AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Republican Rep. Mike Coffman has broken from his party’s ranks and has said that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump should “step aside.”

Coffman released this statement on Friday evening: “For the good of the country, and to give the Republicans a chance of defeating Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump should step aside. His defeat at this point seems almost certain. And four years of Hillary Clinton is not what is best for this country. Mr. Trump should put the country first and do the right thing.”

This comes hours after audio of Trump making lewd comments about women made headlines.

(credit: The Washington Post)

(credit: The Washington Post)

Trump has dismissed what is being called a lewd conversation recorded in 2005 in which he bragged about grabbing, kissing and trying to have sex with women, as “locker room banter.”

Several hours later, Trump issued a video where he stated, “I was wrong and I apologize.”

The video was obtained by The Washington Post and shows Trump talking with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on a bus as it pulled into a studio lot where Trump was scheduled to appear on a soap opera.

“You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them,” Trump can be heard saying.

“It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait,” Trump says.

“And when you’re a star they let you do it,” he says. “You can do anything.”

“Grab them by the p****,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”

Earlier on Friday, Coffman posted a tweet calling Trump’s comments “deeply offensive and disgusting.”

Coffman’s campaign also clarified that the congressman will not be voting for Trump in the presidential election but did not say who he would vote for.

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman in Aurora (credit: CBS)

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman in Aurora (credit: CBS)

Coffman isn’t the only congressman to distance himself from the Republican presidential nominee.

Amid the furor from Republicans and Democrats over Trump’s remarks, House Speaker Paul Ryan issued a statement Friday saying he was “sickened” by them and that Trump wouldn’t be coming to an annual event in Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin on Saturday. A short time later, Trump announced that his running mate, Mike Pence, would be going in his place while he spent the day preparing for Sunday night’s debate.

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  1. Patriot says:

    When did everyone in this country start walking on water?? There’s not one heterosexual male in the entire world,unless in a monastery, that hasn’t been in a discussion about women, the anatomy of women, and their desires of women. I dare say that women have discussed the same about men. On top of their appalled reactions, most to get re-elected, current politicians are deserting the party they were elected to and the Presidential candidate that was selected by the same folks that put them office. Come on folks, man or woman up and quit acting holier than thou!

  2. ro says:

    Trump make an objectionable comment 12 years and the media goes wild. Hillary gets people killed and mishandles the country’s most imprortant information and the media is silent. Please tell me who needs to be replaced?

  3. linda hughes says:

    I’m not going to say I wasn’t bothered by Trumps statements,but it just seems to me he was just blowing off steam like most men do. I would like to be a fly on the wall & hear what other men like Bill Clinton& other big wheels have to say about women.

  4. alan jones says:

    Why should Trump step aside. Who is the party going to replace him with???? All you’ll get is another Washington insider that will get nothing done.

  5. myself says:

    Coffman should step aside. The ones who complain the loudest are the ones who have said worse.

  6. jon says:

    I vote for Mike Pence because his name side-by-side on the ballot.

  7. I See Stupid People... says:

    Seriously? Do you honestly think he’ll step aside? The pickings from the Campaign Coiffers are too lucrative. What was it $8.2m in a few months, thus far?

  8. janessa99 says:

    Get over yourself, Coffman.

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