BOULDER, Colo (CBS4) – The brother of JonBenet Ramsey is speaking for the first time since her murder nearly 20 years ago.

Burke Ramsey was just 9 years old when his sister was found dead. His parents went to great lengths to protect his privacy and keep him out of the media spotlight. Now, at the age of 29, he’s speaking exclusively on the Dr. Phil Show.

“Did you hit your sister over the head with a baseball bat of a flashlight?” Dr. Phil McGraw asked.

“Absolutely not,” Burke Ramsey replied.

(Credit: Dr. Phil Show)

(Credit: Dr. Phil Show)

Burke Ramsey addressed much of the speculation and theories surrounding the death of JonBenet.

“One of the reasons (a lead investigator) believes that you are the culprit here is that on the day of your sister’s murder, you never asked about her welfare,” Dr. Phil said.

“Well, it was pretty much, ‘Hey, we can’t find your sister. What do you think happened?’ And I was like, ‘Well, she’s probably just hiding somewhere. Have you guys looked around the house?’ The next time I talked to somebody, she’s dead,” Burke Ramsey explained.

(Credit Dr. Phil Show)

(Credit Dr. Phil Show)

Burke Ramsey watched interrogation tapes of police and a child psychologist interviewing him nearly 20 years ago. At one point he was asked to draw a picture of the family in which he drew his mom, dad and himself.

“Did you consciously not draw JonBenet?” Dr. Phil asked.

“I don’t really remember what was going through my head. But she was gone, so I didn’t draw her,” Burke Ramsey replied.

(Credit Dr. Phil Show)

(Credit Dr. Phil Show)

Dr. Phil walked him through the funeral.

“I remember the viewing. The casket was small. Her eyes were closed. I think one of her eyes was a little bit droopy or something, but I thought that was weird,” Burke Ramsey recalled.

People light candles at the murder site of JonBenet Ramsey in Boulder in December 1997. (credit: Karl Gehring/Liaison)

People light candles at the murder site of JonBenet Ramsey in Boulder in December 1997. (credit: Karl Gehring/Liaison)

He also addressed conjecture that his voice is in the background of the 911 call.

“Where were you when that phone call was made?” Dr. Phil asked.

“In my bed,” Burke answered.

Ramsey maintains that he stayed in his bedroom while his mother and police frantically searched the house for JonBenet. He also admitted to being out of bed late the night his sister died.

“Yeah, I had some toy that I wanted to put together. I remember being downstairs after everyone was in bed … wanting to get this thing out,” Burke Ramsey said.

“Did you use the flashlight so you wouldn’t be seen?” Dr. Phil followed up.

“I don’t remember. I just remember being downstairs with this toy,” Burke replied.

(Credit Dr. Phil Show)

(Credit Dr. Phil Show)

Dr. Phil wraps up this revealing interview with Burke Ramsey with more direct questions about the details of one of the nation’s biggest mysteries.

Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview with Burke Ramsey continues Monday, Sept. 19 at 4 p.m. on CBS4.

Comments (6)
  1. MMC says:

    Burke places himself at the scene of the crime with opportunity & motive. He didn’t deny taking the flashlight his father had left in JB’s room when he went downstairs after everyone else was asleep. The fingerprints on the bowl could be from putting away clean dishes or placing bowl in refrigerator. Parents were asleep. JB followed Burke downstairs dragging her blanket after he woke her up searching for flashlight. Then she ate some of his pineapple. He said he might have eaten pineapple & his prints were on glass. JB followed him to basement & saw him climbing out window to get something from car or outside OR saw him doing something else & threatened to tattle on him.
    Burke said he owned hiking boots.
    Burke attacked JB & fought to stop her from tattling. She fell backward on floor onto train track & screamed. Neighbor heard her (thru broken window). Burke hit JB with flashlight or bat (he tossed outside). Police said she was unconscious for 45 minutes. Burke may have thought she was dead. When she regained consciousness, she either went into convulsions or threatened to tell. Burke grabbed rope from floor & choked her to either stop convulsions or prevent tattling. Rope with paintbrush handle was NOT garrote. It was used for flying kites or pulling behind her new bicycle on skates or other use. It only looked like garrote since Burke used it as such. He covered up JB with her blanket and left her, returning to bed.
    Patsy woke up, found JB missing & pried details from Burke. Knowing he was in trouble, she wrote ransom note & applied tape on JB’s mouth which police said was added after her death.
    John woke up & was told what happened. Patsy called 911 shortly after, which explains conversation at end of call. FBI found Burke’s feces in JB’s room on her presents, box of chocolate & grapefruit sized wad in her bed.
    DNA was from sitting on floor playing with kids at party or from her own floor in bath or cellar where guests & workmen had been recently. Tracked spit on shoes or pubic hairs shed by men in boxer shorts are easily transferred on shoes & onto JB sitting or lying on floor. Burke was fighting JB on cellar floor where it was tracked & where she was hurt on train track. This is all based on Burke’s own admission of being downstairs after everyone was in bed.
    Prior to that, I thought it was Patsy who accidentally did it over a wet bed.
    But Burke places himself at the scene with opportunity & motive. Spreading feces that night at age 9 is serious jealousy & hate. His behavior in interview appeared narcissistic & sociopathic inappropriate responses, lack of conscience & unable to know right from wrong.
    Even 2 weeks after her death he was happy to be the only child.

  2. BettyBB says:

    I wish Dr. Phil would have asked him more about that toy and what he did that night downstairs and how long he was down there.

    Also, a friend of the Ramsey family who played Santa told JonBenet, he intended to give her a special surprise after Christmas. She may have put that pineapple and glass of tea on the table for Santa.

    1. tmart says:

      Except her finger prints were not on the glass or the bowl

  3. Roy Bowen says:

    I fine it odd he can remember being up and about the house,,, after being put to bed buut he does not remember having tea or the pineapple???

    1. Patricia Singleton says:

      I agree with Roy. Burke admitted he was up late the night Jonbenet died. But so was Patsy. Her fingerprints were found on the bowl of pineapple that was given to Jonbenet. And pineapple was later found in Jonbenet’s stomach when they did the autopsy. So that places Burke, Jonbenet, and Patsy all up late that night. So either Burke or Patsy did it, or they know who did, and are covering it up.

      1. tmart says:

        Patsy’s fingerprints could of been on the bowl from a earlier time, but I heard the way that they were positioned on the bowl it looks like she was the one that served the food. But it would explain the big spoon if Burke prepared it.
        It’s very interesting that Burke goes out of his way to not say there was pineapple in the bowl when being interviewed. He also makes a comment it would not have a spoon in it, which I think is his take on Patsy’s whole the spoon is to big for bowl comment.

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