By Brian Maass

DENVER (CBS4) – A young couple in Denver’s West City Park neighborhood have put their home up for sale saying problems with Denver’s homeless population are driving them out of the city.

(credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Brian Maass talks to the couple at their home. (credit: CBS)

“It makes us extremely uncomfortable and we don’t want to live here any longer,” said the woman, who asked not to be identified.

“Increasingly every day it’s the number one reason I want to sell is because of the homeless situation.”

Their complaint is part of a growing chorus of Denver residents saying homeless issues have encroached into neighborhoods that previously saw minimal impact from Denver’s homeless population. One Denver police officer who patrols Denver’s Capitol Hill corridor told CBS4 60 to 80 percent of his service calls are from residents dealing with homeless men and women causing problems.

Many residents contacted by CBS4 say the problems have grown exponentially within the last year.

The couple selling their house said they were constantly dealing with needles, feces and used condoms in their alley. They say on occasion, the homeless would walk into their backyard, take their patio cushions and use them for sleeping. But they say the last straw came on the night of Sept. 12, when they say two transients repeatedly had loud sex just outside their front door.

“It was obnoxious and went on for quite awhile,” said the woman.

She and her husband called Denver’s 911 dispatch center four times requesting police assistance.

On one of the calls, the woman tells a 911 dispatcher,”We are trying to sleep and homeless people are having sex on the porch nextdoor. This is absurd this is happening.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

After multiple calls, a dispatcher said police had higher priority calls to deal with.

“I feel unsafe with them right now … I feel endangered,” the woman told the operator.

Just west of Denver’s Cheesman Park, another resident told CBS4, “There didn’t used to be a problem.” She moved into her home more than eight years ago but says “I’ve never felt this uncomfortable.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

She said she is now regularly accosted in her alley by aggressive homeless men scavenging for food.

“I feel unease,” said the woman.

She said earlier this summer, a homeless squatter moved into a neighbor’s backyard when the neighbor was out of town on business.

She pointed out homeless encampments that have been regularly popping up on the fringes of Cheesman Park. She said the transients leave trash and debris in the park.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“It’s people who feel entitled to live where they want and inconvenience whoever they want. It’s not a good thing. It makes it unsafe for the rest of us.”

Another woman said, “Yep, it is a problem. I run at Cheesman Park, and the homeless use the water fountain to clean up.”

The complaints are not surprising to Jim Hannifin, who has run a temporary employment agency on Colfax Avenue for decades. Hannifin employs many homeless in construction, factory and day labor jobs. He said of the homeless situation, “I’ve never seen it this bad. And it’s getting worse.”

Jim Hannifin (credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Brian Maass interviews Jim Hannifin. (credit: CBS)

Hannifin said Denver’s sky high housing costs are partly to blame.

“Working people, low wage people can’t find a place to live. There’s just no affordable housing for low wage workers.”

He said part of the problem is motels along the Colfax corridor that used to cost $30 per night and were affordable now command rates of $100 per night, pricing out low wage earners. He said he seeing more “crazies and drunks” and blames a lack of government spending on mental health services.

“We don’t fund mental health,” he lamented. Hannifin said there’s no shortage of jobs.

“There’s plenty of work — we can’t get enough people,” he said. But those comparatively low paying jobs don’t pay enough to cover housing costs.

Cathy Alderman, from the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, said she too has heard of the spreading homeless issue. She too partly blames rising housing costs as a factor forcing more men and women on to the streets.

“People don’t have a place to go,” she said.

As of now, Alderman said there are an estimated 5,500 homeless in the Denver metro area and about 3,300 of those are in the downtown area. She said she believes they are moving into neighborhoods now as a “direct result of the sweeps.”

She was referring to stepped up police enforcement in downtown Denver and along the Cherry Creek Bike Path that has pushed the homeless into other areas.

Dr. Massimo Asolati, who also lives near 18th and Gilpin, recently wrote to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock complaining of the homeless using his alley as a “lounge area.” He said he has called the police several times but to no avail.

“As a citizen, homeowner and taxpayer, this has become a safety hazard, with these homeless individuals screaming and threatening if (I try) to invite them to leave. This is certainly not the picture of the city that the administration wants to the visitors and tourists coming to Denver (to see),” wrote Asolati.

“As a citizen and resident of this community I feel like everybody is washing their hands on these problems,” he said.

Julie Smith, marketing and communications director for Denver’s Human Services agency, told CBS4, “I think we have to absolutely acknowledge that there is a growing concern about homelessness in our city.”

“We all have a freedom in this country and we can move and be where we are as long as we are within the law,” Smith said.

Smith said Denver is working with other metro area counties to deal with the homelessness issue.

CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass has been with the station more than 30 years uncovering waste, fraud and corruption. Follow him on Twitter @Briancbs4.

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  1. Congratulartions. California’s homeless problem is now Denver’s problem. And for the same reasons.

    1. ******* says:

      not ONE comment on the legalizetion of Marjiuana as a down of the homeless and unseekilled to move to denver and Colorado…very planted report…focused on no jobs onffordable housing–try no skills no motivation no brain cells for functioning…

      1. ******* says:

        .not ONE comment on the legalizetion of Marjiuana as a draw of the homeless and unskilled to move to denver and Colorado…very slanted report…focused on no jobs no affordable housing–try no skills no motivation no brain cells for functioning…

      2. NoMasIlegales says:

        You are exactly correct. 100%. A huge driving force in the explosion of the homeless population is the fact that many, if not most, of them are here in Denver to smoke dope. Worst idea ever in the State.

      3. dwstick says:

        You noticed that, too! In speaking with friends and family there in CO, since the state legalized marijuana, parks, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and just about anyplace else that a person could use as shelter are bursting at the seams with pot heads that have moved there to take advantage of this ‘freedom’.
        I think the state’s political leaders know what caused the problem; they just don’t want to admit to the mistake they made. And, once you uncork the bottle and allow the genie to escape like this, how do you

      4. George says:

        Exactly. I am ALL for the legalization but it needs to be done Federally. I am 5th generation born and raised on both sides of my family no one has ever seen anything like this. The homeless SURGED after legalization. This is a hugely one sided story. Yes housing costs have gone up, but most people who have been in Denver either have been gentrified out of Denver to places like Aurora, Littleton, Parker, Colorado Springs etc. It is very easy to tell which are the homeless that recently moved here. People are insane if you think just because Denver housing increases homelessness just BURSTS. There would be correlation with foreclosures and evictions and right now foreclosures are at a near all time low.

    2. scott says:

      Maybe the reason housing is so high are the plethora of new rules and regulations in regards to construction along with the increased costs of permits and the endless inspections for anyone trying to build will be subject to. The retort to this is it’s for the environment, our safety and various aggrieved groups but it does come at a cost, monetary and human. I wonder what the cost of building a house under the rules of the 1960’s would be compared to todays? The solution is certainly not governmental subsidies to counteract the increased caused by the government, but a wholesale ratcheting back of politicians interfering with housing (for our own good of course) that is causing this.

    3. says:

      Ignorant DemocRats think they “help” people by not demanding they work or support themselves. Ignorant DemocRats are the problem in every major city. Homeless, crime, drugs, murders and rapes, ALL the result of ignorant DemocRats.

      1. The_Oracle says:

        Exactly right. Faced with the choice of actually getting a job and living responsibly, or just sitting idly and letting others send you a check every month, these losers opt for the latter. And the demorrhoids OWN it.

