PUEBLO, Colo. (CBS4) – At least eight people have been fired due to alleged abuse at a center for the disabled in Pueblo where staff told investigators that “paranormal activity” was to blame.

A federal investigation found numerous cases of abuse at the Pueblo Regional Center for people with severe intellectual disabilities.

A federal report indicates that several residents had words like “die” and “kill” scratched into their skin. Staffers claim the words appeared by “paranormal activity.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Another patient was allegedly burned with a hairdryer to raise her body temperature.

The alleged abuse occurred before November 2015 and as recently as April.

The Arc of Pueblo serves as legal guardians for nine of the people who live at the center.

“It was just unbelievable that in this day and age people would treat other human beings in this way,” said Arc of Pueblo Executive Director Stephanie Garcia.

The Department of Human Services oversees the Pueblo Regional Center. It released a statement reading that it will “continue to improve staff training in a number of areas.”

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  1. Sharon J says:

    I can not believe this happened. When you are caring for the elderly, this really shine shame on the individuals that was truly behind this. And to try to cover it up is as shameful as the persons involved. Taking a step in believing this paranormal manipulation would have anyone afraid of a Nursing home.

  2. It’s likely Mexican’s who did the abuse, not ghosts. They need to be charged so they can’t get similar jobs elsewhere.

    I bet 100% of these patients voted for Obama and will vote for Hillary even though they had severe intellectual disabilities.

    These patients were tortured for at least a year, the criminals need prison time.

  3. Sure…and Hillary’s criminality is actually due to a “vast alt-right wing conspiracy”.

  4. coastalocal says:

    Pueblo is a Democrat City that died and this is what goes on now.

  5. Nah, it was the creepy clowns done did it.

  6. decordell says:

    Did any of you Ever hear of Demon Spirits? Jesus had them in his time, so why wouldn’t we have them now? We are in a Spiritual Battle for our minds.. 2 Cor. 10 v. 3-5 and Ephes. 10 v. 10-20… Read Them ! Satan comes as an angel of light, but in reality he comes to Seek , Kill, and Destroy.. Never underestimate him.. he’s pulling out all the stops on humanity because he knows his time is short.. Look at the world around us.. Corruption, murders, hatred, greed, etc.. But Fear Not… Jesus Christ came and shed His Blood for our sins and when we accept Him as our Savior, we have authority over all the evil around us..satan has the power that man gives him but God’s Power is Greater.. Read His Word and Live.. I know it’s not popular, but it’s eternal blessedness with our Lord and that beats hell and torment.. JMHO.. Love Ya. Prayers !

  7. Wharfplank says:

    But this is how it’s done in Mexico…

  8. no2why says:

    This day and age have nothing to do with the fact that people are evil. 2016 is no different than evil in the 1200’s. Some humans have a horrible ability to harm other humans with no remorse.

  9. michael james says:

    not kidding

  10. michael james says:

    Who ever told police it was paranormal activity,, should be severely beaten about the upper head and chest repeatedly. And then after that they should be put on a plane,, and left on a deserted island

  11. anonymous says:

    I recently “rescued” my spouse from a nursing facility. They all need to be looked at with a magnifier, horse whip and lawyers….

  12. Rob Bennett says:


  13. Willam Nat says:

    In a few weeks, Colorado will get a chance to approve assisted suicide for the state. That should be great for sick, elderly people. They’ll have a choice: abuse or suicide.

  14. F. Hugh says:

    Old people have stopped making money that the DNC can confiscate and exchange for the votes of those who don’t wanna do anything but scratch where it itches and stick their hands out for “entitlements” from those they spit on and blame for everything. Of course the l i b t a r d s will try to kill them! They’ve stopped being a convenient resource.

  15. “It was just unbelievable that in this day and age people would treat other human beings in this way,”. No, sadly, this is getting to be more and more common.

    1. AhoyGoy says:

      Exactly…we are circling the drain of full blown moral depravity.

  16. sarah says:

    Has anyone checked to see if paranormal activity could actually be responsible for the abuse of these people?

    Cameras in the facility could possibly end any employee abuse if indeed the abuse is caused by employees.

    The supernatural is real.

    But, so are real hateful mean people who intentionally hurt others.

  17. djbobberry says:

    Yeah right and the dog ate my homework

  18. djbobberry says:

    Yeah right and the dog ate my homework.

  19. VillageViking says:

    Do the ghosts resemble Bill Clinton?

  20. Just another example of how our country is declining into some third world, bone-thru-the-nose, witch doctor level of science dung heap of a society.

  21. Ursus_Rexx says:

    Re: “…A federal report indicates that several residents had words like “die” and “kill” scratched into their skin. Staffers claim the words appeared by “paranormal activity…Another patient was allegedly burned with a hairdryer to raise her body temperature…”

    What ‘evidence’ could there possibly be…to corroborate such an idiotic excuse, (‘paranormal-activity’), for this alleged ‘serial’ neglect / assault?

