says:

    Crooked FCKING HILLARY!!!

  61. David from San Diego says:

    Trump would have to win 55-45 just to overcome the fraudulent votes by multiple voters, people voting under the names of the dead, non-citizen voters (only some of whom are here illegally), and ineligible felons.

  62. cabrerski says:

    I noticed in the story that they told us about the fraudulent voting but they conveniently left out who was the beneficiary of that fraud. Perhaps because it is the same as most of the voter fraud in this country.

  63. Robert Pante says:

    In Florida some Democrat Judge just extended voter registration. They are out there now digging up the voters.

  64. It’s called “Rocky Mountain Heist”, and it was reported by Michelle Malkin. The heist resulted in flipping Colorado from Republican to Democrat. Total fraud.

  65. JoeD. says:

    Should Americans consent to be governed by the undeserving recipients of a corrupted vote?

  66. Moleculist says:

    Dead live matter!!!!

  67. Moleculist says:

    Dead lives matter!

  68. MadBag says:

    Merlin Klotz acknowledged such cases are a problem, but he said, “I believe there is an ethical responsibility, if you receive someone else’s ballot that you return it and mark it deceased.”

    What’s that old saying? Oh yes, locks keep out honest people. If someone wants to cheat on voting, where do ethics enter the picture?

  69. Bob Gold says:

    Dead for Dumbocrats.

  70. Kim A Kirk says:

    Our country should treat voter fraud as an act of Treason. Those found guilty should be executed. Undermining our democracy should be met with zero tolerance.

  71. John Beargrass says:

    But to show a photo ID is so very difficult.

  72. Collins says:

    Why don’t liberal progessives protest that requiring a photo ID to purchase alcohol, tobacco, or get on an airplane deprives the poor of liquor, tobacco, and the right to fly? Answer–they know that it is BS!

  73. Tom Cassidy says:

    I’m sorry…explain why they are mailing ballots to me. I live in Indiana and in order to vote absentee (by mail) you have to submit an application. This story leads me to believe that ballots are just routinely mailed. Don’t you go to the polls to vote in Colorado?