    4. Tyre O. Nazis says:

      The solution to all of colorado’s social and economic problems is simple. Deport all of the Californians who transplanted themselves to enjoy a better standard of living, but instead brought thier socialism with them and destroyed Democracy in Colorado. Forbid/outlaw the demoncratic party from destroying thier society from within. Do not allow California citizens to migrate out side of thier border’s unless they swear allegence to America as constitutionally established

      1. Tom Anderson says:

        Oh please. I lived there in the 1970s and the liberals idea of forced busing was just disgusting. You had problems way before any influx of other people.

    5. bdnsc says:

      It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the correlation between liberals taking over and these bums moving in. Nice job with the lib business owner trying to blame affordable hosing as the problem, but that does not explain the public sex, feces, and needles, and stealing throw cushions to have sex on and sleep on!
      BTW, Denver, have you ever heard that pot is a gateway drug?

      I assure you, until you shut the liberal up and out, this problem is going to get worse.
      Might I suggest a a thorough soaking with a garden hose every ch time they trespass.

      1. Matt says:

        Pot is not a gateway drug, or everyone who goes to dispensaries would be crackheads now. Please.. do some research.

    6. Calvin Grimalkin says:

      The first rule for a successful real estate sale……… Wait Until after you have sold the house before you talk about how bad the location is.

      Just sayin’ ………….. Hard to get the best price for your property if you advertise that it is not a desirable location.

    7. ted gonzalez says:

      Denver, and the state of colorado have to stand up and applaud the legalization of marijuana.
      I am NOT anti-weed, although I am against this legislation that has singlehanded, and directly destoryed out housing economy.
      You cannot disagree that since 2014, we’ve seen as much as 40% property value hyperinflation in many places in the denver metro area, and the rents are the highest they’ve ever been.
      My livelihood relies -being a mortgage loan originator- on people being able to find homes to purchase. that average single family home in this region has anywhere from 10-15 bids on it. THis was never a problem prior to the last couple years.
      And now with the competition, the hyperinflation of costs of living, no wonder why there’s this many homeless people around.

      It’s only going to get worse people. until the market stabilize, ONLY by legalizing pot in mulitiple other states, OR if we reach disasterous new lows in the economy when hillary clinton gets cheated into office, and continues obama’s failed last 8 years worth of policies into the next 8 years, AND that casues mass unemployment – housing costs will fall when this happens.

      So our choices are – legalize marijuana elsewhere, HAve mass unemployment and foreclosures happening everywhere to bring down the costs of the housing, OR Build more homes for the expansion.
      REgardless, we are overcrowded, we are intentionally socially engineered in our hyperinflation, and we NEED to have people LEAVE COLORADO for this to get back undercontrol.

      Denver is now becoming the new san francisco. Where 2 average wage household members can barely afford the “average house”. Averarge home prices in Denver are around $420k. a single person needs aleast $80k a year, individually to afford that, IF they don’t have other debts.

      What does that tell you?

      congrats Colorado, we dug our own holes and now it’s time to fill them with the victims of poverity and average wage mediocracy.

    8. Relax! Smoke a joint and learn to speak Spanish. I’ll bet you can get some too if you just join in. Viva Hillary and Obama!

    9. Liberal transplants move to more pleasing places and fail to realize WHY it was pleasant until these same transplants start voting for what made their former region so miserable.

    10. Edward Foley says:

      Shame on these greedy, selfish 1%ers of Denver. They need to learn to pay their fair share and help others. Homelessness is caused by their greed and self absorbed approach to life. No one else can have sex unless it is on their narrow minded terms?

      1. Jay says:

        You’re joking right? These homeless were having sex loudly, in plain view of others, and while trespassing on private property. It is in no way narrow-minded for someone to view this kind of sex as offensive and criminal. In this instance the people having sex have clearly crossed the line to violating the rights of others.

    11. JOHN T. FOX says:


    12. John Beball says:

      The news stories of the homeless…none for the last 7 years….wouldn’t want to blame Obama. Now that there will be a Republican in office….time to start blaming the Don.

  2. GaryLockhart says:

    No mention of Chickenlooper’s failed “Road to End Homelessness” scam or all the people who make six figure incomes off of that grift.

    Compare and contrast that disaster with how Step 13 helps men turn their lives around.

  3. Tatters says:

    I see the same people on the same corners for _months_ begging for money and Denver folks keep handing them money. What does Denver expect? These people are making hundreds of tax free cash a day just standing there.

    1. Crazy Iguaca says:

      It’s called “Free” Enterprise

  4. Its is just democratificaton. Part of the plan.

  5. FSAslayer says:

    it looks like the project to turn the entire nation into haight-ashbury is backfiring; now all the supporters of this project are complaining.

  6. John Painer says:

    Put the homeless on a bus and send them to Hillary Clinton’s house. Let her handle the problem since she is so experienced in Government service.

    1. vinkothebear says:

      Send them to George Clooneys house or any other bleeding heart liberal

  7. RogrDane says:

    Liberal policies have created America’s terrible economy, driven jobs off shore and ruined the American dream. California is a perfect example of Democrats taking over a state and ruining it! Colorado is on the precipice. Dopers and homeless… doesn’t Denver had a Democrate/Progressive (read: socialist) as Mayor? Hmmm… wake up America.

  8. jnsesq says:

    Thought all you enlightened Colorado hipsters wanted to be just like Kalifornistan Democrats.

  9. No mention of the possible reason why they might be there: the liberalization of Colorado’s marijuana laws.

    1. That was a no brainer. I guess team 4 is part of the problem not the solution.

  10. Neuro Mancer says:

    Denver homeless problem: Brought to you by Democrat mayors across the country.

  11. CKinTX says:

    A lot of years back, a friend of mine tried an experiment to see just what begging could get him.

    So, he went to a local mall one Saturday and stopped people to tell them his car had broken down and that he hadn’t any change to make a phone call for help (see, this *was* a while back).

    After a couple of hours he had to stop. He was embarrassed by making the spiel and couldn’t keep up the charade any longer.

    The money he received in just two hours – cash money – was more than what he made in two hours at his real job. A job that was over $60,000/yr.

    He was shocked.

    1. Jules says:

      In some places this is organized and some ‘big’ skims the daily take at the base hotel room.

  12. Robert Gold says:

    let me guess. Democrat mayor.

  13. Jack Mehof says:

    who farted

    1. Chris says:

      We all did.
      Smell the decline of western civilization!

  14. Another Demo-Rat utopia in the making.

  15. funjumper says:

    I don’t understand, 8 years of Democrat leadership in DC and Democrat leadership in Denver this shouldn’t even exist. Just another right wing conspiracy

  16. Denver’s attitude toward the homeless (to coddle and embrace them) combined with the fact that someone in control of Denver’s government is smoking something…are ruining the mile high city.

  17. Jdon says:

    Corp landlords are raising rents based availability and market value. Rents can and are adjust up 200-300 dollars on a lease renewal. There is no way renters can sustain this type of activity. Most renters are paying out half their monthly salary already. These corp landlord are using a software package that tells them the availability and rates.

    1. Cap says:

      Yeah, that’s right, big bad “corporate” landlords are the cause of all these problems. Go smoke another one…

    2. jhild says:

      Corporate landlords are the problem? How about a legislature who wont fix a terrible construction defect law in CO? One they know has been harmful to affordable housing throughout the metro Denver area but ESPECIALLY Denver. What about the former Mayor and now Governor? You know the one who owns all those properties around Denver? Remember the one who was allowed to let his properties upkeep slip while others were fined hundreds if not more for offenses that paled in comparison? What about a city council who has wasted time on silly, symbolic measures and other matters that have zero benefit to the constituents of Denver? The same City Council that massively increased sewer rates to pay for questionable construction projects. Still feel like corporate landlords are an issue? I can go on and on. This is a direct result of the “leadership” (word used very loosely) the people of Denver have voted for. I believe the quote was: “Elections have consequences” and in this case the consequences are drect, quantifiable, and tangible.