    As a retired healthcare professional…(22 years, an urban paramedic), I am a ‘lifetime’ reporter’…
    Aka, even retired…I’m legally obligated to report things like this if I encounter / am informed about ’em!

    …”NO PROBLEMO!”, as the Terminator might say!

    I would LAUGH my a@@, off, were I on the grand jury, waiting to indict… / jury…sitting in judgement… / judge, waiting to pronounce sentence, re these grotesques!

  22. Nate says:

    Thats the kind of garbage you get when you hire uneducated, low rent wage slaves.

  23. deimos says:

    those people will be there soon enough and with any luck it will happen to them.

  24. Mary Mac says:

    Mexicans….they’ll say anything outrageous, lie and blame someone/some else.

  25. Tom says:

    What do you want to bet that all the care givers there are ‘Boot Lipped’ or ‘No Speaky Engrish’

  26. Jim says:

    These staffers should be prosecuted.

  27. Htos1 says:

    Just say it! Blacks polar bear hunting!

  28. Ben Dover says:

    Do not confuse paranormal and abnormal.

  29. BobUSAFret says:

    Bet there wouldn’t be any “paranormal activity” if marijuana wasn’t legal.

  30. Karen says:

    What do the cameras reveal and if there aren’t cameras why not? Sue and on top of that prosecute. Jail time for assault and battery.

  31. Zoe says:

    It’s never too late to install surveillance cameras, but do it now. It should be a law that all assisted living facilities have surveillance cameras.

  32. billrow says:

    Almost all caregivers in these facilities are of one particular demographic.

  33. I hate to say it, but if I were one of those patients, suicide would be an option I would most definitely consider.

  34. jstan442 says:

    part of the demcomie nutjobs like the ones threatening juanita broderick–young adults with no empathy, no love, only demonic hate for Christians and conservatives

  35. Obama says:

    another day, another nest of feeble-minded coiled-hair chimpanzees

  36. Charles Lee Ray says:

    “Dindu nuffin” with a twist.

  37. Hey 3rd world sh1thole morons, we know better here.

  38. Pueblo Regional Center for people with severe intellectual disabilities
    So THAT’S what they call the hillary campaign office in Pueblo.

  39. paul says:

    I watched that episode of the X-files. I doubt that paranormal activity is the reason for the abuse in this case.

    1. TXGunner1 says:

      You “DOUBT” that is paranormal activity? There is no such thing as paranormal activity. You (no you specifically paul, unless this applies to you) are insane if you think there is. I don’t care if you have experienced it yourself. It was either a dream or you are insane.

  40. Jeff says:

    Wonder what they’ve been smoking?

  41. Gino Petraglia says:

    Has anyone called Ghost Busters?

  42. Robert says:

    Shoot, if it’s Wyoming you can kill someone and not be charged. Pauline Holmes, beat her husband into a nursing home where he ended up dying from the injuries. The DA decided it would cost too much to prosecute her, since she wasn’t a threat to anyone else. Little does he know the psych job is a danger to anyone at any time.

  43. TCA says:

    What color are the care-givers who attribute these injuries to ghosts?

  44. Doug says:

    No names, no mug shots, no prosecutions and Stephanie Garcia gets to keep her job. Animals carving sick words into disabled peoples flesh and Ms. Garcia should be deported. Along with any of the illegals who participated in this sub-human behavior.

    1. Freeland_Dave says:

      No Doug, she deserves to be executed in a public hanging. This type of rape deserves the death sentence.

    2. MajDad says:

      No accountability, either. And why did it take a Fed investigation — where was the state and locals?

      1. Robadude32 says:

        What DO YOU THINK????

  45. The very last sentence hidden from everything “The Department of Human Services oversees the Pueblo Regional Center”. So the government monitors this transformed ObamaCare facility. People got fired but not prosecuted. Typical liberal government run institution. I’m sure many residents died too. Obama’s own adviser, Dr Ezekiel Emanuel, promotes genocide which he calls “Complete Lives System”. Rationed health care to the elderly and sick children so they will die and not become a burden on society. Dr Ezekiel Emanuel is a eugenicist, the wholesale slaughter of those using the government health care system. Obama and Emanuel successfully accomplished this through the VA medical system.

    1. During WWII there was much the same attitude toward the elderly and the sick…They called it “Life Unworthy Of Life”. and they were the sole authority decider. of who fit into that category.
      One guess as to who ‘they’ were.

    2. suibne says:

      paranormal? smoking dope you mean.

    3. Wastrel says:

      It’s the Colorado Department of Human Services, not the federal department. Look at th e sign. Obama has nothing to do with this, this failure and abuse is on the State of Colorado.

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