CRAIG, Colo. (CBS4)– The Bureau of Land Management estimates there are 600 wild horses in a herd near Craig targeted for a roundup next month.

According to the Daily Sentinel, some of the horses will be treated with birth control and another 50 will go to an adoption program.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Last year, a wild horse roundup in Southwestern Colorado was met with controversy. The BLM has opened a 30-day appeal for public comment on the latest roundup. The earliest it will happen is Oct. 21.

There are approximately 70,000 wild horses and burros on public lands in the West.

Wild horses in Rio Blanco County (credit: CBS)

Wild horses in Rio Blanco County (credit: CBS)

Additional Information From The National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board

The BLM will continue caring for and seeking good homes for unadopted and unsold animals currently held in off-range corrals and pastures.

To learn how to adopt or purchase a wild horse or burro call 866-4MUSTANGS; e-mail; or visit

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  1. Janice E Mitich says:

    What’s not mentioned is that after three attempts to get a wild horse adopted, the BLM may then sell the animal to the highest bidder—which usually are “kill buyers” who have the funds to outbid any competition wanting to adopt. The horse is then shipped to either Mexico, a large market because the country doesn’t have enough beef to feed its population, or shipped to Canada, where the animal may be flown to Japan’s slaughter houses, or to Europe. Unlike domesticated horses, many of whom may have been injected with drugs such as Bute that pose a hazard to people eating the meat, wild horse meat don’t have that problem. Please contact Colorado BLM, Dept. of the Interior, etc. to protest these roundups. If you are able to adopt, please do so. If you can donate to wild horse rescue organizations, please do so. The Wild Horse and Burro Act is being totally ignored.

  2. Normal Rates: The average growth rate for a wild-horse herd is 5% a year. The birth rate is slightly less than 20%, but half of foals perish as do at least 5% of wild horses other-than-foals; hence, a net herd-growth rate of 5%.

    Bogus Rates: Last year, BLM declared there were 35,000 wild horses; this year, 75,000. Such an increase — 40,000 — would necessitate the birth of 83,500 foals to overcome foal mortality (50%) and other-than-foal mortality (5%) — reflecting a birth rate of 238% — nearly 12 times the norm. The alleged growth rate is 114% — 23 times the norm. That’s biologically impossible.

    Integrity of the Data: BLM is bound by law — the Data Quality Act — and by policy — the Department of the Interior’s Code of Scientific and Scholarly Conduct to disseminate information obtained through “as rigorous scientific and scholarly processes as can be achieved.” However, BLM’s data with regard to wild horses is deceitful. The “overpopulation” exists only on BLM’s falsified spreadsheets.

    Sterilization Is Inappropriate: Why would we surgically or chemically (PZP) sterilize wild horses per fraudulent data?

  3. Debra Kostick says:

    Any one want to go to Craig within the next month and count Wild Horses. 600 horses is a lot of horses and should be easily found.

  4. Alynn A Dalton says:

    Wonderful input here in the comments. What these visitors in the comments are saying is the honest TRUTH. As a personal witness to the “emergency” gather of wild horses that commenced in Cold Creek, NV in September 2015, I had a conversation with the BLM, specifically, Karla Norris. She stated in this conversation that they had counted approximately 550 horses and were going to remove approx. half in the gather. Because some of the horses were in rough condition, I was concerned at where they would specifically end up and asked her what their plans were for the struggling horses, a large handful mind you. Karla stated that ” if the horse could get on the trailers to leave their HMA, then they would be taken care of by the BLM and not disposed of.” The gather removed, according to the BLM data, approx. 270 horses. Approx. 32 horses were subsequently euthanized via a bullet to the brain, including a pregnant mare and a 4 year old, as well as a beautiful elder stallion that they allowed to fight with another stallion while in their possession/captivity, post gather.

    So the BLM was removing approx half the horses from Cold Creek, right? Basic math…. Wrong, To date, less than a dozen horses have been seen at Cold Creek NV HMA…less than 12 when it should be at least 200 Horses !!!!! This is a huge gross difference. Also, there is no reasonably astute cull (or thought process) in the management of these herds, they take whatever they can, often taking the best of the herds, never to be seen again – exterminating bloodlines in the process and reducing genetic viability, which is so crucial in a wild animal – can you say survival of the fittest – but that adage doesn’t include a stupid human intervention.

    So let’s recap. Emergency Gather — Data Skewed, Promises of no death dealing/euthanization = lies, population of Cold Creek WIld Horses decimated! This FOLKS is NOT wild horse management, this is gross mismanagement with no brain power, and it is MANAGEMENT INTO EXTINCTION for our beautiful and majestic wild horses !! For any direct date on my testimony/commentary here please see George Knapp articles regarding the Cold Creek NV herd from 2015 and the BLM data regarding the euthanizations.