  18. Don martin says:

    Get used to it. Put crooked Hillary in and these will be the good old days.

  19. “One Denver police officer who patrols Denver’s Capitol Hill corridor told CBS4 60 to 80 percent of his service calls are from residents dealing with homeless men and women causing problems.”

    Unintended, but perfectly foreseeable consequence of legalized dope.

  20. F. McCollum says:

    You need to walk outside and scream, “Get the F out of here”. This isn’t something you call the police about. It certainly isn’t something you need to broadcast on the news while you’re trying to sell your property.

    1. Josh Davis says:

      Accentuate it with racking the slide on a Mossberg. Don’t even have to have a round in the chamber necessarily. It’s an unmistakable sound and quickly persuades people that are somewhere they’re not supposed to be to relocate.

  21. Barb says:

    There is an elephant in this room – weed. why isn’t this mentioned in the article?

  22. Bruce says:

    This article will really help her sell the place. It’s not like a potential buyer won’t used this in negotiations. It must be the thin air.

  23. Meaux says:

    A sure symptom of progressive liberalism. Roll it and smoke it you voted for it…

  24. John D. Phillips says:

    While visiting Denver, I talked to an emergency services dispatcher who also drives an Uber. She laid the blame squarely at the foot of legalized grass. People come for the freedom to smoke without planning for a job or housing. The influx raises the demand for housing – then its price – and the jobless have no place to stay. The place reeks from smokers. Give me tobacco smell any day over that. They smoke dope anywhere and anytime. If you tried that with tobacco, there’d be hell to pay. I’m for decriminalizing grass, but it would be better to do it everywhere and not cause a migration to places like Denver or not do it at all.

  25. Paull Cudak says:

    The push to move into WHERE IT IS HAPPENING Oh all those amenities all that action! Don’t you just love it. They forgot about the crime, the bums, the smell, the trash and traffic.

  26. when liberalism/progressivism takes over your city. i dont feel sorry for denver, they voted for this.

    1. Oscarphone says:

      There you go! Somehow, as can be evidenced by some commenters here, people can’t seem to connect the dots to this problem and the people they vote to run the city. “Corporate landlords”, constrained police and other bogeymen are all blamed but the politicians get a complete pass. When you vote for liberals you get the same problems. Just look at Detroit and Chicago if you want to see where Denver is headed.

  27. JJ says:

    There’s the liberal utopia! Congrats, Colorado!

  28. Well, the California liberals who moved in mass to Colorado made it a blue state. Live with it. Denver is nothing more than San Francisco in Colorado. If you keep putting lefties in government, this is what happens.

  29. bigmama says:

    Welcome to DemRat territory…goofy pos Gov Hickenlooper

  30. Winston Bela says:

    This could have been predicted. Same thing happened to Amsterdam when they legalized pot. The druggies from all over Europe flocked there and trashed the place. You can’t go down Denver’s main pedestrian street without being outnumbered by street people. The only good news is that the harsh winter will force them to other places.

  31. Deb says:

    …and here we are ~ 10 years ago Denver created its 10 year plan to end homelessness. Yes, and they are touting their many successes while ignoring that the problem is much worse!

  32. Michelle says:

    Drugs, legal or otherwise, are run by government connected mafia. Drugs result in homelessness, poverty, mental health issues, and crime. Denver was duped, and none of this happened organically.

  33. Johnny Rebel says:

    Democrat solution: Throw more money at every problem you created. Drive up taxes and cause worse problems. Repeat. Trump is right. Liberals have turned the the USA into a Third World Country. The people complaining are the remnant of the middle-class. Soon many of them will be living on the street. The Economy NEVER recovered from 2008 and is about to collapse once and for all. Negative interest rates and helicopter money can no longer hold off the inevitable. Fasten your seat belts.

  34. Jim says:

    The guy is blaming the cost of hotel rooms? Really!? Even at 30 bucks a night that is $900 a month. Hotel rooms aren’t meant to be permanent housing. There are affordable places in the Denver metro, but, and this is a big but, no one wants to live in those locations because of safety concerns.

  35. They just need compassion… stamps, and free marijuana…is that so much to ask? Denver, meet San Francisco. Isn’t Denver a ‘Sanctuary City’….don’t the homeless druggies deserve to share in the sanctuary provided by Denver? When you voted for liberal/progressives and their programs what did you expect.

  36. Charles Dil says:

    Just keep voting for leftist democrats and wonder why this happens. And…give some money to the ACLU.

  37. Bill says:

    Could these people be the same liberal leftists who believe completely open borders is a good thing? Not only do these people not invite the “homeless” into their homes, they do not want the “homeless” in their neighborhood. How interesting?.

  38. ******* says:

    .not ONE comment on the legalizetion of Marjiuana as a draw of the homeless and unskilled to move to denver and Colorado…very slanted report…focused on no jobs no affordable housing–try no skills no motivation no brain cells for functioning…

  39. Johnny Rebel says:

    One more thing. City wide Gun free zones and free ACLU lawyers for the bums should help tremendously. Seriously, Vigilantes /death squads could/would clean up Denver in a week but that will never happen because the police are on the side of the bums and their precious rights. If cops would go on strike for a month…..

  40. cleo48 says:

    Civilization goes where it feels safe. So does wealth. There was a time in America when indolence was not rewarded or accepted. You either left the community or were given a home in jail.

  41. Alex says:

    As someone who lives in Colorado Springs, I can say we have the same problem. I can’t walk my dog through the park without some crazy homeless person leering at me. They have camps set up all over and people have even resorted to putting up signs saying if you poop in the park, please bury it because dogs are eating it and becoming sick due to the drugs these people are ingesting. The parks look like hell. There are allot of people here for the weed and also the housing prices are ridiculous. Rent is ridiculous. You can’t step sideways downtown without someone begging for money but the ACLU fought our city for the right for the homeless people to panhandle. Money from the government won’t help this. You need to make these people work instead of allowing them to lounge around all day. And to the do-gooders….mental health isn’t the main issue here is Colorado. I’s the weed and outrageous housing costs.

  42. noseitall says:

    I love seeing liberals get EXACTLY what they voted for.

  43. James McCord says:

    Chill out Denver. Smoke some pot, relax… Homelessphobes the lot of ya…

  44. noseitall says:

    This is why Republicans believe in jobs instead of handouts.

  45. Thomas says:

    Weed. Legalization has brought in tax dollars that are quickly dwarfed by the increase in social costs. Meanwhile, those who are riding the weed cash are driving up costs as they dump their cash in to property and real estate. Meh….take a look under the hood and connect the dots…or is that non-pc?

  46. They’re not “homeless”, they’re BUMS. Treat them accordingly.

  47. To the degree that homelessness is due to unemployment, you can thank NAFTA, and other globalist trade deals.
    But that degree is not large. Homelessness is due to mental illness and drugs/alcohol. Perhaps once a man with “issues” could show up at the factory and make a living and not be on the street. But now, one must be an over-inductucated college grad trained in rhetoric to work. And one must be willing to put *Career uber alles*. Not everyone wishes to work 60hours a week as a professional to afford the suburban puffer and the Beemer in its driveway. Some folks just want to have a life.
    Society shouldn’t be such that one must be a workaholic to stay above water. Nor should a “drinking man” (or pot-smoking woman) be unemployable. Factories in essence are places where low skilled people can trade their time for money. It is in factories that driven men and women teach and allow undriven to maximize their productivity.

