DENVER (CBS4) – A new survey from Monmouth University says voters have lost or are ending friendships as a result of this year’s presidential election.

CBS News reports that, according to the poll, seven percent of voters have parted ways with friends.

Out of those, nine percent of Hillary Clinton supports says they’ve lost a friend, while six percent of Donald Trump Supports say the same.

How different is that from previous elections?

According to Monmouth, seven percent of voters ended friendships in previous political campaigns.

More than two-thirds of voters say the race has brought out the worst in people, with that same number saying that the harsh language used in politics is unjustified.

Of those surveyed, thirty-seven percent says the harsh language is coming from Trump’s campaign, while eleven percent say it is from Clinton’s.

The poll surveyed a total of 802 registered voters between Sept. 22 and 25, which was prior to the first presidential debate, with a 3.5 percentage point margin of error.

The second presidential debate will be held at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri on Oct. 9 at


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