    I thought learning how to properly count was a grade school skill set, and one that is also rather necessary to graduate from the school system. Apparently NOT knowing how to count gets you a job working in the wild horse program for the BLM. Fire these fools that are deceiving the public in obvious criminal bias for the gas, fracking, resource mining and ranching (cow) industries. They have sold out the wild horses, literally. We are almost out of time. Speak for the horses, speak for the generations that will have to look at a picture in a book or online to see and experience what a wild horse is because, once again, MAN has messed with Mother Nature and obliterated another of its gifts on this planet. Thank you for reading this.

  5. Lou Ann Miller says:

    This is all very upsetting and once again a government agency is cheating and defrauding the American people, these horses belong on the open range, it seems that the herds are mismanaged as well as all of the money alloted to the BLM , who are doing a very poor job. The minute the BLM stepped in and removed horses from the range, they upset the natural oder of the herds, and the horses are not allowed to live as God intended. I am disgusted by the waste and the cruelty in the name of protecting the wild horses. Please everyone call your state representives and loudly complain!

  6. I was going to travel there to take photos of them, now the crooked BLM steps in , so I’m sure there will be cattle in their place. Never mind what the people want, the rigged system rolls along. Welfare ranchers cost the taxpayer millions along with the millions used to slaughter wildlife on their behalf, just one of the many reasons I don’t eat meat or dairy…… Must every government agency dealing with animals be corrupt to the core ???? And will these horses be sold to slaughter too? I can’t really type what I think of the BLM, Colorado just lost tourism dollars.

  7. T. Chapman says:

    If you still eat beef and lamb you’re complicit in the problem. Boycott these products and we’ll soon reclaim our precious wildlife and wild spaces. It’s the only viable solution.

  8. This evil has to end. These wild horses and the lands they live on belong to the American people. A few people in the government make an evil decisions ,based on greed,and they do so despite what millions of people want. Sometimes they forget that they are supposed to be working for we the people. Our wild lands and wild animals need to be left alone. The government slaughters millions of animals every year,for whatever reasons they can come up with,and one day we will have nothing left. May God bless and protect these beautiful and wild horses in all ways mankind can come up with to destroy them,in Jesus name Amen.

  9. jimijammin says:

    The BLM is as corrupt as they come. There are no where near 70,000 horses left on the range. This inflated number is to appease welfare ranchers to graze cattle. PZP only works for 2 months. While you’re not looking, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are systematically eradicating America’s wild horses and burros from our public lands. And these agencies are doing this at breakneck speed! Witness the number and frequency of the roundups being conducted in public lands spanning millions and millions of acres in 10 Western states, costing taxpayers millions and millions of dollars.

  10. Hey Advocates! One thing we can do to help the Wild Horses is PUSH Supermeat! I met the people involved in the development of Supermeat at this years Animal National Rights Conference in Los Angeles. This product will severely impact the entire world in many positive ways and years in our future: all but eliminate cattle raising on public lands for profit.

  11. Alice Witt says:

    The BLM should be disbanded; and the Dept. of the Interior admonished for failure to do its job, oversee its subsidiaries. The BLM is responsible for more than 260 million acres of public land—nearly one-eighth of all land in the United States—and 700 million acres of Federal subsurface mineral estate nationwide; and all that land is in the west and in Alaska. Notice, it is PUBLIC LAND, and it should remain thus. It should not be loaned out to private ranchers for their cattle and sheep. The BLM is basing its constant disruption of the horses, its roundups, its “let’s kill them all”, its “let’s sterilize all the females” mentality of bogus counts and statistics. The “overpopulation” exists only on BLM’s falsified spreadsheets. Considering the track record of the BLM, I sure as hell don’t want them determining which horses are healthy enough for adoption and which ones aren’t.

  12. #boycottBeef. Cattle Ranchers own the BLM and pay $1.35 per head or $1.62 for a cow and calf to graze on our public lands, Then sell grass fed beef for $17 a pound (at Costco, yesterday) My health is so much better since I quit subsidizing the beef and dairy industries. Join the #boycottBeef #boycottDairy club.

  13. Pokey Waller says:

    Leave the animals alone! Stop killing them!

  14. Denise says:

    I have always considered Coloradans to be faux liberals, faux environmentalists – they care about EVERYTHING until it causes them an issue – then its time to kill the horses! how stupid are you?? Overpopulation of wild horses in CO?? Baloney – someone in the background will be better off with these horses dead. Next time to want to point a finger at another state for their perceived environmental failures – make sure you never forget this. People who do this are vile.

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