    1. John Doe says:

      Spoken like a true leftist dupe who has bought the democrat/socialist bilge hook, line and sinker.

  48. Pod says:

    Keep voting socialist, d.b.a. “Democrat” in the USA. Hillary Rotten Clinton wants to import millions more. But don’t worry, they won’t be homeless, they’ll be living next door, and you’ll be paying for it through higher taxes.

  49. Rick Bradley says:

    Use that weed tax money to keep them up.

  50. Lorenzo says:

    I was recently in Portland OR and Vancouver WA and wow, you want to talk about a homeless issue. You can’t hang out in a park without tripping over the homeless people sleeping under their plastic. You can’t possibly use a gazebo because it is literally home to half a dozen homeless people. I walked a lot in the early mornings in Portland and on one occasion, I walked into a secluded park off of Caesar Chavez Ave. and just inside the gate was a homeless guy asleep on the grass. Ten feet a way was a fresh, steaming pile of feces. This is a park that is obviously used by kids. I know folks in the Pacific Northwest are generally pretty laid back, but really, I don’t know how they put up with it.

    1. Lorenzo says:

      It just occurred to me after reading the comments, OR and WA recently legalized weed too, so maybe the weed thing is correlated with the homeless thing.

  51. dahlink1 says:

    This is obama’s fault!!!!

    1. Oscarphone says:

      It’s liberalism.

  52. Gail says:

    Ideas have consequences. Marijuana laws passed by Denver represent this perfectly. Passing laws that encourage mental impairment of Denver’s citizens produce predictable results. “Freedom” is NOT the license to act on every destructive impulse, as a certain faction of folks seem to believe. Freedom involves personal responsibility.gag

  53. These are just your typical Hillary voters, but she calls Trump supporters deplorables. This is going on around the country in all of our larger cities, but nothing gets done about it for fear of upsetting the Democrat voters doing this sort of thing.

  54. John Doe says:

    This is what you get when you elect democrats. Look at just about any major city that has been run by democrats for awhile. Chicago, New York, Detroit, San Fransisco you name it. Everywhere they are used liberal policies inevitably reduce nice places to third world hell-holes, which is the plan. Create a never ending stream of dependent voters.

  55. Charles Lee Ray says:

    Yet another liberal democrat utopia …

  56. P Jay says:

    You probably voted for the liberals that made this all possible, lady. Don’t move into my red state with your liberal voting record, either. We don’t want you here.

  57. Gray Ammons says:

    They may be homeless but they can afford their marijuana.

  58. John Doe says:

    How many of these people complaining have been voting democrat? And will be voting democrat in the next election? Chances are most if not all. The dupes.

  59. Steve Peck says:

    This is what a garden hose is for. You should have washed off your neighbor’s porch. That would have taken their minds off of sex.

  60. Jane Blacksmith says:

    Colorado – the next Leftist “nirvana,” you know, like Detroit. Where the deviates, dregs, and dangerous are coddled and extolled as the contributing, upstanding citizens are vilified and reviled for being intolerant.

    Colorado is indeed a blue state, and the citizens of Colorado will grow increasingly more blue by the devastatingly destructive and bankrupting policies coming your way.

  61. The way to end this problem is to deport illegals and jail or get rid of homeless people any other way possible. yes, including that.

  62. MarkJ says:

    Gee, Denver apparently hasn’t had a Republican mayor in office since at least 1963 (Richard Batterton). D’ya think 53 straight years of Democrat (mis)management of Denver might have anything to do with its homeless problem?

    Ruminate on that, folks.

    1. You take care of deviant stray dogs by scalding them with hot water.

  63. Make Cali great again says:

    I object to your use of the term ‘homeless’. These are refugees from Obamanomics that are merely seeking a safe space. Open your doors and accept them into your communities. Or at least let them use your bathrooms.

    Remember, nobody was born homeless.
    Oh and keep in mind Hillary is more of the same.

  64. Pamela Rusth says:

    Hope … change ….weed.

  65. George says:

    Stop your whining. At least in Colorado you have hypo-cold winters, and that will clear most of the garbage out, even if for a few months. Here in California, the livin’ is easy 365, and we have a reserve of democrats that will make sure our state not only diesbutrots in front of us. Democrats love this! It will create increased dependency on more and bigger government to “deal” with the problem…though it can’t and never will. Enjoy! TRUMP 2016 & 2020!

  66. Mike Stuhr says:

    Looks like another case of “Be careful what you wish for Denver!”

  67. Soccer Parent says:

    My 12 year old son was in Denver this summer for a soccer event. He commented on the number of dope smoking people that were “everywhere”. He was shocked because regular smokers in our state would be busted for smoking where these folks were. He also noted the number of homeless. If a 12 year old can notice you have a problem in a weeks time I would say you guys have a BIG problem.

  68. Alan Globe says:

    Paintball ‘marker’ should keep them back from your yard.

  69. brandi peters says:

    White flight liberals will flee to conservative towns and f-ck them up too. Whatcha gonna do when all the White neighborhoods are destroyed, sjw libbies.

  70. Rob Thierry says:

    This story is obviously false..our messiah and great leader tells us the economy is doing better than ever before due to the great economic programs he had put into place. This is obviously part of a right wind smear campaign

  71. Javin says:

    I had the pleasure of visiting downtown Denver in June 2016. It was completely over run by homeless and beggars. I have a pretty high tolerance for these people, but it became a bit too much. You could not walk down the street without being harassed. Main street was a cesspool of
    of zombies smoked out of their mind/urinating,sleeping on streets.

    The states that want to legalize Mary Jane in January ought to visit and take a look at downtown to see what can of worms that they might be opening.

    I’m not against legalizing pot, but you got to have a plan for the people.

  72. Steven Evers says:

    This is your city, this is your city on weed… any questions?

  73. Robin says:

    We have been coming to Colorado every year for the past 35 years and used to live there. Believe me it has CHANGED !!! . We saw pan handlers on every corner up in Frisco last summer and the roadway pullovers smelled of urine . Beautiful , Colorado ?, makes me so sad . I think you all are getting the results of the marijuana laws and it is so sad.

  74. Snobby liberal attitudes as well as their tax and spend policies in Denver have created this monster. Have fun people of Denver, you deserve it!!

  75. Eric Cartman says:

    Hippies, homeless, potheads. I can take care of them.

  76. Nunya bidness says:

    Everyone just smoke some weed and chill. That’ll solve the problem!

  77. HHRT says:

    She feels “endangered” HAHA

  78. Lee says:

    Why not legalize crack next?

  79. ImaHippyBurning says:

    Vote DEMONrat – Destroy America!

  80. andreasmiles22 says:

    This is happening in far more neighborhoods than many want to acknowledge, San Jose , Ca is having a horrid problem, what is the fix? Let’s kick out the illegals, take care of our own people, fix what is going on in our country, put American first for a change.

  81. Steve Magnus says:

    Good luck selling a house in that area. I’d organize a neighborhood patrol using paintball guns to run the vagrants off. A few shots with dried up paint balls will get ya moving along.

  82. ImaHippyBurning says:

    But wait Vacuous Progressives I mean “REGRESSIVES” and “HUSSEIN” all tell us just how great things are for everyone under this Regime! If you like your squaller you can keep your squaller!

    What’s that, the ‘Hope and Change’ promised has only delivered ‘Apathy and Despair’ GOOD CHOKE ON IT if you supported HUSSEIN or if you support The Other COMMUNIST HildaPIG!

  83. kjatexas says:

    Congratulations Colorado, keep voting for Democrats, idiots.

  84. Democrats took over Denver and the degeneracy and decay that followed were predictable.

  85. ImaHippyBurning says:

    HUSSEIN’s Army! Embrace it America your promise of ‘Hope and Change’ was clearly meant to be ‘Apathy and Despair’ YOU OWN it Liberals!!!!

  86. Troy Dynes says:

    Goodness gracious, these homeowners need to be less judgemental and more tolerant of these homeless folks. If they do not want them having sex out in public, simply invite them into your residence to have sex. If they are concern about hygiene, they can put down newspapers.

  87. Wayne Coogan says:

    Listen to the dirty liars in the article….”the homelessness is a result of the lack of affordable housing, blah, blah, blah…” Then we see the images of empty whiskey bottles, syringes, lazy slackers sleeping during the day instead of working… all of which are life-style choices. As long as it pays to make poor choices, people will make poor choices.

  88. rho1953 says:

    Hope and change! Tent cities everywhere, homeless on the streets, 98 million without jobs permanently. Permanent war, government expanding exponentially, fascist Obama using his Federal agents to harass and intimidate conservatives, Hillary sells foreign policy for pay, we are a total wreck, and anyone who votes for more democrat rule is a moron.

  89. Sam says:

    They failed to mention the direct increase in homeless coincides with the legalization of weed! Hows it working out for you now!!!

  90. While it’s absolutely understandable why this couple wants to move away, CBS has done them no favor by publishing their names and location. As a negotiating tactic, this information will most certainly serve to drive down the value of the property they hope to sell. Otherwise, CBS has done the rest of us a service by describing a place no sane person would want to live.

  91. Tony says:

    If you feed them , they will come .

    1. DeVan says:

      Especially if they have the munchies!!

  92. What I find particularly galling is that most Colorado liberals are actually California refugees that moved there after they made their own state unfit for habitation by decent people. Now they have done the same to Colorado. When they have made that state as bad as California is, they will then move to spread their poison to other parts of America.

    It’s one thing for liberals never to learn; we Americans can’t afford to be as ignorant as the liberals.

  93. Not sure why Obama’s approval ratings are up. This is yet another one of many problems he has exacerbated. Denver is not alone. Springfield Missouri has a BIG homeless problem; very much like what is described in this article.

  94. mark says:

    Round them All up, put them on Buses to Ohio, one way, give em 7 days worth of Psych meds, Problem Solved

  95. HeywoodJablowme says:

    and I bet all these city complainers are Hillary supporters. You reap what you sew. This was all brought on by failed liberal policies. Now you pay the price.

    1. Hah, yeah right. All you have to do is look at these comments to see who is “complaining.” Thin skinned conservatives are too soft to live in cities and deal with the homeless. It’s always been that way. Yuppies like this couple will move back to the suburbs and vote for Republicans like they always have. Liberals actually know how to function around other humans without wetting themselves, and will continue to enjoy this great city that is driving the economy of the entire region. So enjoy your “safe space” and stick to small towns and suburbs.

      1. janc1955 says:

        What are you, 12? You fashion yourself quite the Big Man, strong enough to bum jump your way to and from work every day in your Big Man City (assuming you have a job). Got news for you, kiddo. Responsible adults don’t want to, and shouldn’t have to, deal with the kind of BS the people in this article are dealing with. It’s not about the size of your cajones, little one – it’s about the size of your brain and your ability to determine right from wrong. Time to grow up.

  96. gunnyginalaska says:

    Need a fix for homeless vermin? Arrest them and put them on a chain gang for a few years. Then kick them out of the state and if they come back, execute em! Useless wastes of skin and O2.

  97. craig eliot says:

    Thank you Obama! After eight years of your corporate-corrupt regime the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, and instead of taking care of Americans you want to — bring in a hundred thouand refugees whom taxpayers will be compelled feed and house for heaven only knows how long! But then again, Americans!—it’s exactly what you deserve for allowing it to happen.

  98. Charlie says:

    Elections have consequences. If you vote liberal, this is what you get.

  99. sue says:

    So, how many of these complainers are enablers and vote D? How many voted to legalize pot? How many think illegals should be given community resources rather than our own citizens? How many support H1 visas?

  100. AlienDNA14 says:

    It can’t be, I thought we had the best Economy since STAR TREK THE GENERATION? Since, you know, our local Utopian Socialists have told us so…

    @Soccer Parent

    By the way, please leave the Marijuana issue out of this, since part of the reason that we’re all in this mess (with our Government and economy), is because of all of the Police State privileges ( and Money) that have been granted to fight the phony war on drugs…

    The real root of the problem, is all of these arbitrary Laws and Taxes that ends up incentivizing further dependence on State subsidized cronyism…

    The more tax money that we keep throwing at these contrived issues, the wilder it’s going to get.

  101. sjmwilco says:

    if you voted democrat, you are getting exactly what you voted for. suck it up buttercup.

  102. Jim Davis says:

    Californians are to Colorado what NY/NJers are to Florida. You have my sympathies CO!

  103. Ima says:

    “if (I try) to invite them to leave.”

    “Invite” them to stay then, Doc. I’m sure they wouldn’t be able to stand your snobbish elitism very long, and they’d be willing to “invite” themselves to move on. $100 he’s a liberal Dimocrat.

  104. Bubba Q. says:

    I remember that area from 30-40 years ago. It was a nice area then. Could still be one. The homeless are a problem nationwide. Unfortunately people forget that being poor and living poorly do not go hand in hand, yet it is practiced together all too frequently. Don’t worry, as soon as it gets cold and snowy, they will head to my area, Phoenix.

  105. WallyG says:

    The Plague of Liberalism, it’s real and its effects are always the same!

  106. c p says:

    “As a citizen, homeowner and taxpayer, this has become a safety hazard, with these homeless individuals screaming and threatening if (I try) to invite them to leave.

    You aren’t asking nicely enough. Say ‘Pretty Please with Sugar on top!!”

    pepper spray

  107. Carliss says:

    I’m going out on a limb here, Democrat mayor by any chance?

  108. subhuman taxpayer says:

    Sanctuary city, Democrat Mayor, taking in illegal refugees. You get what you vote for.

  109. Steve Whelan says:

    Change you can believe in!

  110. Good riddance, yuppies. Move back to the suburbs where you belong. And all of the crybaby conservative commenters here who can’t take the heat can go live somewhere else too. (Of course, none of these commenters actually live here, they’re all too scared to live in cities.) City living ain’t for everyone, so stick to your soft, boring suburbs and small towns and we’ll all be happier.

    1. Carliss says:


      1. redruffansore says:

        Chimpslapped. Own your fail, burn a spleef losers.

  111. Essie says:

    There are always going to be homeless people, ALWAYS. It’s not a social ill you cure, it’s a lifestyle that, because we choose to live around other people, is something we have to deal with. Don’t like the trash? Pick it up! Don’t like the disgusting mess they leave? CLEAN it up! End up with them on your lawn or in your alleyway? You’d be amazed what a garden hose and water can do. The homeless are encroaching only because we are letting them. Sound mean? There are so many support programs, food programs, housing programs and charities we all support and work with. It really is OK to set boundaries. So set them and ENFORCE them. Givers have to set boundaries because Takers don’t have any!

  112. eric says:

    I bucket of ice cold water would have stopped them….

  113. Dave Mowers says:



    1. todd says:

      $60 Trillion dollars in the war on poverty, and we lost. When are you liberals going to stop spending my money? When I run out?

  114. Irving Feldspar says:

    Too bad Denver sued to overturn the State’s preemption of gun laws. Before that you could openly carry a gun as you did your yardwork or puttered around the house. Armed homeowners are very effective in making the homeless find someplace else to squat.

  115. They’re welcome here in the People’s Republic of Boulder. I’m sure liberal tolerance will extend to those displaced by their economic policies.

  116. Melanie says:

    Homeless ought to head over to the “old airport site” that has been redeveloped with better parks and homes to relax among. Also…I bet a lot of Democrats that live there will be willing to share their resources with them. I understand they have wonderful parks and large front porches.

  117. Jason Blankovich says:

    It is time to make homelessness much more uncomfortable. It should be against the law to sleep in parks and on sidewalks. Anyone found just loitering around after 10pm should be rounded up in vans and taken to a holding area that is fenced off and covered; nothing more. After repeated overnight incarcerations they will get the message and move on or attempt to better their lives.

  118. janc1955 says:

    Perfect. Let’s run the good guys out of town – the home owners, working class, producers, young families, and retirees. Let’s run them out of their own neighborhoods and let the stoned or drunk or doped up population that refuses to work, pay taxes, or in any way behave like responsible adults take over. Perfect. Love this “new” country we’re building under liberal rule.

  119. Ask yourself: why not be homeless in Denver? 300 days of sunshine, a sanctuary city, friendly advocates providing free healthcare, food and showers, phones and clothing, and best of all, access to legal marijuana! Why not be homeless in Denver?! This should be advertised on the backpage of magazines and newspapers from Portland to Chicago. In Colorado Springs the Springs Rescue Mission is building a 150 unit “suite” for the homeless. Why not be homeless there? Scrimp, save, beg and get yourself a $70 greyhound ticket to Denver or Colorado Springs and be homeless there! Hurry!

  120. JohnDD says:

    Wastin’ away again in Obamaclintonville.

    1. Jack Kennedy says:

      …………… obamaclintonstan…………

  121. Buzz41 says:

    Keep voting and putting Obama and lying Hillary liberals in office and it will only get worse. What does it take to wake people up to where the problem comes from?

  122. Bruce Keener says:

    Ahhh… could it be legal pot and being a Sanctuary City that is the cause?.

  123. Buzz41 says:

    Denver residence can thank all of the bed-wetting, brain dead libs for voting for legalizing marijuana.

  124. OldOllie says:

    Do they not have vagrancy laws there, or have they just chosen not to enforce them?

  125. pi314 says:

    Hey Denver, if you want to see what your future holds, go visit San Francisco. Just like your city is beautiful now, a once-glorious city has been turned into a wasteland of filth, stench, and crime by ignoring these SAME ISSUES for several years. If you want a city in which aggressive homeless people are given free-reign to do whatever they want with impunity and essentially take over the public domain, you will undoubtedly becoming the same swirling disgusting uninhabitable cesspool that SF has become.

    On the other hand, liberal is as liberal does, so I doubt you’ll do anything to restore decency and order. Have fun with that.

  126. Mark Emsley says:

    Liberals dealing with a liberal problem. Instead of compassion they show disgust. Go figure.

  127. Very simply, you get exactly what you vote for. EVERY ity with a disgusting “homeless” problem has for years a very Liberal Government, including LA, San Francisco, Santa Cruz in Ca, Portland in Or, Seattle in Wa and New York City. Think about that the next time you bother to Vote.

  128. JaySee says:

    Its too bad but I dont feel sorry for them one bit. I used to live in Denver and it was a beautiful place. After seeing the influx of Californians and the liberal politics they brought with them I’m glad I left when I did. I’ve lived in SF and I lived in Denver, both cities are examples of what ugly politics can do to a beautiful city.

  129. Liberal too stupid to correlate the Legalization of week = attracts the useless and lazy of society I guess I just described the democratic party didn’t I. Enjoy the suck that is Colorado. Enjoy the high

  130. Dave says:

    You brainless liberals voted in brainless politicians and now complain when you have a brainless government.

  131. Jack Kennedy says:

    look at all “hope & CHANGE” is going well in obamastan………….. denver/detroit………..

  132. konc2 says:

    Keep voting for insane liberal democrats all you useful idiots, you are getting exactly what you voted for, the only problem with fed up democrats leaving the city they have turned into a garbage dump, they come out to where life is good, and the first thing they start doing, is trying to change a good town into the sewer they just left. Liberalism is a mental illness, unfortunately for the rest of us, its not terminal.

  133. Coal Creek says:

    Move up on Coal Creek, you’ll be fine. Or use your excess cannabis to bride the homeless to move to Phoenix, or LA..

  134. Jack Coyote says:

    They have only themselves and their brain dead liberal politics to blame. I hope they drown in a sea of homeless feces.

  135. TMan says:

    Simple fix, get a hose and spray the couple down. We do it with animals and it works. No physical contact so it’s not a crime. Next, ban with the neighbors to drive them out. Get a junk yard dog for your yard to protect your cushions. Me think you are moving mainly because your house is 4 times what it was worth just five years ago?

  136. Jack Coyote says:

    The only housing problem to blame for vagrants and street thugs is the empty housing between liberals ears where their brains should be.

  137. E. Wohner says:

    Welcome to Hillary’s America! Dependents needing Democrats to take care of them is the wave of the future.

  138. Joe says:

    Just think about how bad things would be if weren’t for the ObamaBoom due to Obamanomics. Maybe we need more regulations, taxes, and good trade deals to get rid of bad jobs. Hillary and her Democrat pals will fix it all. Trust me.

  139. Suibne Geilt says:

    what’s a little harmless fun along with the smiley smoke….let the kids watch….maybe they will learn something,,,,obama: it’s a teachable moment….heheh.

  140. Mae says:

    Denver, Pueblo and Manitou Springs are experiencing more crime due to the new drug laws.

  141. Ed Johson says:

    That sucks. But when it’s time to get laid a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.

  142. driveby_poster says:

    Wonder if the homeless couple would be open to a threesome.

  143. BobUSAFret says:

    Wow, homelessness in the touted Obama recovery? How can this be?

  144. Steve Frabbitz says:

    Transients (many of whom are mentally ill) are flocking to Colorado because they heard through social media that the streets are paved with hash oil. Who knew this would be an unintended consequence of legalization? And because Denver is so crowded and dangerous they’re branching out to other cities like Boulder and Longmont and Fort Collins…anywhere there’s free food and/or shelter.

  145. timefortrump says:

    This is the state of things after 7.5 years of Obama “Hope and Change” – I guess he meant you will hope to have some change in your pocket after he’s done with us all Trump/Pence 2016 – Make America Great Again- bring back the jobs – clean up the crime in our cities – that is what we need badly!

  146. Scott Pfund says:

    Metro Denver and most of the East Slope is a cesspool. I spent 5 years in Northern Cali after 35+ years in Colorado, I moved back to Metro Denver and what a change.For the worse. Drugs are rampant, I’ve already been a victim of a robbery in my short term back. On a normal outing to your job or store, you have a good chance of seeing a wreck, robbery, drug deal etc…. They found 2300 used heroin needles on the Cherry Creek park path this year alone. Talk to a vet most will tell you while they used to treat 5 dogs per year eating dope, now they treat 5 per week. A dog the other day ate some heroin a druggie threw into a doggie day care after cops were chasing him. Denver Cops with ICE busted 54 illegal aliens selling dope. The Judge let the Kingpin pusher deported 6 times previously back on the street. The days of Governor Hickendoper’s days of the Sanctuary city is alive and well. Many of us will never forget that one of Hickendoper’s employees from his bar killed a Denver Cop.
    We have not even got to the traffic. ha ha ha yes the mountains are wonderfull. But good luck getting there, and once you take that picture its time to get onto the I-70 parking lot and return back.
    Oh and wait till you see the cost of this paradise. Housing, vehicle registration auto insurance are all going, going, going Up and away!!!
    I’ve had enough comedy and am out in spring.
    Oh and don’r expect the news channels or corrupt Denver Post to ever paint the true picture of this dump.

    1. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out, crybaby.

  147. oy! says:

    Obama’s America. It took decades to fix the Carter mess. It will take decades to fix this one.

  148. Bill Williams says:

    Gee, I wonder if THEY voted for democRats?
    Thanks, ‘Rats!

  149. tngilmer says:

    Just another example of how a city and/or state devolves when the left takes over. This woman who called 911 should have said that she just shot one of the people she called about. I bet a cop would have showed up pronto then.

    1. Deandre says:

      She would have then been arrested and hauled away for filing a false police report. The cops probably would have led her to the police car, forcing her to step over the couple STILL engaged in sex.

  150. Deandre says:

    Sounds like Denver may well be on its way to becoming the New Detroit

  151. How dare you peddle this fiction. There is full employment and a booming economy. Just ask the president.

  152. Pat Carroll says:

    There is a solution for that. it’s called a garden hose. You know–like you do with dogs.

  153. David Witheld says:

    I grew up in Denver and am one of the, what? 9 remaining native Coloradans.

    Congratulations. The Californication of my beloved home state is now complete. Although I will still visit to buy pot.

  154. Skud says:

    I’m sure if the good folks in Denver will keep voting for Democrats then everything will eventually work out. They should probably just give the homeless some more sandwiches, blankets, clean needles and maybe condoms too. If they vote for Hillary I’m sure the problem will fix itself.

    1. James says:

      If she gets preg you will pay all the hospital bills, then childcare, EITC, school cost, Free College, and then kid will need a basement to live in……this is liberalism!

  155. James says:

    Welcome to Obama’s America!

  156. Fred125 says:

    You legalized pot, now deal with the unforeseen consequences

  157. Kyle says:

    Love Denver, lived there for many years, great city and people. But decided a few months ago to move to a warmer, safer, less expensive city. No regrets, and no plans to return even for a visit.

  158. John Smith says:

    Democrats destroy everything they touch

  159. Sam says:

    All of the major problems that Colorado is experiencing comes down to ONE thing: LIBERAL policies.
    Colorado used to be a dark red, conservative state. Then the Californians started moving here in droves. They drove up housing prices and started pushing their liberal agenda.
    We now have:
    – pot stores everywhere
    – increasing homeless rate
    – pandhandlers *EVERYWHERE*
    – services and drivers’ licenses for illegals
    – unvetted “refugees’ coming in
    – Common Core in our public schools
    – higher taxes due to liberal voters

    Even here in El Paso country – one of the few conservative counties left in the state – we’re seeing more liberals coming in. Not good. Liberal policies need to go – they have proven to be nothing but abject failures. This state needs to go back to the conservative policies that made it such a wonderful place to live.

  160. Eric says:

    Welcome to the soup kitchen. We are just gonna put some D’s in some A’s.

  161. Disgusting California white liberals that destroyed their state then fled have now destroyed CO and MN. Pure human garbage.

  162. steve says:

    LOL this is so funny. I thought liberals were suppose to be compassionate and the most tolerant people in the world. Your chickens have come home to roost so suck it up and deal with it. Invite them into your homes, feed them, train them, be compassionate. You want to allow millions of illegals and refugees into our country so put your money where you mouth is and let these poor people into your homes and provide them food and shelter.

    LOL this made my day so funny.

  163. Eric says:

    I saw this the other day. Here is the video:

  164. Herring says:

    These people sound pretty wimpy to me. Here in Philly, we’d just yell at them to move on. If they don’t, chuck a small rock at them. Homeless people just existing don’t sound like major issues, compared to the stuff we have to deal with around here.

  165. Denver County and the City of Denver residents are reaping hat they have sown. They misued the balllot in 2008 and 2012 to select the Encomony Buster-In-Chief, Obama. They defecated that fool Obama on Denver and the entire nation. At a rate of over 73% voting for Obama, you brought this cancer on yourselves.

    Those who abused the ballot for that creep should not be allowed to leave Denver County to infect other States, Counties, and Municipalities with the deadly liberal cancer that breeds homelessness and the lunacy of their homeless nuts.

    You Denver Democrats reading made this mess. You should have to live out your useless, selfish lives in that cesspool city.

  166. Realist says:

    I stumbled upon this article here in Portland, OR and Denver sounds exactly like the situation here. Ever since pot was legalized a couple of years ago, Portland is now teeming with drugs and homeless. Druggies and panhandlers are actually stacked up in doorways. Businesses, naturally, are fleeing. Most of us never even go near the city anymore. Our housing costs have also skyrocketed along with traffic nightmares. Californians are pouring in as are many others for the freebies and dope. The city and state governments are left of left and very progressive with no sign of change so things are going downhill fast. It is such a shame as Portland used to be a great city. Unfortunately, the whole country seems to be on this same path.

  167. Eric says:

    I love how they blame the homeless on lack of affordable housing when its just a bunch of crazy drug addicts who are too lazy to get a job.

  168. Obamasux says:

    The glories of America in the Hillary/Obama era.

  169. midway says:

    A doped up community filled with degenerate libs. What could possibly go wrong?

  170. Will Rogers says:

    All we need is some more refugee’s. This can’t be true…the economy has been vastly improving for almost a decade…cough, cough.

  171. searchermike says:

    “crazies and drunks” are not part of the “low wage earners” who can’t afford housing.

  172. Roberto says:

    “It’s people who feel entitled to live where they want and inconvenience whoever they want. It’s not a good thing. It makes it unsafe for the rest of us.”

  173. iodiner says:

    What’s up…..I thought liberals were tolerant and cared about the homeless, the downtrodden, and muzlims. Why don’t they invite them into their homes, feed them, and allow them to have sex on the living room sofa. It’s only fair.

  174. Bumptious_Boy says:

    Sort of reminds me (but in a different context) of Pam Geller’s controversial ad on buses in New York City.

    “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. {…} ”

    In THIS context: “Civilization takes work. It takes self-discipline. It takes recognizing that one’s actions have consequences, and then taking responsibility for those consequences.”

    By denying people the painful consequences of their behavior, our bleeding-heart do-gooders think they are “helping the unfortunate”; yet they’re actually preventing those people from experiencing the motivation to CHANGE their actions. That’s absolutely counter-productive.

    Our Liberals/ Progressives seem to be trying to legislate a Child’s Utopia into existence: they want the “freedom” to make disastrous choices and yet face no unhappy consequences afterwards.

    Real Life just doesn’t work that way. Consequences are NECESSARY to life, and to a functional society. And to Civilization itself.

    Support Civilization.

  175. Phantom II says:

    And why are those construction and other jobs low-paying? Because the vast majority of them are performed by illegal immigrants who pay little or no taxes, use medical and social services they don’t pay for and depress wages for US citizens who would happily do those jobs. Welcome to the world you Denver dimwitted, liberal, socialist Democrats created for yourselves and inflicted upon the rest of us. Denver used to be a wonderful place to live. It has now been thoroughly Californicated and we are happily leaving it behind. So long, suckers.

  176. steve says:

    If it went on for quite awhile I would like to know what the guy was taking for such staying power. My nickname is firecracker. Maybe it is the Mary Jane. Everybody has to be someplace. They wanted Mary Jane and they got it so get in, sit down and shut up.

  177. jerry snaper says:

    Read a lot of the comments. Perhaps we should rethink things. Would you like to throw all those millionairs out of Colorado? Do Americans realize that a person on welfare is like a retired person? And how much money would you have to have on deposit in a bank at 0.1% to get a welfare payment? Have you looked at those huge interest payments on your checking and saving accounts? Can you get a burger or much pot on $ .25? All those on welfare have the equivalent of multimillion bank accounts at our expense.
    And to quote Mark Twain:“Rags, wretchedness, poverty and dirt, those signs and symbols that indicate the presence of Moslem rule.”-Mark Twain. So thank you Caliph obaaama!

  178. So, the cure is to abandon the city to the bums? How about using some of that pot-tax funds to clean out the bums. Maybe tough to do when much of the city is mile-high. Vagrancy, loitering, trespassing, vandalism, … used to be misdemeanors, … now being a bum is considered some sort of entitlement, and always at others’ expense. Stop enabling, and take back the streets.

  179. Tom says:

    This is what happens, when property rights are diminished.

  180. T.A. says:

    Liberalism came to Colorado to make it like Californication!

  181. What is not to like ??
    This is our celebrated liberal lifestyle. Please, stop complaining about the homeless angels having sex on your porch, smoking Obamaweed and sleeping on your patio furniture.
    We must share the wealth equally and distribute our benefits and assets around. remember you need not build that business or enterprise all by yourself now.
    So Denver ssash up, smile and enjoy the new world order.

  182. dogsrock2 says:

    Now, now homelss people have needs also

  183. Skid Marx says:

    Forward comrades!
    Forward to the glorious Haiti/Venezuela/Zimbabwe utopia.
    To each according to his need, workers of the world unite.
    Yes we can!

  184. Sue says:

    Hard not to feel a sense of Schadenfreude. What did they think would happen when they legalized marijuana? This isn’t about mental health one shred.
    Of course, Denver has a long history of being a sort of wilderness for humanity. It’s really the yuppies coming in and expecting something different who are at fault.

  185. Bill Smith says:

    It’s Colorado. The influx of homeless has to do with the legalization of recreational marijuana.

    You reap what you sow.

  186. st8kout says:

    Has anyone else noticed that homeless stories are ONLY in local news, not national? There are record number of homeless and destitute people in every city in America, but the national media are purposely keeping quite about it because there is a democrat in the White House. They are not about to draw attention to this nationwide disgraceful problem and make their guy look bad. Of course, after Trump wins then the media will come alive with story after story and calling on Trump to fix it immediately.

  187. James McGill, ESQ says:

    Keep voting Democrat morons!!

  188. Roberto Johnson says:

    The Leftist Demoncrats are to blame. Anyone who denies this is blind.

  189. Obamanomics. Destroying people’s lives for 8 long years!

  190. PeachK says:

    If you love your city don’t ever vote Democrat. They will ruin it every time. How many examples of this do we need across America before people finally wake up?

  191. Tator Jones says:

    DUH!!! I love the fact Progressives are starting to see and feel the results of their fruits.

    In all of history, no government became more honest, less corrupt, or respected its citizens rights more as it grew in size. E.L. 2016

  192. You idiots voted Progressive Liberal Democrat. Now live with it.

  193. Byron Brewer says:

    I use to live in Denver in the late 70’s, early 80’s….way before legal pot. Loved the city back then.
    I thought the Colorado weed was really expensive….how do the bums afford their smoke?
    Just wondering……

  194. NoMoLies says:

    With all the money we waste in America and all the money we give to other nations to take care of them we could easily pull back half of that and take care of every single homeless person in America to help them get back on their feet. Charity should begin at home. Then if we manage to eradicate the Democrats and NeoCons and reduce taxes and restrictions on business and we can all be prospering. Hey, that is exactly Donald Trump’s plan. Make America Great again. 40 years ago the only homeless people on the street were mentally unstable. Now the mentally unstable ones are the ones we vote into office. It’s time for a big change.

  195. Rob Conger says:

    from the article: “There’s plenty of work — we can’t get enough people,” he said. But those comparatively low paying jobs don’t pay enough to cover housing costs.

    Keep on not having a livable minimum wage.

    Keep it up.

    You’ll have more to worry about than people having sex on your old, shriveled up, pathetic, plastic, celibate, neutered, stilted, saggy, droopy lawn.

  196. Had enough yet? says:

    Bahahaha! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving city that has been overthrown by the insanity of Democrats & liberalism! Things getting bad? SHOCKED I am, just completely SHOCKED! Not!

  197. iambicpentamaster says:

    Denver = Just another Democrat dystopia

    Just curious, who guards the shopping cart while its thieves are otherwise [coitally] occupied?

  198. DeVan says:

    And yet the Obama propaganda machine tells us the economy is booming. While never mentioning the 94 MILLION who have given up looking for work.

  199. Democrat voters, Democrat mayors, kill cities.

  200. Democrat voters, Democrat mayors kill cities.

  201. DeVan says:

    So one presidential candidate is for law and order, one is for lawless chaos. No brainier, Denver.
    Trump 2016!

  202. DeVan says:

    So you have a choice, one candidate is for the rule of law, the other continued corrupt, lawless chaos. It’s a no brainier: Trump 2016

  203. ReBecca says:

    Obama’s HOPE & CHANGE – “The economy has never been better”.

  204. Craff Yougy says:


  205. seerclearly says:

    It’s disappointing reading all the comments on here complaining about how “liberals” created the problem of homelessness, while at the same time displaying utter ignorance of the causes or solutions for homelessness that have been proven to work, though sadly never by right-wing voters or politicians. The answer to “why” is in the article itself: economic growth. People like to blame stoners for coming to the state but as the article stated there are plenty of low-wage jobs here and the real issue is the price of housing. That price has been rising because Denver is becoming a second-wave Silicon Valley AND because the legal marijuana industry is generating profits that are contributing to real estate demand. I think most people in the Front Range would rather have the economic boom caused by these industries to offset the recent loss of oil and gas revenue, than going back to the endless recession in Colorado of the past. So given that the cause of the homeless problem can’t be blamed on losers the way Trump and the GOP would love it to be, that leaves us with actually taking responsibility for fixing it rather then sweeping it under the carpet, which the article points out is not working. There is one solution that has worked extremely well in a variety of places, including Canada and even San Jose, CA. That is to simply provide free housing. Experience has shown that this costs less than the endless police sweeps, shelters, and other incidental costs. In fact, those studies also showed that nearly 80% of those given free housing for a year were able to leave the program, as opposed to less than 20% who lived in shelters. This is because most homeless would like to work and support themselves – an inconvenient truth for the Right, but a very convenient truth for cities like Denver dealing with the homelessness problem. They just need a home base to get their lives together and seek a job from. Add to that free mental health care for those who need it, and you have a complete homelessness solution.

  206. George says:

    I love how the advocates blame the increased in housing costs. Let’s be real. We legalized MMJ and a huge portion of people with on income move on a “Green Rush” and we are now dealing with a ton of problems. Federal legalization would maybe take some of this pressure off Denver.

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